11 Myths People Might Still Consider About Carpet Cleaning

To have your own carpet cleaning business is not an unproblematic task as almost daily, you have to hear about poorly chosen advice and inaccurate information about carpet cleaning.

It not only affects the business but acting upon such advice can adversely affect the quality of the carpet as well. So, it’s somewhat complicated to get purge of the ridiculous information associated with adopting better options for cleaning up the carpet.

That’s why today, we thought about highlighting some of the most common myths about carpet cleaning and how to demystify all those myths that make no sense in reality. The purpose is to present the clear picture that myths involve no truth, and it’s not a sensible act to believe in them.

If you are curious to get to know what people think about carpet cleaning and whether it’s true or not, let’s start discovering the myths.

Carpet Cleaning and 11 Common Myths about it

Though there’s a long list of myths that we want you to know, here we have collected the top eleven myths for you.

1- To clean carpet regularly still make them dirty 

If you are using some improper methods to clean the carpets, then definitely it will catch dust again in no time. Factually, the majority of the clearout procedures leave behind the soil, so it’s a fact that an inaccurate cleaning process makes the carpeting soil rapidly. 

However, the decision of the hiring professional is not only the basic need but the best option to clean your carpet.  Professionals help your carpet to stay clean for an extended period by properly rinsing out all the dirt and dust. So, the myth makes no sense when the professionals clean the carpet.

2- Toadstool and Mold cultivate in carpet due to steam cleaning

Once again, the myth is true if you don’t know how to clean the carpet professionally. The upgraded and latest techniques never let mold and mildew grow on the carpet again.

We have also heard that most of the people soak the carpets for several days, but we never recommend you to go for this procedure as it causes bacteria to grow on the mat. Using the latest equipment for cleaning the rug never causes mold and mildew.

3- Too much vacuuming is not healthy for the carpet

Nowadays, almost all rugs can easily uphold the vacuuming. But unfortunately, most of the vacuums available in the market are not of good quality and can severely affect your carpet.

What we suggest you don’t vacuum your carpet daily, if it’s just for you, then vacuuming your carpet twice a week is healthy for the carpet. Additionally, don’t compromise the quality standards of vacuum and buy a supreme quality vacuum for the carpet.

If it’s not feasible, then you can hire a carpet cleaning agency for the vacuuming procedure as they know how to improve the overall quality standards of the carpet.

4- Baking Soda can remove the smell from the carpet

You all must have heard that baking soda can remove the odor from the carpet. It’s more like an old tale that every generation hears. Inevitably, a lot of you will say that baking soda has effectively removed the smell from my carpet.

But it’s not true; it’s just masks the odor but doesn’t remove it. You cannot vacuum the deodorants from the carpet. The ideal source to remove the smell is to deal with the source. Stop putting baking soda or other deodorants on the carpets all the time, as it’s not the ultimate solution.

We strongly recommend you identify the source of smell on the mat, whether it’s your pet urine or something else. The eradication of the source of the smell is preferable over adding the soda on the carpets all the time.

5- Carpets are the primary source of allergy

It is generally assumed that rugs are the essential source of allergy, including asthma, that’s why they shouldn’t be the part of your bedrooms. But it’s not a fact, because carpets work like a filter to absorb muck and grime.

If you steam and vacuum the carpet properly, then it will never cause allergy. We also know that most people don’t hire professionals for cleaning-up the carpet, but we want to educate you that clean-up the carpets by hiring professionals. Preventions are far better than to be remorseful.

6- My carpet is new; it shouldn’t be cleaned frequently

Usually, people avoid cleaning the carpet because they think that they just have bought the carpet so the carpet cannot catch bacteria. But, they need to change the concept because most of the new carpets already absorbed enough soil, so they must be cleaned once a week. Professional cleaning is excellent for the new carpet as they are proficient at dealing with the new carpets.

7- Any grocery store cleaner can remove stain from the carpet

It is one of the most devastating myths for your carpets as it can ruin your carpet. Most of the expensive filters can spoil the carpet. According to our experience, the carpet spotters of lousy quality can create many problems for the carpet that can be resolved quickly. So, what should be the solution to avoid the issue? You can choose the effective and first-class stain remover to ensure the best result.

8- Steam Cleaning can dry the upholstery and carpet

Most of the latest carpets are made up of synthetic material so that no chance can dwindle soon. However, we strongly recommend you to avoid steam cleaning by yourself. Instead of it, you can hire a professional steam cleaner to maintain the quality of the carpet. If you make the sensible decision of hiring technical staff, then you can preserve the worth of the rug.

9- Dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning

Another myth is that dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning, but it is not valid. As every method has its pros and cons, and it all depends on you how you clean-up the carpet. It all depends on the carpet type and your preference. If you follow-up the methods accurately, then a comparison between both of the cleaning method gets complicated.

10- All carpet cleaning methods are similar

Another myth is that all carpet cleaning methods are identical and give comparable results. But in reality, every technique is different from the other one with its unique pros and cons. It all depends on you and your carpet type which method should be chosen or which shouldn’t be. Some other factors, including material, the carpet type, budget, and area of the room, also affect your preference for the cleaning methods.

11- Professional Carpet cleaning is expensive

It is a wrong perception that professional carpet cleaning services are costly, and not everyone can afford them. But the truth is only the professionals know which technique should be adopted as per the carpet type.

If you clean up the carpet by yourself, then it can be a costly procedure as you have to manage a cleaning machine and other products for the process.

Final Words

DIY procedures are costly for your carpets, so hiring professionals is the best solution to save valuable time and money. If you still believe in any of the myths mentioned above, then it can cause considerable damage to your carpet. So, make level-headed decisions for maintaining the better life of the carpet.