12 Things Needed in Your Bedroom for Energy Healing

Reiki Healing or Energy Healing is one of the most popular practices in recent years. It is a famous process that is used as an alternative healing process. In practice, the body is known to possess an amount of energy or life force. The energy in the body is required to be flowing continuously throughout the body.

However, when the flow of energy is blocked for some reason, it can cause severe issues in the body. Therefore, people use energy healing processes to unblock the blockages. Through the flow of energy, the body will heal itself on its own. Healers use different techniques like reiki healing, pranic healing, etc; to remove the blockages of an individual. 

For some people, it is a way of destressing and disconnecting from the world, whereas it is similar to meditation for others. According to the energy healing practitioners, energy healing techniques should be practised in their homes, on their own. Practising energy healing techniques and adopting objects that increase healing should be kept in the house, especially in the bedroom. 

We, as humans, feel most comfortable in our bedroom. Thus, optimizing the bedroom restores positive energy and also helps the body fight against negative energies. Therefore, it should be filled with optimum objects to bring back the positivity. According to the energy healers, bedrooms should be decorated with 12 essential items that will help lift the mood, and positive energy.

Palo Santo

With the meaning of holy wood, the plant is indigenous to South America and is famously used as an energy clearing item. It is a holy tree that induces a third-eye awakening. It also smells great and keeps insects at bay. It can cleanse energy that has been polluted by negativity or strife. It’s also considered to prevent problems from arising in the first place. It even can draw holiness and goodness into a location. Because of its anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving qualities, Palo Santo oil has become a popular choice.

Thieves Oil

Antimicrobial properties are reported to exist in Thieves oil. It is also reported to be best for massaging your body. Massage one to two drops of thieves’ oil with any other oil, such as olive, coconut, or jojoba oil, over your body for smooth, healthy skin. It also relieves any pain or stress that is present in the body.


Feathers are symbolic of emphasis and a connection to the holy. Feathers also have global symbolic connotations that tribes and cultures all across the world acknowledge. Feathers conjure up images of flight, liberation, breaking free from constraints, rising above it all, or the desire to let go and travel light. They convey petitions to celestial gods and confer unique powers in combat in various cultures. Decorating the room with feathers helps in increasing the energy in rooms.


Incense is a fragrant plant substance that is burnt to release its scent. They’re available in various scents, including sandalwood, jasmine, and Palo Santo, and come in sticks, cones, and powders. Burning incense in the room helps in the purification of the room by removing the negative energy. It also helps increase concentration, and through meditation, you can connect your memories and help to relax and unwind. It helps to disconnect from the world the same as you experience in a reiki healing session. 

The natural components must be balanced in many traditions, such as Ayurveda (India’s ancient system of medicine) and traditional Chinese medicine before genuine healing can begin. During things like meditation, using incense as a source of fire with the other elements (water, earth, air, and space) can help to deepen and balance your practice.

Tibetan Bowls

Tibetan singing bowl sound treatment is an ancient technique of rejuvenation. The sound of Tibetan singing bowls harmonizes and helps both sides of the brain to rest deeply. It promotes stress reduction on several levels as well as the removal of toxins from the body. Emotions are calmed, and the mind is more evident after sound treatment, and sound vibrations influence the body when singing bowls are used. 

Inspired Reads

Filling the room with books that talk about positive energy actualizes positive energy—reading books that not only helps in understanding the art of energy healing and how it can be acted upon. 

Power Animals

The process of reiki healing  recommends filling your space with subconscious clues, such as a personal totem or power animal, to elicit positive, optimistic thoughts. “A spiritual partner is a power animal. They combine well with Reiki and Shamanic treatment, bringing new perspectives and treasures to the spiritual journey.”


Burning cedar with sweetgrass was a conventional way for ancient cultures to welcome blessings and positive energies. Sage has become more prevalent throughout time, and it is claimed to clear bad energy, restore balance, and link us to a spiritual level. To put it another way, doing so may help you feel more balanced.

Raw Stones

Gems have been thought to have healing qualities by civilizations throughout the world, in both ancient and modern times. They are used in ceremonies to heal energy fields, find serenity, and spread love and safety. Practitioners of some belief systems place gemstones on specific parts of the body to facilitate healing.

Meditation Cushion

There are several benefits to practising yoga, including increased flexibility, increased strength, less stress, and the opportunity to interact with others. A meditation cushion elevates your hips and enables them to slide forward gently, supporting your low back’s natural curvature. The rest of your body will automatically align once your spine is adjusted.

Yoga Blanket

When a block or bolster is too much, Yoga blankets provide a moderate source of warmth and support. They may also give warmth and relaxation, as well as put your joints at peace while you’re near the ground. 

Sandalwood Candle

Sandalwood candles provide many advantages, including easing nausea, gastritis and increasing gastric juice production. It aids in the removal of surplus liquids from the body, stimulates muscles to contract, and urine output. It also has antiseptic qualities, which can assist in the treatment of infections. It’s also a popular component in cosmetics since it helps to heal cracked and dry skin.


Every person’s mood is subconsciously being affected by their surroundings. Therefore, as we feel the most comfortable in our home, the rooms should be filled with items that uplift the mood and create a positive circle around your home.