11 Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery

After pregnancy, a question arises in the mind of every woman whether she will have a normal delivery or a cesarean delivery. Usually, doctors recommend a normal delivery. It is advisable to have a cesarean delivery if the pregnant woman or child is suffering from any physical problem.

However, in the last few years, the number of pregnant women who have opted for cesarean delivery to avoid pain at the time of delivery has increased rapidly.

according to data from the National Health Family Survey (2015-16), 28.3 percent of women in urban areas of the country have opted for C-section delivery in the last five years.

At the same time, 12.9 percent of women in rural and rural areas have delivery by C-section.

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Even though pregnant women have a lot of pain in the process of normal delivery, it is considered better than cesarean delivery in terms of health. Today in this article, we will try to answer the questions related to normal delivery-

What is a normal delivery?

It is a process of childbirth or delivery in which the baby is born in a natural way from the woman’s vaginal tract. If there is no medical problem during pregnancy, then the pregnant woman can have a normal delivery.

Factors that increase the likelihood of normal delivery

Below we are going to tell you about some factors that can increase the chances of normal delivery:

  • If a pregnant woman has had normal vaginal discharge in an earlier pregnancy.
  • If the pregnant woman does not have any physical disease (eg asthma etc.).
  • If the weight of a pregnant woman is normal.
  • If a pregnant woman does not suffer from any serious health-related problems during pregnancy.
  • If a pregnant woman remains physically active during pregnancy.
  • If a pregnant woman has normal blood pressure, blood sugar, and hemoglobin in the blood.

Note: The factors mentioned above do not guarantee normal delivery. These only increase the likelihood of normal delivery. And consult your doctor.

Signs and symptoms of normal delivery- 

Yes, normal delivery can be estimated based on certain signs and symptoms.

Typically, these symptoms start appearing in the pregnant woman’s body four weeks before delivery. These symptoms and signs are explained in detail below:

  • Between 30th week to 34th week of pregnancy, if the fetal head comes down, it increases the chances of normal delivery.
  • The head of the fetus puts pressure on the vagina of the pregnant woman, causing the woman to urinate frequently. It may be a symptom of normal delivery.
  • If a pregnant woman feels difficulty moving or moving due to the fetal downward movement, it may be a symptom of normal delivery.
  • As the delivery time approaches, the muscles of the pregnant woman become loose. Due to this, the woman may complain of thin stool. However, it can also be considered a sign of normal delivery.

How long does normal delivery take?

The time is taken for normal delivery usually depends on the physical condition of the pregnant woman. If a pregnant woman is going to have a normal delivery for the first time, this process can take up to 7-8 hours. At the same time, if this is the second delivery of a pregnant woman, the process may take a little time.

11 tips to increase the chances of normal delivery

  • Stay away from stress:

Pregnant women who desire a normal delivery should try to stay away from stress during pregnancy. For this, they can meditate, listen to music, or read books.

  • Do not think about negative things:

Stay away from negative things during pregnancy. Do not pay attention to the hearsay and negative stories related to the delivery. Remember that every woman’s experience may be different. Therefore, do not create fear within yourself due to the bad experiences of others.

  • Get the correct information about delivery:

The right information removes fear. Therefore, try to get as much accurate information about the delivery. This helps the pregnant woman to understand the process of childbirth well.

  • Be with your loved ones:

The pregnant woman makes her emotionally strong. Therefore, always try to be with your loved ones during pregnancy.

  • Choose the right docto:

Sadly, some doctors recommend a cesarean delivery without any need for its benefit. In such a situation, the pregnant woman should choose the doctor very carefully for delivery. For normal delivery, it is necessary to choose a doctor who will give accurate information about the condition of the pregnant woman’s body.

  • Get an experienced babysitter to help you:

Women seeking normal delivery are advised to have an experienced midwife near them. Such midwives have a long experience of normal delivery, so they can prove to be very helpful for pregnant women during delivery. In addition, midwives are also well aware of the care that is given after the birth of the baby.

  • Massage the lower body regularly:

After the seventh month of pregnancy, pregnant women can start massaging their lower body. This makes delivery easier and also relieves stress. 

  • Keep yourself hydrated:

Pregnant women should always keep themselves hydrated. They should drink plenty of water or juice. This facilitates normal delivery.

  • Take care of the right sitting position:

The condition of a pregnant woman from getting up to lying down has an effect on the baby growing in the womb. Therefore, they should always try to keep their body in the right position. As such, while sitting, they should sit with their back properly supported.

  • Weight control:

Weight gain is normal in pregnancy. However, the weight of a pregnant woman should not increase too much. Being overweight can cause problems at the time of delivery. Actually, if the mother is too fat, then the baby has difficulty coming out.

  •  Exercise:

Regular exercise during pregnancy greatly increases the chances of normal delivery. Therefore, do regular exercise after consulting a doctor.