14 Interesting Video Ideas that You Can Shoot at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes in our everyday lives. Until now, many cities have been under a strict lockdown, which makes it more difficult for YouTube creators to find video topics. However, you can learn how to get subscribers on YouTube even when you are quarantining. Since your viewers are in a similar situation, they will relate to you, making your videos successful.

In this article, you are going to discover video ideas that you can easily create from your home. Keep in mind that you can adapt these ideas to fit your channel and niche. In any case, they are going to keep your channel active during this difficult time, a fact that will bring you a lot of free YouTube subscribers.   

#1 Online Shopping Hauls

The thing about quarantine is that the stores are closed. Nevertheless, you can still do your shopping online. Therefore, you can organize an online shopping haul. Once your products have arrived, you can shoot a video from your bedroom to showcase them. In the case of clothing, you can even try them on and review them.

#2 Product Reviews

This is a versatile type of video. First of all, you can shoot a review of the products you have bought or an application that you have been using. In addition to these, you can also review movies, songs, and series that you have watched recently. All of these are activities that you can do at home and so, you can continue gaining free YouTube subscribers. 

#3 Reaction Videos

This type of video requires that you have some type of screen capturing software and a web camera. If you have these two, you can easily create reaction videos from the comfort of your bedroom. If you have been wondering how to get subscribers on YouTube during the lockdown, this is definitely your best option.

#4 Commentary Videos

Commentary videos are similar to the reaction ones, even though they normally require you to dig deeper into the videos you are watching. These videos ask for more effort, which can be a way of tackling the boredom that comes from the lockdown. Moreover, you will gain a lot of free YouTube subscribers from this type of content since it has become very popular.

#5 Share a Personal Story

Now that you are confined at home and you can’t create many different types of content, you can take the time to post some vlogs. These will let your viewers discover who you really are and give you the chance to share some personal stories. This is an excellent idea if you want to make your subscribers feel closer to you.

#6 Outfit Ideas

If you own a fashion channel, then you know that quarantine is very hard. However, you can still make the best out of it by creating outfits that your viewers can wear every day. Make sure that you suggest comfortable outfits that are easy to create at home. By doing this, you have learned how to get subscribers on YouTube during the quarantine.

#7 Top 10 List

Another great idea is to compile a top 10 list of something that fascinates you. This is a type of video that is set to get a lot of views since many users love to watch it. Moreover, you can easily adapt it to fit your channel so that you don’t have any limits when it comes to the subject.

#8 Unboxing

As we have already told you, during quarantine, you can still do your online shopping. Therefore, you can still create unboxing videos that are some of the most popular ones on the platform. If you want to take the extra step, you can combine your unboxing video with a review of the product.

#9 Prank on Your Family

One more type of video that is sure to get you a lot of free YouTube subscribers is the prank video. However, this type of video will only work if you live with your family or significant other. If you do, find creative ideas to prank them and document the process. Your audience will find it hilarious and entertaining. If you are researching how to get subscribers on YouTube during quarantine, then this is the type of content you should create.

#10 Debunking Life Hacks

Another great video idea to create at home is to debunk other popular videos. There are so many life hacks channels on the platform that you can easily find videos that you can try to recreate. This type of video is already popular on YouTube, so you know that you are going to attract a lot of users.

#11 Video Rant

The lockdown is the perfect period to post a video rant. It can be about the situation that we are all going through, or even about a bad movie that you have watched. In any case, your viewers are going to find you very relatable as you will express the feeling they have been experiencing.

#12 Animal Video

If you own a pet, then you can make your subscribers happier by uploading videos of your pet. Whether you have a dog or a cat, the result is going to be very cute. Don’t forget that animals have become very popular on the platform.

#13 “How I Spend My Day” Video

Since we are all in a new routine, your viewers will want to learn how you spend your days. Therefore, you can create a vlog showing them your activities during the day. This “how I spend my day” type of video will make you even more relatable, which will bring you free YouTube subscribers.

#14 Self-care Routine

During quarantine, self-care has become more important than ever before. For this reason, you can create a video where you show your viewers how to take care of themselves, both their bodies and their mental health. You can easily create these video ideas at home. Try them out to find out which one works the best for your audience.