12 Flowers Species, You Won’t Be Able To Get Over

It is a big shout out to all the flower lovers or anthophiles you may call them. I myself being a flower lover find flowers to be very distracting and alluring. It is quite an impossible task to ignore flowers when they are right in front of you. It is difficult to describe the beauty of flowers in words but I would not mind trying once. Flowers are enchanting and captivating eye-pleasing decorative natural elements that nature has blessed us with. However, the horizon of the flowers and their characteristics are not confined to their outer appearance. They are so much beyond being beautiful. They produce good vibes making the mind more stable and peaceful, they help in reducing stress and anxiety, they can uplift the mood from sad to happy in a few seconds and also, they have high air purifying capabilities. Though there is a lot more that defines the importance of the existence of flowers on this earth, I believe these points were enough to convince you that flowers are an unbeatable natural object of nature. So, if you know a person who loves flowers, just send flowers to gurgaon to them, and give them a reason to smile wide.

We may have gifted flowers to our loved ones all our lives, however, there are some flowers that we would not want to give to anybody and rather keep them with us. They are just so captivating that you don’t want to take them off your hands, right? However, if you have never seen any such flower and think that I am just exaggerating facts about flowers then here I am with a list of some exotic flowers that will leave you awestruck.

So, let’s begin!!

Bleeding Heart:

This flower is as unique as its name. Also, it gives full justification to the name if we talk about the appearance of this flower. It has a bud-like appearance with a high resemblance of a heart accompanied by an e-droplet beneath. I believe I need not explain anymore why this flower has got the name “Bleeding heart.” Does it also occur to that nature has so many things to take us by surprise?

Poder Puff Flower:

Have you ever been fascinated by a colorful firework that you kept looking at till it got exhausted? Many times, I heard!! Well, this flower has the same appearance of that enchanting firework and keeps you entangled with it for long. Additionally, this flower comes from the pea family. I bet it can make you feel weak in the knees by its purplish fluffy looks.

Parrot Flower:

When I first heard the name of this flower, I was a bit confused about whether it is a bird or a flower (well, I hope you get it was a pun intended and that I am not that dumb). This amazing flower belongs to the Balsam family. Interestingly, this flower is a blend of carmine red in color and purple color. What a hysteric color contrast it is, right? But, how does this flower end up bestowed with this name? If you look at this flower carefully from a side angle, you will be able to figure out its parrot-like appearance.

Lollipop Plant:

See, this flower has nothing to do with a lollipop. It got this name because it has got a banana-like appearance. Planted outdoors or indoors, this flower definitely does not fail to capture the attention of your guests.

Flying Duck Orchids:

You don’t even have to look carefully, this flower almost appears like a flying duck. And believe me, when I first held this flower, I was really amazed at nature’s magical work. It is among unique flowers, Orchids in the world and thus, it has every reason to be.



This amazing flower can be found in America, Europe, and North Africa, and is interestingly known by various names such as Antirrhinum, snapdragon, or dragon flower. Wait, there is more. It is to be noted when this flower opens, or blooms, then it resembles an open mouth of a dragon. However, when it closes, it looks more like a squeezed face of a dragon.

Happy alien calceolaria uniflora:

Do you believe in the concept of the existence of aliens? Or are curious to see an alien life? If your answer is yes to these questions, then this flower is what you should look at once. It has an absurdly strange appearance. You can almost get an idea of an alien by looking at this flower. I can confidently bet you that you will be reminded of an alien from this flower.

Naked Man Orchid:

The first thought that you got after listening to this was that of a naked man, right? The same happened to me. Not that I wanted to imagine it but anyway. It has a large growth rate. The reason this flower got this name is that its petals look like a naked man.

So, if you have become curious to see these flowers in real life, if you have not already, then order flowers online and get mesmerized by the beauty of these delights.