12 Unusual SEO Tactics That Will Boost Your Performance in 2021

The term Search Engine Optimization- known as SEO, is the growth of a strong backbone for businesses, websites, and companies. Nowadays, worldwide, it is the only process used to rank the websites in search engines via organic methods.

The process of SEO is implemented throughout the globe for optimizing the websites and is used to get unpaid and organic traffic. With the help of SEO, the visibility of website increases among the searchers, and the rank keeps on getting higher on Google which is regarded as the biggest search engine around the whole globe.

To gear you up with what Search Engine Optimization is, here is a quick review.


In the background of IT and computer science, SEO is widely known as the practice of enhancing the visibility of the website. Basically, SEO is done for the development of traffic for certain businesses and their related websites.

There are targeted keywords with the help of which the searchers find the answers to their relevant queries. The SEO practitioner has to rank his website among the highest search via perfectly targeted keywords.

The improvement of the quality and organic traffic by increasing the online visibility so that searchers over the internet could find the online content to read, this process of producing better traffic is known as Search Engine Optimization-SEO.

– Search Engine Optimization is the only industry that is worth $65 billion, a recent report reflected.

With the help of SEO, websites rank themselves among the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). There are several tools specifically designed for the implementation of correct SEO and if you choose them rightly then BAM, they are the real game-changers and would bring you huge traffic.

For the businesses, websites, and companies in today’s world, the real battle is to rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Several businesses and service providers including essay writing service emphasized, at this point, SEO and its tools play a game-changer. Not only these tools; correct tactics also play a vital role in the ranking of the websites.

I have compiled a list of 10 unusual SEO tactics that would help you to boost your performance in the year 2021 and beyond. Let’s have a look.

Use of digital PR for authority backlinks:

It is very difficult for SEO practitioners to earn quality backlinks at scale. These backlinks are the top ranking factor as per Google. The only way to get the authority backlink is the creation of original, authentic, and unique content that can be popular on the internet on its own. You have to think like a PR and implement it as an SEO.          

Post excellent content on social media:

The new blogs and websites are difficult to rank in the beginning so it is better to post good quality content on social media. This will bring you recognition and appreciation. Make sure to post genuine content on social media platforms as well to gain traffic and credibility among the audience.

Website Security:

Google looks at the security of the website and analyzes its relevancy while ranking it. So, the website’s security must be at a strong status. You can add the features, different plugins, and SSL certificates as well to ensure your website’s security. These plugins verify that your website is secure enough to visit.

Grow with the infographics:

Infographics is yet the best and the easiest way to get organic traffic. They are very easy to infuse and provide sleek vision of the content. You can use the infographics to display the complicated information and it would become easy to understand. People are good visual learners, mostly!

Optimize for “People also ask”:

There is a search bar named “People also ask” on the Google web page search results once you make a search like CV writings, Make sure that your website ranks in the answers of those quick questions. These questions are widely opened by the users and they visit their answers mostly. So, make sure that your website ranks in those specified questions.

Get the broken backlinks of your competitors:

Look at the backlinks of your competitor’s website and if they aren’t in the use anymore, go ahead with it. Enter the domain of your competitor and with the help of analytics tools, make sure to check their targeted backlinks and use them in the future.

Design for the mobile:

Voice searches and mobile-friendly websites are being hyped nowadays. To boost your performance in 2021, make sure to design your website for the mobile-first. Google’s mobile smartphone user agent is also being used to crawl the sites. It means that mobile versions of the website would be ranked first then the desktop.

Improved user experience across your website:                                                                            

Make sure that your website is excellent enough to make the user go wow. Improvement of user experience is highly recommended to take place in Google searches. Google itself provides the best user experience and it is indeed the best search engine in the world.

Create long content:

You must go with at least 1800 words for your content. The longer content helps to achieve more backlinks and it would also help you to catch better ranking and traffic on Google search. I agree, to produce long content is not easy, but to get the maximum traffic, it is a must.

Do not overlook technical SEO:

Sometimes, minor things make bigger changes. The same goes with technical SEO! Make sure that your website is technically doing great. Or else, all your hard work can go in vain and you can lag behind. HTTPS for web and AMP for mobile is a must in technical SEO. If you aren’t good enough with your technical SEO, then it would be very difficult to rank high in Google searches.


With the help of the aforementioned 10 smart tactics, your performance would boost up in the upcoming year. Also, keep a keen eye over the changing trends of SEO and keep modifying your content accordingly!


Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.