13 Main Reasons Why Reading Is Important For Children

I can bet, a lot of us have grown up listening to the stories and the books from our parents and our teachers. Of course, who would not like to listen to the stories and enjoy the world of imagination and fantasies?

Here comes the reading habit into play. This is the most inexpensive source of knowledge and entertainment for everyone. If I would say that the reading would encourage you to get transported between two different worlds then this would not be wrong.

Reading is one of those habits that would help you to grow socially, psychologically, emotionally, and mentally. Equally beneficial for the children and the adults, reading helps the individual to learn and grow at their own pace with flexibility and provides them with several opportunities.


I once heard a very famous quote from Albert Einstein that says if you want your children to be intelligent then read them fairy tales. If you want your children to be more intelligent then read them more fairy tales. Undoubtedly, this shows that reading is a very crucial element of life, and focusing on preschoolers for the reading can bring a huge difference.

Once you start telling the stories, tales, poems, and other material to the child, he starts getting familiar with the sounds, words, and language. This keeps on adding up to the child’s early literacy skills and further helps him to read successfully in early academic life.

This bond with the reading in the early age of the child promotes his brain development and enhances his imagination. Furthermore, the language of the child is developed and the emotional and intelligence quotient becomes justified together.

Always remember, every time is a good time for the books and storytelling! The researchers from the service of AssignmentMaker UAE conducted extensive research and emphasized, reading at least one short storybook to your child enhances the successful learning chances of the child up to 95% for the future academic life.

Reading has a complete aura of its magic and there are so many adults as well who don’t use these skills enough.


No, we aren’t going to have any discussion about the series of 13 reasons why! But in this article, we are going to walk through the 13 reasons that would be emphasizing why reading is important for children.

There have been many studies done in the past that show the preschoolers and toddlers who use to read every day have a larger vocabulary and enhanced focus span than those who aren’t habitual of reading at all. I have broken the main 13 reasons showcasing the importance of reading for children. Let’s dive into the study.

Improved concentration and memory:

With the help of reading, the concentration span of a child is increased. The memory of the children is also connected with the reading habit and can enhance their learning skills quickly. Make them read the books and tell them stories to boost their concentration span and memory.

Discovering and exploring the world:

The habit of reading books can help in exploring and discovering the world. All you need is a number of good books that could help your child to travel from place to place and discover the big picture of the world. You can also make them learn from picture books and stickers.

Active exercise of the brain:

Reading is a complete exercise of the brain. The children and preschoolers who have been listening to the stories right from an early age, are able to adapt to the environment of the school and learning more quickly as their brain is used to doing the exercises.

Boost the critical thinking skills:

The professional CIPD writers stressed the idea of reading books to children an early age. This would boost the critical thinking and cognitive skills of the mind and the child would be able to think more actively.

Development of empathy:

With the help of the storybooks, the children can develop empathy. This comes from the different storylines that can make children attach with the characters and they start to develop emotional intelligence with time for everyone in person as well.

Enhancement of the language and vocabulary:

Hear me out, reading a book to your child can be a game-changer for enhancing the language and the vocabulary. Make a child read the book on his own to expand his vocabulary and language. This would further help him in learning in school at an early age.

Clear communication and speaking:

The communication and speaking skills of the child become clear with time once he starts reading on his own. This is because good readers are always good listeners and their speaking skills get enhanced with time.

Elevates creativity:

The level of creativity in a child also elevates once he starts listening to the stories and then starts reading them, on his own. Picture books, drawing, color recognition, and stickers can make the preschooler more active and sharp learner with the time.

Stimulates the child to learn more:

Once the child starts to listen and read on his very own, he is stimulated to learn more and quicker than before. The curiosity to learn more about the newer things also raise in the child and he develops critical thinking.

Good self-image and increased focus:

The self-image of a child is transformed in his own views and he focuses on faster learning. The increased focus span also helps to understand the concept quickly. Such students have a brighter chance to succeed in academic life.

Academic excellence is a guarantee:

Good reading and listening skills are the guarantees of a bright academic life. Academic excellence is guaranteed with enhanced reading and listening skills. Your child would showcase his academic excellence once you made him habitual of reading.

Learning the life lesson quickly:

With the help of moral stories and fairy tales, there is a greater chance of learning life lessons quickly. The moral stories would help the child to learn life lessons and he will be able to differentiate between the positive and negative aspects of life.

Social and emotional development:

The reading habit is indirectly a pathway to develop social and emotional development. One can easily learn the emotional lessons and the EQ along with IQ is being developed in the child with time. Social and emotional skills are very essential to be developed in a person and storytelling would work best here!


With the help of this informative and detailed guide, you would be able to understand that reading is very essential for toddlers and preschoolers. These reasons showcase the importance of book reading for a child at an early age and you would surely not compromise on the learning habit of your child in the future.


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