12 Things That Should Be Taught in Every School 

Schools play a crucial role in shaping children into confident adults. They provide them with the necessary skills to succeed in life. Yet, they often fail to impart the knowledge needed to become successful members of society.

There are several ways that top 10 schools in Dwarka can improve their teaching methods. For example, teachers can incorporate mindfulness techniques into lesson plans or conduct workshops on managing stress and anxiety.

Here are the 12 things that should be taught in every school to make children future ready:

1.      Managing Personal Finances

Personal finances are one of the essential aspects that every child should learn. As the schools aim for the child’s holistic development, including personal finance is necessary. Interest rates, credit cards, retirement accounts, and credit card ratings are some essential concepts children should learn. It is important to inculcate this habit from childhood as it will help students understand the value of money management at an early age. It will also instill discipline among them and help them avoid making rash decisions regarding spending money.

2.      Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the ability of someone to understand themselves. In other words, we can learn to become aware of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviours. Self-awareness helps your child to recognize what we want out of life and how we can achieve those goals. It also enables the child to identify her strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, self-awareness is vital in improving academic performance and overall well-being.

3.      Communication Skills

Communication skills refer to the ability to express oneself clearly and effectively. Good communication skills are required to interact with people from different backgrounds. It is not only about speaking but also listening. Children need to develop good listening skills to understand others better. Listening skills enable them to communicate effectively, which leads to improved relationships.

4.      Time Management

Time management refers to the skill of planning and organizing activities to meet deadlines. Time management is critical because it helps us prioritize and complete tasks within time limits. Children learning time management at an early age often have higher chances of success later in life. At Venkateshwar International School, special emphasis are laid in teachin time management skill to students.

5.      Resilience

Resilience is defined as the ability to bounce back after facing failure. Resilience helps us deal with failures and challenges in life. It teaches us to overcome obstacles rather than giving up easily. Resilient individuals tend to perform better academically and socially. Children need to learn the skill of resilience at an early age.

6.      Problem Solving

Problem-solving is another skill that needs to be imparted to children. Problem-solving involves identifying problems, analyzing them, and coming up with solutions. The process of problem-solving requires critical thinking and creativity. These skills will help children deal with issues like school work, family conflicts, peer pressure, etc.

7.      Mental Survival Skills

Mental survival skills include emotional intelligence, stress management, and coping mechanisms. Emotional intelligence consists of the ability to read emotions and control impulses. Stress management means managing stress levels and dealing with stressful situations. Coping mechanisms involve handling difficult situations or circumstances. Mental survival skills are critical for children to grow into successful adults.

8.      Cleaning and Organizing

Children should learn to clean and organize toys, books, clothes, shoes, etc. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Keeping things neat makes a home look beautiful. It also improves health by reducing dust mites and bacteria. Moreover, cleaning and organizing household items reduces clutter and saves space. A collective activity at school with children to manage the books on bookshelves or clean their desks helps them understand this task’s importance.

9.      Healthy Eating Habits

It is essential for children’s physical growth and development. Healthy eating habits are necessary for children to stay fit and healthy. Children who eat nutritious food regularly have fewer illnesses and live longer lives. They also have more energy throughout the day. While children are often tempted by the junk foods like pasta, french fries, and burgers, the school may limit them to eating them just once a week to promote the idea of healthy eating.

10. Self-Care

Self-care is one of the essential aspects of childhood development. Self-care includes resting correctly, exercising, grooming, dressing appropriately, etc. Self-care helps children feel good about themselves. It also helps them to develop self-confidence. Regular uniform checks in the school support the child in growing disciplined. Schools can organize various activities to promote the idea of self-care.

11. Cooking

Learning how to cook is not only fun but also beneficial for children. Cooking promotes learning through practice. It also helps children to prepare meals for themselves and others. Learning how to cook helps children to become independent. It also helps them gain nutrition knowledge. From teaching the food groups to curating simple recipes, cooking helps develop children’s cognitive abilities.

12. Cultivating a healthy relationship with peers

Peer relationships play an essential role in children’s social life. Peer relationships help children to learn from each other. It also helps them build friendships. In addition, they know to share ideas, opinions, and feelings. School teachers can encourage students to interact with each other and make friends. It will help them to overcome loneliness and isolation.

Key Takeaway

Schools play a vital role in laying a solid foundation for kids. Hence, schools must teach these critical concepts to children so that they can be prepared for adulthood. These concepts are essential for children’s mental and physical growth. Schools should provide opportunities for children to learn these concepts.


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