11 Most Important Factors In A Successful Project Management

Project managers face multiple challenges as they plan, organise, direct, and smoothly finish a project while keeping it within budget.

That is why project management is one of the most sought-after fields in Australia right now. It is predicted that project management jobs will witness an increase of 22 million in the next five years.

These statistics show how important it is to stay on top in this field.

So here are the critical factors for both existing and future project managers that will help them flourish.

Strong Communication

Project managers need to have an open communication channel with their team. Every team member must be comfortable in sharing their thoughts and issues.

Project managers can ensure this by organising official meetings. With this strategy, you will learn about your team members, and it will also promote teamwork.

Other than that, you can also arrange one-to-one meetings with every member of your team. Private sessions will go a long way in helping you create rapport with them and each other. People often hesitate to share their inner thoughts because they are intimidated by the authority; make sure that isn鈥檛 the case with your team.

Plan To Win

If done right, the planning phase increases the chances of successful execution of a project.

First, you need to make a list of the tools and resources you need to complete the task. Once you鈥檝e gathered these prerequisites, it鈥檚 time to plan your next moves and get on with the mission.

It is also good to carry out a SWOT analysis of the task at hand to clearly understand your next step. In fact, this is an excellent way to figure out how likely you are to complete the job and if it鈥檚 a worthwhile undertaking.

Next, only proceed to organise your task if there is a high chance of success.

If you don鈥檛, it will hurt your and your company鈥檚 reputation to chase an impossible task. Furthermore, you will waste time, money, and human resources. Therefore, ensure that your knowledge is reliable, precise, and efficient.

Identify Capable People

A project manager is only as good as the team he鈥檚 assembled to complete the assignment. This makes it essential to hire the right people for the right roles and ensure that they have what it takes to work as a part of the team.

When everyone gets assigned tasks according to their abilities, it automatically reduces the chances of failure. In addition, good project managers ensure that their team members have the necessary resources to do their jobs fitfully and push each other to succeed.

Train Effectively

A good project manager does not believe in creating dependency. Instead, they want their team members to thrive as an individual. For this reason, they empower everyone with the proper education and training, so they get the expertise they need to achieve more in life.

Furthermore, they also teach and train their team on how to be self-sufficient. This strategy helps every team member learn how to manage any crisis.

Practice Authority

Project managers need to find a middle ground between bossiness and approachability. Unfortunately, very few project managers can successfully maintain this balance.

A team needs to know that they can approach you anytime with any issue. However, a friendly environment doesn鈥檛 mean that your team should forget about your authority. Instead, create a friendly but professional atmosphere that encourages your people to follow directions but also come up to you for a quick discussion or guidance as necessary.

Manage Risk

Despite preplanning, there is always a high chance for things to go downhill. That is why a project manager needs to do risk-action analysis.

While checking stats and available data, you can make your risk-action analysis report.

This report can help you:

路         Present the chances of success and failure to stakeholders. So, in case of loss, it will not reflect poorly on your abilities

路         Assess all the risk factors that can negatively affect your project. Then, you can eliminate or control those risk factors to increase the success chances

路         Be confident in your team members. In addition, it will show that you are competent and have the skills to lead projects toward success

路         Assure and comfort clients about your ability to get the job done. This should help you build a reputation for customer service

Learn New Strategies

As humans, we are destined to learn and evolve until the day we die. None among us can claim to be an authority on all there is to learn and experience.

The field of project management is constantly going through different exciting innovations. So instead of using old set techniques, you need to learn new project management strategies that can help you work more efficiently.

Never close the door to institutional learning. Instead, you can pick up some exciting new techniques that will eventually make you a better project manager. Online education is the way to go in that case. For example, Certificate IV in project management can help you outshine other project managers as it gives you the skills you need to excel on the job. Cert iv in project management will prepare you in all aspects, especially teamwork.

A quick Google search can help you figure out where to get a certificate IV in project management online in Australia.

Simplify Project Objectives

Project managers often forget that their team members might not follow along with difficult jargon and complicated ideas.

If this is also one of your weaker points, then you need to simplify your goals. You and your team need to be on the same page to work together successfully.

To achieve this, start by putting your goals into simple and easy language. In addition, make sure that your goals unintentionally do not contradict the company鈥檚 policy or benefit.

For that, as simply and nicely you can phrase your motives to stakeholders, the better chances are that people will get your point without any misinterpretation.

Define Goals with SMART Method

Using a clear-cut system for defining goals will neither confound your team nor your stakeholders. The easiest way of simplifying project goals is using the SMART goal setting method. That is:

路         Specific

路         Measurable

路         Achievable

路         Relevant

路         Time-bound

Furthermore, the SMART goal-setting method will also help you complete your project with success and on time.

Use The Right Software

Many project managers make a mistake when they refuse to use project management software. Good project management software can control costs and help in meeting deadlines.

In simple words, it makes the whole process effortless. These tools also reduce the risks of miscalculations and help you calibrate your goals and plans with actual results.

Moreover, the software can also connect every team member on one platform. They can quickly check progress, ask questions, and add comments and thoughts. Thus, using the software can maximize teamwork and success rate.

Strong Project Closure

Your project closure should be as strong as its beginning. It would help if you were clear to your team and stakeholders in declaring that the project has accomplished its goals and now it has come to an end.

If a project is not closed confidently on time, it will keep utilizing resources. To firmly complete a task:

路         Sign off resources

路         Make a summary report

路         Create a statement on the project鈥檚 outcome

路         Create a satisfaction survey and get it filled for future reference


Project management is highly in demand. Now project managers need to work extra hard to outshine all the other competition. For this reason, it is essential to keep reviewing the new factors that can help them successfully achieve every project management goal.


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