11 Best Websites To Earn Bitcoins Without Investment

On the Internet, there are a huge number of sites for earning bitcoins without investments. Such sites are called bitcoin faucets. Their essence mainly lies in the fact that users go to a page covered with advertising, enter a captcha, and receive a profit for this. There is nothing complicated, all earnings are justified by the payment of rent for advertising space for various search engines. Our task is to see this advertisement and get a part of the profit.

Often there are projects in which there is a lot of advertising, their interface is not at all convenient. Plus, cunning administrators put in a very complex captcha, which is sometimes impossible to see. All this makes earning bitcoins problematic. After all, we are not paid a lot for this work, and in such projects, we also have to strain to get our Bitcoin.

That is why we worked hard and selected the best projects for earning bitcoins for free; there is no need to invest a dime of our own funds in these projects. To work with them, you need to have your own personal Bitcoin address (you can read how to get it here). And some free time.

TOP 10 sites for free bitcoin earnings


This is one of the first bitcoin faucets. It allows you to earn bitcoin every 60 minutes. You just need to enter the captcha, for which you get your cherished BTC. Additionally, the project has a multiplier, it allows you to test your luck like in a lottery and play for the money earned to earn more bitcoins. The withdrawal of cryptocurrency from the project is carried out every Sunday or at any time when you request. 


 The principle of the project is the same as described in the project above. Once an hour, we need to go to the site and enter a captcha to receive free bitcoins. By doing this process, we can earn 100, 200, 500, 1000 or 3000 Satoshi for one captcha input. In this project, the affiliate program can be increased up to 60% – it depends on the number of new users you invited. The standard affiliate program is 50%. The project is good, we recommend it. 


Apart from getting bitcoin YouHodler has a unique selling point which is that they provide a loan backed by the TOP 15 coins with up to 90% loan-to-value. You can earn interest on crypto with 12% APR. Store, exchange, and pay anytime.

4. is next in the ranking of free Bitcoin projects. This site is unique in that you can enter it once a day to receive your BTC, transfer them to your balance. This is done after entering the captcha. Once you have entered and reset the counter, bitcoin then automatically begins to accumulate in your account. 


We earn bitcoin for free for viewing advertisements. Every day new advertisements appear in the project for viewing which we receive money on our balance. The project is good because it has a very large audience and if you have a desire, you can easily advertise any of your projects in it. The site has an affiliate program. 


A site that pays for viewing ads. The withdrawal of the earned bitcoins occurs to the Bitcoin address specified during registration. It takes very little time to work with this site, but the profit is good news. We have been working with this site for a very long time, it is one of the best. 


After simple registration on the site, we enter a captcha every 20 minutes. This allows us to speed up our earnings. Every 20 minutes we can earn 150 to 500 satoshi. The project provides various bonuses using which you can increase your income. It looks like a computer game. Each bonus is responsible for something new, for example, someone adds a percentage to the received profit, the other reduces the time until the next bitcoin receipt. Try it, earn! Affiliate program 50%. 


The project allows you to earn bitcoin every 15 minutes. Again, by simply entering captcha in the specified field. These actions can be repeated an infinite number of times. An interesting addition to the project is its bonus program, which no other site has. Every day, an additional 5% of the amount on the balance is credited to your balance. You don’t need to do anything special to do this, just go to the site once a day. Affiliate program 50%. 


This website is a cool alien-like income site. Every 5 minutes we enter a captcha and get into one of the aliens, for this, we get free bitcoin to our account. We do this every 5 minutes. In a maximum of 5 minutes, 5500 satoshis can fall out, which is not very bad. 


This project is very similar to the first project discussed earlier on the list. He is almost identical to him. It has a multiplier and an additional lottery. Captcha must be entered once an hour. 


Free bitcoin earnings by watching videos. In the project, we view the video clips from Youtube embedded in the site and for this we receive Bit. The bit is exchanged for Bitcoin and withdrawn to your wallet. I would like to note the possibility of promoting your own videos. It is not expensive compared to other offerings on the market. The project is already attracting attention only because of this. 

So we reviewed the 11 best sites for free bitcoin earnings in our opinion. As practice shows, any person can start doing this. And what’s more, we recommend starting with this for informational purposes with the world of Bitcoin. Of course, there are other, more profitable ways to get bitcoin, but we’ll talk about that another time. Now check out the available projects and start making money today.