12 YouTube Ads Enhancements That Improve Results

Are you a YouTuber?

Is the performance of your YouTube Ads decreasing with time? 

And do you want to grow your YouTube channel by discovering new ways to improve the performance of your YouTube Ads?

In this article, we are going to focus on discovering superb ideas for growing your YouTube channel through YouTube shopping Ads enhancements.

12 YouTube Ads Enhancements That Improve Results

  1. Using Product Feeds as YouTube Ads Enhancements.

Product feeds is a feature through which you can persuade your target audience to buy products while viewing your YouTube Ads. 

You can generate a product feed in the Merchant Center before adding it to your campaign. Then turn on Shopping Ads on YouTube and connect the Merchant Center to Google Ads. Select an awareness, consideration, or video action campaign objective at Google Ads to get started. 

Then select the product stream that you wish to display. You have the option of using the complete product feed or creating a personalized selection for your YouTube Ads.

  1. Ad Sequence Campaigns on YouTube for Ad Enhancements

You can create new brand awareness and reach campaigns and choose Video as the type to have access to this option. Choose Efficient Reach as the subtype, then Video Reach Campaign. 

Google Ads suggests utilising at least one short and one lengthy video ad to enhance reach. You can include a 6-second video as a bumper ad and a 1-minute or longer movie as a skippable in-stream Ad.

You can create a campaign with the Product and Brand Consideration or Brand Awareness and Reach objective to apply this method. Select the Ad Sequence campaign subtype and a template.

  1. Video Action Campaigns for YouTube Ads Enhancements

Video action campaigns help to improve your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). They have a proper mix of in-stream and in-feed advertisements to offer additional opportunities to reach and convert viewers.

To get started with video action, build a new campaign and choose one of the three suitable objectives: Sales, Leads, or Website Traffic. Choose Video as your campaign type, and Google Ads will automatically choose Drive Conversions as your campaign subtype.

Choose Maximize Conversions as your video action campaign bid strategy to generate as many purchases, leads, or clicks as possible. You can also use extensions to boost the effectiveness of your YouTube ads.

  1. Efficient Reach Optimization for Ad Enhancements

The video reach campaign option in Google Ads allows you to use Efficient Reach Optimization through which you can use a variety of ad formats to increase your reach.

You can create a new Brand Awareness and Reach campaign and choose Video as the type to have access to this option. Choose Efficient Reach as the subtype, then Video Reach Campaign. 

Google Ads suggests utilising at least one short and one lengthy video ad to enhance reach. You can include a 6-second video as a bumper ad and a 1-minute or longer video as a skippable in-stream Ad. If you are new to Video Marketing then get in touch with an expert or an online marketing institute to learn these tactics to enhance reach on your channel.

  1. In-Feed Ad Format for improving the effectiveness of your YouTube Ads

In-feed video ads are a replacement for video discovery ads. They can appear on the YouTube main page, the watch feed, and the search feed.

You can access in-feed video advertising in two ways:

  • Running a video action campaign that incorporates both in-feed and in-stream advertising. This campaign type is perfect for contacting consumers near the conclusion of the customer journey.
  • Running a product and brand awareness campaign that solely uses in-feed video advertising. This is the best choice for reaching individuals in the middle of their customer journey.
  1. Increase YouTube Ads by Using Related Video Extensions

You can also think of including related video extensions in your YouTube Ads When you upload related videos. 

To use this feature, add related videos at the campaign level. You need to add a minimum of two and a maximum of five videos.

  1. Utilizing Lead Form Extensions 

A lead form extension helps in inviting the audience to provide crucial information like their contact information, address and others to help generate leads. 

To gain access to this beta function you need to submit a request to the Google representative assigned to your account.

  1. Optimizing Target Settings For Increasing YouTube Ads

You can utilize Optimized Targeting to enhance conversions and improve ROAS. You can target potential customers to convert them into potential buyers. You can also broaden your audience outside your targeted settings to achieve more conversions without incurring additional fees.

  1. Matching Customers To Enhance YouTube Ads

You can leverage first-person data to discover your clients without cookies or tags by using the Customer Match tool.

Customer Match lists can produce better outcomes and greater ROAS since they function as signals for your smart bidding approach.

You need to open your Google Ads account and navigate to Audience Manager to begin using Customer Match. To construct your Customer Match data segment, create a new data segment from a customer list and then choose the type of data to submit.

  1. Advertisements on Shoppable Connected TV

TV viewers have grown exponentially and their importance cannot be denied as a target demographic for conversion-focused efforts. 

To target them, you need to enter the video action campaign by entering the destination URL that displays in the lower-left corner of the TV screen. 

TV viewers can start purchasing without stopping their TV viewing by typing the URL into their desktop or mobile device, which can significantly boost conversions and enhance ROAS.

  1. Performance Maximization Campaigns to improve YouTube Ads

You can make use of the Google Performance Max Campaigns if you wish to reach your advertising beyond YouTube. This helps to reach out to potential consumers via Google Maps and Gmail, as well as the Display and Search networks, with this campaign type.

To use this functionality, pick Performance Max as the campaign type and a conversion campaign target such as Sales. Then, create asset groupings that include videos, photos, headlines, descriptions, and CTAs. 

  1. TV Reach Planning Tool for Increasing YouTube Ads

If you intend to use CTV commercials in your YouTube advertising strategy, it is critical that you obtain the proper network mix to strike the correct balance between Ads placements and reach.

You can precisely do that with TV in Reach Planner that will assist you in forecasting reach, frequency, and target rating points (TRPs) for your media strategy.

This programme also recommends a strategy based on your goals and specifications, which you can utilise to better your approach.


There are several ways to improve and enhance your YouTube Ads.

In case you need any professional assistance, you can contact a reputed Digital Marketing Agency to help you out in this regard.