12 Ways for Board Members to Engage with Their Nonprofit’s Fundraising

If you previously harbor the thought that you don’t need your board members for your nonprofit fundraising, you should do away with that idea. There’s a lot more than you can do and a lot more than you can raise by engaging your board members.

While it is the right thing for the organization to do, it isn’t always easy to accomplish. It can be frustrating to bring the board members on board with fundraising. Many board members probably do not remember how much they can help and how much the organization can raise their participation. It is also possible that the board members don’t just know what to do.

Here are 12 ways for board members to engage with their nonprofit fundraising:

  1. Make fundraising a part of the meeting agenda.

Your board meeting has to include a session, even if it’s for 15 minutes, which discusses fundraising and the importance of board members being a part of it. Every board member should be willing to discuss this. Otherwise, it isn’t the organization’s priority. Also, don’t make it the last thing on the agenda; it should be one of the things you discuss first during the meeting.

  1. Know what to expect from board members

The needs of the organization must be well spelled out. This should be the first thing you do before you try to bring in the board members to engage in the fundraising. This will ensure that you already have an idea of what to expect from the board members. It’s easier to bring them on when the vision is clear.

  1. Have clear expectations

Recruiting ongoing board members to work with the current ones is a major strategic work for the organization. Don’t hesitate to speak about the organization’s goals and aspirations and the project you’re working on to make it a reality. This will also include what you expect from the board members.

  1. Know the interests and strengths of the board members

Understanding your board members and their interests is essential to know how to move them. Spending enough time with them will allow you to match their interests with your needs as an organization.

  1. Understand what fundraising is

There’s more to fundraising than just asking people for their monies. It would be best to establish a connection with the mission of your organization. Then you explain arising opportunities with your board members.

  1. Make fundraising a major agenda at board meetings.

More than just discussing it as one of the points, it should be a central talking point at board meetings. You should hold constant board meetings around your nonprofit fundraising. This will create a more sense of responsibility in board members.

  1. Let the board members have personal experience of the organization.

Getting the board members to experience the organization’s mission personally makes them more aware and involved in it. Once they have a personal connection, they can tell the stories and speak to other people for support.

  1. Make sure the trustees can tell their stories.

If a board member can tell their stories personally and emotionally, it will have a powerful effect. This will ensure that you can raise more money for your organization. You’ll also experience positive feedback as dissertation service uk tells.

  1. Start slow before building bigger projects.

Look for small ways that you can start to engage your board members. You can begin calling donors to thank them, write a thank you note, or host an event. This will create a culture where they also participate in the fundraising before you take them into deeper engagement.

  1. Initiate the action

It will be a mistake on your part if you’re waiting for the board to initiate their engagement in fundraising. Take the initiative and put it up to them with passion and enthusiasm. If you don’t take action by yourself, you’ll end up achieving nothing.

  1. Hold personal meetings with individual board members.

While it isn’t a bad idea to discuss with the board members as a group, you’ll be more effective if you walk up to them individually. This will make it easy for you to convince each person. You’ll also be able to communicate since it’s a personal discussion effectively. This will enable you to discuss the roles that the individual board members deem fit for them to play in fundraising. Make sure you provide them with examples and options of how they can help and let them decide.

  1. Be simple and precise.

The board members are usually very busy people. So they don’t have much time for uncertainties. That’s why you have to be sure of your projects, expectations, and how they can help before you approach them. Make sure your request is concrete and precise. This will allow it to resonate more with them.


It is essential for your nonprofit organization that you’re able to bring your board members on board with fundraising. This will allow you to raise much more funds. However, it isn’t an easy task to accomplish. This article contains 12 ideas that you can use to make your board members more engaged in fundraising.