13 Social Media Posts for Your Dental Practice

You’ve already looked at promoting your healthcare business with social media if you’re a dental practice owner working to boost clinical flow efficiencies, patient engagement, and increase acceptance of the treatment plan. Social media is both smart and preserves your long-term interests.

There should be nothing further from the truth. Would you want additional patients? To get on social media, you need to. These networks are no longer only used to keep track of friends; they are used to receive updates from companies you care about.

Social media marketing assists your healthcare marketing strategies. It is an increasingly common way to create relationships, increase referrals, and drive traffic to your website for dental practices.

Here are 13 Social Media Post Ideas for your Dental Marketing:

1. Before and After Images

Before and after photos, one of the most valuable pieces of content that you can share on your social media profiles is to show your followers what their future smile could look like by sharing before and after pictures of other patients. To make the most out of your dental marketing strategies, reveal the whole face of your patient so that your followers feel an emotional bond. Describe the care obtained by the patient in the caption and how it changed their lives.

2. Tips on Oral Hygiene
Record a video of one of the members of your team talking about suggestions for oral hygiene by showing viewers how to brush and floss correctly. With a simple picture with text on it, you can also include oral hygiene tips. Your viewers are going to enjoy reminders about how to brush up on oral hygiene.

3. Patient Reviews
For a good cause, social evidence remains in dental marketing; it works. Show your followers why by highlighting your patient feedback, they can trust you with their smile. Consider posting only the best highlights or spreading the review through several pictures if your thoughts are very long. It is an even better way to show your fans why they trust you if any of your patients are willing to give you a video testimonial.

4. Dental Facts
Share the post with your followers if you see any interesting dental information on the internet, such as gum disease being the leading cause of tooth loss. Using dental information to remind your patients that they should visit dental clinics for periodic cleanings.

5. Behind the Scenes Office Posts
By showcasing what goes on behind the scenes as a part of dental marketing services, let your followers get to know your team members a little more. These posts can be as easy as showing a team member hard at work celebrating a birthday in the workplace. These sort of posts lets you reach a wider audience and gives your practice that human touch your patients crave.

6. Toothbrush Reminders
Every three months, most individuals fail to change their toothbrushes. Help your viewers/subscribers by posting a note for them to recall. Not only would they appreciate the reminder, but it will help their oral health.

7. Special Holiday Posts
Don’t forget to celebrate your followers’ holidays. By celebrating unconventional holidays such as International Smile Day and International Candy Day, you can get imaginative or stick with the officially observed holidays.

8. Team Members
When they visit you for an appointment, make your followers feel more relaxed by introducing your numerous team members on social media. With their profile, you can write a caption and include a few pictures of their personal life. When they meet you for the first time, these types of posts will make new patients feel relaxed.

9. Volunteering Works
You can post about it if your dental office does some charity work, whether it’s volunteering at the local food bank or visiting low-income communities to offer free dentistry. Your viewers and value would enjoy this kind of heartwarming material, even more, the work of your dental office.

10. Educational Upgradation
If someone has recently completed some continuing education in your workplace, let your followers know. Who knows, once they see the extensive preparation your dentist has gone through for dental implants, someone may call you to make an appointment for dental implants.

11. Modern Technologies or Techniques
Let your followers know that you are now offering something different from a social post after your dentists have gone through new training for a new technique. Whenever you get a new piece of dental technology, the same logic applies.

12. Specials
If you’re running a new special event, social media is one of the best ways to advertise it. Let your followers know you’re running some special at any time. In your caption, use a call to action to ask your followers to tag someone who might benefit from your special one. This will continue to drive dedication and raise new patients.

13. Blog Posts
You have to push people to read it if your website has a new blog post. It would not only help you convert more patients to drive traffic to your website but also improve your search engine rankings. Post both new and old blogs to help to drive traffic to your website on your social media.