12 Easy Improvements For Your eCommerce Site That Get More Sales

Looking to get more sales from your eCommerce sites? Here are twelve ideas to achieve the conversion rate optimisation Sydney businesses need to succeed.

1. Site Navigation

If your users can find what they want on your site right away, they are more likely to purchase. Customers are also more likely to be repeat customers. Improvements to your site navigation are an easy way to get the best conversion rate optimisation Sydney businesses can strive for.

2. Site Speed

Research has proven that users will abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load. Online consumers expect the fastest speeds with the best service. If your site is slow you will never get the conversion rate optimisation Sydney businesses are looking for.

3. Be Seen on Search Engines

You will not sell your products and services if no one knows you exist. To make sure your website appears on a search list when people are looking for your product or service, invest in SEO services Penrith firms can provide. More hits equal more clicks.

4. Advertising Copy and Product Images

In eCommerce environments, product copy and clear images are the only ways that you have to convince a customer to purchase your product. To make sure you have the best copy and pictures, call the best content creation agency Sydney offers for help.

5. Get Those Reviews

Add a review to your checkout process asking for feedback and reviews. Reviews drive future sales and can convince new customers to make the leap to purchase. Do not underestimate their power, and do as much as you can to have authentic reviews for each of your products or services.

6. Display Proof That Your Website is Safe

Ensure customers that your website is safe and that their personal information is encrypted and protected. Users will not enter confidential information without the assurance of knowing their data is safe. If conversion rate optimisation services Sydney firms are offering do not include this, be sure to ask specifically for solutions and badges to be included on your page.

7. Make Sure Your Site Has a Clear Add to Cart Button

Each page of your eCommerce site should have a single objective: to get the user to add that product to their cart. Make sure this process is easy for your customer by providing a distinct “add to cart” button. Consult with conversation rate optimisation Sydney firms rely on to ensure your buttons have the right size, colour and placement to encourage clicks.

8. Install Cart-Abandonment Software

Studies show that close to 70% of users abandon their cart before purchase. Allowing these users to leave your site is walking away from revenue. Conversion rate optimisation services Sydney firms can implement will help you regain these customers. Do not miss an opportunity to bring those almost-users back to your site and close the deal.

9. Start a Blog

Adding a blog to your website can provide an opportunity to increase your appearance in search results, as well as position your company as an expert in the field. Asking for help from SEO services Penrith firms offer can target your blog posts to the content that your users are looking for, and help you to be found in google searches for your product. Blogs are also a valuable way to provide your customers with more information on the usefulness of your products and services, helping them to make the decision to purchase.

10. Consider Free Shipping

In order to compete with some of the larger online retailers, it may benefit you to consider offering free shipping. Consumers like to believe that they are being treated fairly, and finding an unexpected and large shipping charge at checkout can cause them to abandon their cart to shop elsewhere. Free shipping can allow customers to better understand their cost and the value that they are getting from your company.

11. Upselling

Once you have a customer ready to purchase it makes sense to offer them other products that they may find valuable. Suggesting a product that complements the one they have in their cart, for example, can help your customer consider more than one item at a time. Make sure that your customer has an opportunity to consider all the products and services that you offer that may be of interest to them before they complete their purchase and leave your site.

12. Simplify Your Checkout

Checkout needs to be as fast and simple as possible. If your checkout process has too many steps or screens, your customer may get frustrated and leave your site before completing their purchase. Make sure your process is easy.

Implementing these twelve improvements can help your eCommerce site get more sales than it ever has.


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