11 Ways To Make Money By Talking – Paid Chat & Webcam Services

Come to think of it, we all have been spending a lot of our time talking to people online about one thing or the other. Taking and texting on our smartphones is a way of our lives now, but what if someone told you that you could make money by doing this same exercise and turn your precious time directly into money? Yes, you read it right! Working while spending time online just got a lot better, and we know that you are here for it. 

Considering that talking and spending your texting strangers is your vision of enjoyment, this might be an incredible opportunity for you. You can ensure that your side hustle makes you the required income and earnings by using a fantastic financial tracker known as Personal Capital.  

All you need to do is make use of this free net worth tracker to build a better financial future for yourself. Users can also become webcam models with wematcher to mint money. 

Now the question arises, who would pay you to chat with people online. The answer is right here. It would be best if you got started, and that is precisely what we are here to help you with. 

These sites come under a spectrum of sites ranging from social sites and whatnot. The only thing that you need to be good at is chatting so that you can keep their customer base engaged. These are our picks – 

  • Premium.chat 

Experienced Individuals often get asked questions from all over the world, and Premium Chat is an online app curated specially for them. These skilled and experienced people can earn money according to their minute count by engaging in live chat and providing answers to a layperson’s questions. 

Counselors, Advisors, and influencers are allowed to join the platform through a small sign up process. The advisors have been given the liberty to decide their rates based on how popular they are and how experienced they are for the given task. 

  • Fiverr 

Get paid for your texting skills by Fiverr by quickly labeling your services as what they are about. You can offer packages and combos for your services and make people buy them more. Individuals are provided with money to chat online and keep the clientele engaged. 

  • Chat Operator’s Job 

A Chat Operator’s Job is meant for ladies who can talk to lonely men who have been dwelling in sadness and desperation. The site offers a reasonable compensation standing at $0.20 for every text you reply to. The hours in which you are working are not fixed, and you have the authority over when and if you want to work. The site is only for women over 25 years who have a PayPal account. One restriction is the fact that you will have to reply to at least 75 text messages weekly. 

  • Chat support representative at Amazon 

Who hasn’t heard of Amazon and the employment opportunities that come with it, right? Amazon pays people to chat with customers as a part of their chat support scheme. An agent has to answer questions and queries through online chat tools as a part of their part-time job. Hirings are at a peak between September to January. With attractive compensation, Amazon is one of the favorites in the sector because you can also have a chance at bagging a permanent position if you exhibit outstanding performance.

  • Live world

A company that pays well for chatting? Say no more. Liveworld is a company that assigns various duties such as Customer Service, engagement Social Media Moderation, and monitoring based on your communication and typing skills. Excellent grammar and punctuation is a must. The company pays you on an hourly basis that can include benefits like generous time-off and health insurance. 

  • Live Sales Staff 

This one on the list is a little different because it hires chat agents strictly as freelance contractors. Appling now can have you engaged in handling customer sales or services. The company pays around $500 per month. However, several issues about payment failure have been raised against the company. 

  • Accolade Support 

Accolade Support is made for someone who has incredible communication skills and is looking for a place to make money out of it. The chat agent’s tasks include Customer Service, Technical Service, and Sales Representation through both calls and texts. You can earn between $10 and $12 per hour working for them. 

  • KGB

KGB is a company that offers a job opportunity to answer questions for their messaging directory and earn money for yourself. KGB is only available for US Residents. The platform allows you to make $0.10 for every response you work for them.

  • Asurion 

Typically a call center firm, Asurion is meant to employ chat agents that can work at home either part or full. Whether it is an extra gig or a full-time job that you have been looking for, Asurion is the place for you where you can get paid just by talking on the phone. You can make $10 to $12 per hour working at this firm. 

  • Wematcher 

A platform like this is specially made for employing live webcam models who can respond to people from different professions. You must know professional poses that are well researched and customized for pleasure. A certain percent of every registering client will be paid as compensation to you. The applet can also be used exclusively on the sister websites Loveroulette and Omeglepervy.

  • Working Solutions

Another brilliant inclusion for the list, Working Solutions is a firm that pays individuals for chat services. Good communication skills and some experience can help you bag the job. The job can be done virtually from literally anywhere in the world. When hired, your job will be to talk to the company’s customers and offer customer service as it is asked for. Your pay will be around $7 to $30 per talk time hour. 

Conclusion – 

Working from home has become all the easier with the new technologies around, and it is high time to put your skills to the test of making money. Wematcher is here to help you through all of that. All you need to do is to engage with whoever you want to on this list and make money in the simplest way possible at your house’s convenience.