13 Methods To Maintain A Healthy Libido

Exercise, diet, lifestyle. Maintain healthy libido with daily care.

  1. Train your lower body with squats

There are more things I can do to get and maintain a healthy libido than I expected.

First of all, exercise is the most comfortable and most effective exercise. Especially, squats that train the large muscles of the lower body are recommended.

I did a lot of squats, and I felt that my lower body was getting stronger. It’s evidence that androgens have been mobilized to repair muscle cells and make them more prominent than before. Whenever the body needs hormones, the brain supplies the necessary amount accordingly.

Exercise is the most comfortable and most effective exercise. Especially, squats that train the large muscles of the lower body are recommended.

It is significant enough to stimulate large muscles if you realize that your libido has weakened recently, squat anyway.

  1. Masturbation for smooth muscle training

In the case of women, eggs are discharged once a month. On the other hand, men need to control semen themselves. One of the effective methods is masturbation.

Masturbation keeps semen fresh at all times. It also trains the smooth muscles that make up the arterial blood vessels of the corpus cavernosum. The action from erection to ejaculation is the vascular muscle system. The standard number of ejaculations is about twice a week.

  1. Eat bluefish

The autonomic nerves relax the blood vessels and allow blood to flow into the corpus cavernosum. To make this series of flow smooth, it is first necessary to maintain good blood condition.

The average age, get a healthy building is similar to trying to prevent lifestyle related illnesses. I was actively eating blue fish to make blood smooth. This is also libido. It is an important habit to get the reaction of the body according to the situation.

Eat plenty of vegetables and pay attention to calories.

  1. Garlic

From a nutritional point of view, garlic is the most nutritious and tonic ingredient. But from the standpoint of oriental medicine, this is not always the case.

If candle wax is the vital force, garlic is an ingredient that accelerates the resin’s melting. In other words, it is useful for love with oriental medical libido, but it also reduces one’s vitality.

In addition to soft-shelled turtles, we recommend oysters, eels, loaches, adductor muscles, etc. These are also known as ingredients for improving male infertility. Vilitra 40 and Cenforce 150 improving male impotence.

  1. The key to libido is vitamin C and zinc

I often hear that stress reduces libido. This involves cortisol, a stress hormone secreted by the adrenal glands.

If cortisol increases too much, cholesterol, a material for male hormones, will not be produced. When you feel stress due to relationships, lack of sleep, work, etc., use vitamin C to reduce active oxygen and suppress cortisol. It is recommended to take 2g each vitamin C preparation and ascorbic acid in the morning and night.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol and delicious food are mental lubricants before s*x. Indeed, it is. Especially if you have a new relationship with someone, you want to use the power of alcohol to relieve tension. However, bed-ins for peace after drinking a gab is counterproductive.

Alcohol intake is one of the reasons for losing erectile power. A possible reason is that all blood vessels around the body may relax and dilate, preventing sufficient blood from circulating in the corpus cavernosum.

Never tell me not to drink before s*x. At best, please keep it to about a glass of wine. If you want to drink, take your time after having s*x.

  1. Quit smoking

If you want to continue to have healthy s*x, it is an excellent rule to acquire lifestyle habits to help prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Therefore, of course, I would like to refrain from smoking.

As you know, tobacco is a significant factor that inhibits blood circulation. It also puts a strain on the endothelium of blood vessels, which leads to a decrease in erectile power. Vilitra 60 improves erectile power.

  1. Stay at a city hotel

I want to ask if your partner will cosplay as a CA or a nurse. A man who doesn’t have an excellent physical desire due to a rut may think that. Then not only expecting the other party,

There is also a plan to change the place & environment. For example, even if it is not an anniversary, I dare to eat delicious food and stay at a nearby city hotel. Most women are influenced by that, so there is always a possibility that a different s*x reaction will occur.

  1. Return to “12 stages of contact.”

There is a “12 stages of contact” presented by Desmond Morris, who is known for his research on the etiology of animals and humans. There are 12 approaches that follow the process of getting closer to men and women.

From the eyes that observe the other person’s appearance to the body, then from the eyes that the line of sight collides with, and from the voice that exchanges words, the voice. Deepening the contact means that the contact area with the other person gradually increases. From the 7th stage, it is from mouth to mouth, from hand to head, and the last 12th stage is from genital to genital, which is precisely s*x. If is far away, look at the partner in the first stage.

  1. All-purpose s*x acupoint

Of these, the one related to s*x is where the second chakra from the bottom, Kikai, is located. The first chakra is where the spirit of the wicked land comes in and encourages s*x only for pleasure. By sucking that into the sea and removing the dirt, rich s*x based on reproductive desire is promoted.

  1. Ask your partner, “Don’t make it obligatory.”

As I have repeatedly stated, an erection is a reaction of the body brought about by a predominant parasympathetic state. In other words, it is difficult to be promoted in the form of sympathetic nerve dominance under stress or pressure.

S*x for child-rearing can hinder erections in that sense. Because it’s ovulation day today, when a partner gives you an energy drink at breakfast, the man immediately feels a burden.

Even if there is no abnormality in physical function, more than 10% of men have erectile dysfunction. Love is fun and pleasant, but it’s a different story when it becomes obligatory. Honestly consult with your partner.

  1. Lower the hurdle for s*x

There is a number of people who think that having s*x will make you feel good. However, since s*x is the ultimate in contact, it is nonsense to seek selfish contact without the initial stage suddenly. If you feel good, you can make a profit. It’s best to think about it.

I don’t assume that s*x is pleasant or that it’s Vilitra 20 to have solved an erection. Insertion is not the only thing.

  1. S*x has three patterns: full course, set meal

If you have s*x for dinner, every time you do a full-course meal of French that will satisfy women, men will get tired. The ultimate goal is to make both men and women happy and to have a long-lasting relationship.