13 Last Minute Presents to Save the Day

When it is hard enough to find enough time in a day to have three proper meals due to busy lives and imbalanced schedules, how can you expect to remember every small detail about celebratory days? Remembering birthdays for once is still a doable thing knowing that it comes every year and also because they are very important people to you. But remembering days like mother’s day or people’s anniversary is almost impossible. The most upsetting part of it is that even when you don’t remember all of it, your guilt triggers the very day and you begin your instant search for the perfect present. Sadly by then, you don’t have enough time or peace of mind to make a wise decision and you often reach there with an apology. This year we won’t let you let your loved ones down even on the smallest of occasions because we have ideas you will love. Here’s to putting a stop to our overwhelming professional lives taking over the happiness of our personal one. Today we will tell you about same day delivery flowers, chocolate, customised presents and more that will save the day.


The best thing about gifting someone flowers is that you can easily order flowers in Delhi by choosing a reliable online platform and in less time than you can imagine, the parcel will reach the desired address. Roses, lilies or a mixed bunch is your best shot.


Planters that make your house more peaceful and happy can never be a questionable choice. In fact, they are a well thought out option taken by more people every day. You can choose to send plants like peace lily, and a money plant, or a pot of roses or haworthia. All plants have significance and you can choose which one goes the best with the desired festive vibe.


Cakes are the essence of an occasion and are what commence the celebration. Send cakes in just a few hours by choosing a reliable online platform. Same day cakes also offer customizations and artistry like photo cakes, and designer cakes, rainbow cakes with gems inside and more.

Customised pillow

You can gift more personalised things too like a customised pillow by again choosing an online platform and giving them the deets. You can have a name, a picture, a date or a combination of it all printed on the pillow. You can also get LED lighting on it.

Customised mugs

Mugs are an everyday essential and customised mugs are safe to gift because of the same reason. You can get names, pictures, dates, quotes and more on the mugs. And you can pick those that change colour when hot and when they are not.


Giving chocolate to someone shows utmost affection and giving a pack of branded ones to someone you love isn’t even a difficult task. Pick a pack of Lindt Lindor or Cadbury and send it through an online platform easily.


If you are going to that special place the day or night of the celebration, you can always pick a nice deodorant on your way there. If not you can send a delivery of it online that will probably reach faster than you will.

Couple watches

If the occasion is extra special and you are in a mood to overcompensate forgetting the day, you can gift a couple’s watch to your loved ones. They show love and care, depict the richness of choice and are always loved by the recipient.


A simple, sober and safe gift choice is a bracelet with which you can always get customization to make it more fantastic. You can get names, dates, quotes and more with ease and you can get them delivered too in silver or gold style.


Accessories don’t usually go single but a part of matching stiff is preferred to be gifted and you can do that by choosing an online platform that delivers what you want. A pendant, a watch, earring and more are all good choices to be put in a pack of accessories.

Beauty kits

Beauty kits are always a good option to gift to someone you love when, if it’s a day or two late, you can always tell them something very special is on the way and they will believe it when they see the present. It should have cosmetics and skincare items for a complete surprise.

Gift vouchers

Giving gift vouchers to people is safe because then they can order what they like and also they are instant. It saves you from the trouble of finding the perfect one too.

Grooming kits

Grooming kits for men are a good option. After all, they will never expect such a thing and two because they will fall in love with your thought and appreciation. It should have some necessities like a razor and some luxuries like body wash.