12 facts about tulips:

This fascinating flower is being grown in the city of Iraq nearly in 10th century. The world tulip origins from Greek turbans because of it’s similar outer appearance. Moreover people also associate it with Ottoman Empire era because of it’s unique structure and usage. It was first found in Turkey and later on it grab everyone’s attention and people likely to grow it in their own countries. It has variety of colors, species and varieties which are not less than any other flower when it comes to beneficial purposes. It’s leaves are fleshy green that can be found in the root of flower. Somehow it also look alike ringing bell covered with 3 soft petals. Blue and White colors are less likely to be found in it otherwise all shades are available in this flower which can take your decoration on another level. In actual it is spring flower grown ideally in spring season with different time intervals of early mid and late. With mesmerizing fragrance and attractive outer layer, this flower is a great addition towards your nursery. It’s cultivation is done in wild areas. It is grown in different size and colors with several properties that makes it unique. Additionally, these flowers are great to gift your loved ones at any occasion or festival to make them cherish. Tulips are a great way to make or remake lost relationships because of their attractive aura, it can be a best fit to gift anyone according to different colors having specific meanings attached with it, tulips can be a g great option for a wonderful present. Here in this article, we are going to discuss every detail about this beautiful flower alongside 12 wonderful facts you will surely get amazed to know.  

Here below are some of it’s kinds which are prominent and worth discussing.

Kinds of tulip:

  1. Apricot beauty:

With pink and orange contrast, these florals are great to use for any decoration. Light smell, small-sized apricot beauty can be suitably grown in April and May.

  1. Bleu aimable:

This type is somewhat unique from other tulips. It’s blue with a highly attractive look and larger. It can be grown widely in mild hot areas.

  1. Darwin hybrid:

They are well known for their relatively bigger size and beautiful color contrast which makes them the most elite class of tulips. These tulips can be well-suited to gift someone in a bouquet.

  1. Double ice cream:

Firstly, don’t get confused with its name because it’s not edible at all. But it’s called double ice cream because it is structured like a double scoop of vanilla in an ice cream cup. It looks yummy and beautiful but this uniqueness makes it more classy.

  1. Double sun lover:

It’s named it because it contains all shades that the sun has. It must be exciting to view this amazing flower which is grown in the morning sunlight with a medium-sized structure and its bright yellow shade can make your nursery more attractive.

Facts about tulip:

  • Over 150+ species and 3000+ kinds, this flower is ruling floral range and diversity with it’s great variety and diversified length. All the species and kinds are different with one another containing different and unique properties for several uses. Usually flowers doesn’t posses this much varieties but tulip has it’s own class.
  • In 1600, the tulips were the most expensive flower which was not affordable to buy for even a middle-class person. The average price of tulip at that time was far more than the monthly salary of an employed individual because of it’s worth and benefits. There were only the richest ones who were able to purchase it, that’s how elite it was when people came to know how beautiful and precious this flower is.
  • Some of the tulips are edible and can be used in your food preparation by replacing onions. It tastes similar and is equally full of healthy nutrients so you can consume it.
  • The biggest exporter and producer of this lovely flower is the Netherlands where it is being produced in a great quantity.
  • Its growth will not stop even if you cut them. Isn’t it interesting? You can try it by experimenting at your home.
  • It will change it’s position where it found sunlight or any other ray of light. Even if you’re growing it in a pot or vase, you will observe it.
  • Tulips are being used for different reasons to gift someone. Red tulips are used to express love to someone in a traditional way, purple tulips at used to show respect to someone without any other intention, white tulips are used to ask forgiveness from someone. These are some hidden meanings these flowers hold.
  • Black flowers are the least common and rarely be found but one of the most beautiful tulip named queen of night which blossom only in night is excessive purple in shade that resembles with black shade that makes it least ordinary.
  • The peak time in which they bloom well is too short starting from one week to maximum ten days after they became dry and looses its spark. In US they arrange a festival of these flowers in their peak days where people can enjoy their beauty and infinite benefits.
  • For the ease of identification, these flowers are being categorized into 15 groups to make it convenient for people to find out their desirable flower according to it’s category. These categories are made as per their size, length, growth period, color and other factors .
  • You would be more excited to know that besides 150+ species and 3000+ kinds still new and colorful breeds are growing. The species doesn’t stop getting introduced with the entirely different color and properties miraculously.
  • Another worth mentioning fact about tulips is that you can grow it in pots too with a hole in it necessarily to remove out excess water from it. You can conveniently grow it in your houses or any nursery.

Frequently asked questions:

Why are they called tulips?

Because tulip is derived from turbans because of the similar resemblance and structure of this flower with turbans.

What is the use of tulip flower?

This flower not just looks great but also provides great benefits which include medicinal properties that are useful to treat many skin-related issues. Moreover, it is used to make organic make-up and skincare products. It’s fascinating to smell and can also be used in scents.

How many tulips are in the world?

There are more than enough varieties and species which are still being in the stage of  so we can’t say any exact figure but till now more than 3000+ varieties have been found all over the world.

Final verdict:

Tulips are a great addition in your garden especially in spring season. With so many ideal characteristics, benefits and properties this unique and special flower adds value in your life in many ways. It’s colorful look, unlimited varieties, uncountable uses and adorable presence makes it worth to have in your homes and differing places. It has it’s own class which differentiate it from other flowers. These above-mentioned must convinced you to admire it’s magnificent beauty with benefits.