15 Must-Try Tips to Learn Korean Faster

Learn Korean: 15 Must-Try Tips to Learn Korean Faster

Do you like singing along to Korean pop? Or perhaps you want to understand your favorite or K-dramas or TV shows even without the subtitles?

Whatever reasons you might have for learning the language, you’ll be glad to know that you can do this ever so easily. All you just need to do is get started with these 15 tips on how to learn Korean extremely fast:

Devote Time for Korean Language Classes

Like every other thing, when it comes to learning a language, practice makes perfect. So, if you want to sound just like native Korean speakers, you need to devote at least 20 minutes every day to your foreign language classes.

If you want to learn the Korean language in a short period, you can hasten the process by incorporating informal lessons into your daily routines. It can be as simple as listening to a Korean culture podcast or even listening to your favorite Korean bands!

Learn the Hangul

The key to learning the native language is mastering its alphabet. In this case, it’s all about studying the Korean alphabet or Hangul.

This writing system consists of 14 consonants and ten vowels. While they don’t take the form of the usual letters, they feature figures that are relatively easy to learn.

Practice Speaking the Most Common Words

80% of everyday speech makes use of only about 20% of your vocabulary. So, if you want to learn Korean fast, you should focus on high-frequency words and phrases.

With this, you can converse with native speakers in record time.

Study Konglish

Also known as Korean English, Konglish words can help you speak Korean like a pro. Here are some of the common phrases you’ll likely hear from your Korean friends:

  • Chocolate – ‘chokollit’
  • Juice – ‘juseu’
  • Cola – ‘kolla’
  • Pizza – ‘pija’
  • Ice Cream – ‘aiseukeurim’

Choose Your Learning Style

There are many ways for you to learn Korean fast — it’s just a question of choosing the learning style that fits your time and budget.

If you have the money, it’s best to take Korean studies and lessons under the tutelage of an instructor. However, if you don’t have much of a budget, you can always learn the language through sites like 90day Korean.

Read a Book

A good book is a Korean learning style that’s best for visual language learners.

However, this all boils down to choosing the right reference material. For best results, take advantage of material published by professors from esteemed universities.

Use Flashcards

Flashcards may seem old, but it’s a learning process that’s proven effective. That’s because it’s a great way to create spaced repetition systems.

Through this new language learning method, you can commit many Korean words to your long-term memory for better recall.

Get a Language Partner

Even if you have all the materials needed for speaking Korean, they are practically useless if there’s nobody to help you learn.

To make the process much easier, get a language learning partner. That way, you get to practice Korean words in a casual setting.

Hire a Private Tutor

If you need to learn Korean fast, you should consider hiring a private tutor. With your professional tutor’s one-on-one classes, you’ll be able to learn Hangul in no time.

Write in Korean

A foolproof method of learning Korean is practicing the Hangul.

And while the characters seem complicated, the consonants are modeled after the way the letter is spoken. On the other hand, the vowels are comprised of dots and lines in vertical and horizontal alignments.

Listen to Korean Music

K-pop is not only for leisurely listening. It’s also a way for you to learn Korean!

More than just having catchy rhythms, Korean songs can introduce you to the most common words used in conversations.

Binge on Korean Dramas

This is another fun way to learn a language. You can work on your pronunciation by watching these shows because you’ll hear what the words sound like.

You can also see the translations right away because of the English words used in the subtitles.

Read Korean News

Visit a Korean news website with an English version of its reports. By comparing these articles, you can understand the Korean language even faster.

Chomp on Korean Food

This is perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to learn Korean. Just make sure to read your food labels and try to speak the Korean word whenever possible.

With this, you’ll be able to skim down on the menu whenever you’re in a Korean restaurant.

Visit South Korea

Visiting the country can give you an immersive experience of learning Korean. The key here is using your newfound knowledge in situations like buying food or asking for directions.

Learning Korean can be daunting, but it can be done! As long as you follow these 15 tips, you’ll be able to polish your communication skills right away.