11 Massage Styles – Find What Suits You The Best

Busy schedules, tough routines, and everyday tasks make our body tiered. With time our body needs relaxation and peace to become more active and function accordingly. Whenever I feel myself or my body functioning down, I prefer having a peaceful environment and a gentle and relaxing massage.

Massage works greatly to the tiered body. However, massage has different reasons and benefits to our body. It can work great for relaxing mind and body whereas, fatigues and body sores can also be cured through special kinds of massage.

While talking about the benefits of massage, they are numerous. Such as special kind of massage releases nerve compression, cure injury (lack of motion), gives relief to tight muscles, aches, and pain.

Lets' discuss 11 different types of massages so that you can find the best one for yourself.


1. Deep tissue massage:

The person suffering from chronic pains and aches needs more pressure on the targeted part of the body. Deep tissue massage is suggested to the person who wants improvement in their range of motion or needs to relax from chronic tensions. You can use this massage for back pains as well.

As the name suggests, deep tissue tends to relieve tensions in the particular body tissues' deep layers. It needs more intense kneading to have good and relaxing results for the person.

2. Sports massage:

This kind of massage works well if you are one of those for whom regular sports and workout is life. This massage helps to cure the workout aches caused due to repetitive motion, improved performance, and more.

The steps of this massage are being prepared to keep athletes and their body condition in mind. It helps you keep your body in top-notch conditions.

3. Swedish massage:

Swedish massage is the one most of the time people are looking for. This mostly focused on relieving light to normal tension from muscles. However, the relaxation I give is beyond. Therapists use long gliding sequences with kneading and circular strokes to ease tension from the body.

It is great for brides to be or even a normal person to have a relaxation effect by relieving tension and having a good time.

4. Shiatsu massage:

Shiatsu is a Japanese kind of massage therapy focused on releasing the tension, which causes energy and QI drain from the body. Therapists use their knees, elbows, feet, and a variety of techniques to have better results.

This massage helps in tension releasing and the production of Oxytocin in the body. If you are looking for de-stressing yourself, this can work wonders for you.

5. Hot stone massage:

Besides hand massages, therapists have used hot stones to release the tensioned areas of the body. They used to place hot basalt stones on the back, giving immense relaxation to the body.

Moreover, this massage is ideal for improving blood circulation and heat through the warmth of the stones.

You can find it amazing if you like therapeutic heat

6. Couple massage:

We always look towards creating memorable moments with our partners; for this sentiment, couple massage can work great. Swedish massage is the basic technique used in it; however, you can request the one you like—the therapist massages two persons in the same room.

This can be a special kind of massage if you are looking to make romantic memories with your husband/boyfriend or vice versa. Anyone can be welcomed to the room to whom you are comfortable being semi undressed.

7. Trigger point massage:

Just by the name, this massage conveys triggering to specific parts of the body. This massage helps in radiating the pains from the body by targeting the specific muscles. It helps in curing stiff joints, planter fascinates, and other issues.

You will find it the absolute best therapy if you can handle some tough kneading for curing above mention issues.

8. Reflexology:

Just like any other foot massage, reflexology works. It is said that it helps in correcting the imbalance throughout the body. It helps to release tension caused by wearing heels all day or being on your feet the whole day long.

Works well if you are curious to get into what benefits it provides. However, it also works if you need little relaxation for your feet.

9. Parental massage:

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling with a lot of stress and other abnormal conditions for expecting mothers. However, parental massage helps to relieve the pain caused by pregnancy. It also tends to treat anxiety, insomnia, and tensions.

You might be thinking how an expecting mother would lay on her back; for this, they have to lay on her side, or therapists have a table with a hole cut to reclaim mothers' belly for this massage.

10. Thai massage:

It's a kind of massage where practitioners perform stretching activities like yoga on clients. It can be a great choice if you feel hesitant by being semi undressed or looking for some good stretched out workout kind of massage.

11. Foot massage:

Just like its name, a relaxing massage for your feet gives you a sense of relaxation to your feet. It is unlike reflexology; it simply aims to target relaxation, nothing fancier to it.

Final words:

These were some different kinds of massages you can look forward to for the type you love for. From my suggestion, you should try a couple and Swedish massage to make romantic relaxation normal in your relationship. Others you can try for the particular issues those massage targets.