11 Best Real Estate YouTube Channels To Follow in 2024

As we step into 2024, the real estate market continues to evolve with technological advancements and shifts in consumer behavior. 

YouTube has emerged as a vital resource for real estate professionals, investors, and enthusiasts who seek the latest trends, tips, and insights into the property market. With an overwhelming number of channels to choose from, identifying the most informative and influential ones can be a daunting task for those seeking industry experts.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the best real estate YouTube channels that stand out in 2024. These channels have been selected based on their rich content, the expertise of their hosts, and their ability to educate and inspire their audiences. 

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate mogul or just starting out, these channels provide valuable information that caters to a wide range of interests within the real estate spectrum—from luxury property tours and investment strategies to practical advice for homebuyers and sellers.

Real Estate Rookie

Real Estate Rookie remains a pivotal resource for aspiring real estate investors. This channel excels in offering beginner-friendly advice, demystifying complex investment concepts for those juggling their investment ambitions with regular jobs. 

Known for its relatable and straightforward approach, Real Estate Rookie specializes in breaking down intricate investment strategies and financing options into easily understandable content. 

Their popularity is partly due to engaging interviews with industry newcomers and sharing success stories and practical tips. 

With content that often goes viral, Real Estate Rookie has carved out a niche for making real estate investment approachable, earning a reputation as a must-watch for anyone stepping into the property investment arena.


BiggerPockets continues to stand as a premier educational hub for real estate enthusiasts, ranging from beginners to seasoned investors. This channel has over 1 million YouTube subscribers and is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of various aspects of real estate investment. 

It excels in offering a rich library of content, including strategies, market analyses, and expert insights. BiggerPockets distinguishes itself through its collaborations with industry specialists, providing a diverse range of perspectives on real estate investing.

The channel’s strength lies in its ability to cater to a broad audience, offering content that is both informative and practical. BiggerPockets has become synonymous with a one-stop resource for all things real estate, offering guidance on topics like house hacking, investment analysis, and overcoming common obstacles in real estate ventures.

With a strong community focus, BiggerPockets also fosters interaction and knowledge-sharing among its viewers. Its practical advice and accessible approach have made it a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of real estate investment or stay updated on the latest trends and strategies in the industry.

Enes Yilmazer

Enes Yilmazer’s YouTube channel has become a standout destination for those interested in luxury real estate and high-end property tours. 

His expertise and success in this niche are reflected in Enes Yilmazer’s net worth and his endeavors outside of his YouTube channel, highlighting his deep understanding of the market. 

Yilmazer, known for his charismatic and engaging presentation style, brings his viewers along on tours of some of the most extravagant and exclusive properties around the world. His videos not only showcase stunning residences but also provide insights into their unique features and architectural details.

Enes Yilmazer’s content is particularly appealing to viewers who enjoy getting a glimpse into the world of luxury real estate, offering an up-close and personal look at properties that most can only dream of. His videos often highlight the lavish lifestyles associated with such properties, including high-end design, cutting-edge technology, and breathtaking locations.

What sets Yilmazer’s channel apart is not just the content but his ability to make each property tour feel intimate and informative. His expertise in real estate, combined with his ability to convey the essence of each property, has garnered a dedicated following. For anyone fascinated by luxury real estate or seeking inspiration from some of the most beautiful homes in the world, Enes Yilmazer’s channel is a must-visit destination

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone’s YouTube channel continues to be a powerhouse in the realm of real estate investment and entrepreneurship. Known for his dynamic and often assertive approach, Cardone delivers content that is both motivational and educational, focusing on real estate investing, sales techniques, and personal development.

Grant Cardone’s channel is particularly renowned for its emphasis on aggressive growth strategies and wealth building. He frequently discusses topics such as how to maximize returns in real estate, the art of closing deals, and developing a robust entrepreneurial mindset. His content is tailored not just for real estate professionals, but also for anyone seeking to improve their financial literacy and business acumen.

A unique aspect of Cardone’s channel is his personal philosophy of ’10X’ thinking – aiming for goals that are ten times greater than what you might initially consider. This mantra has resonated with a vast audience, inspiring many to aim higher in their professional and personal pursuits.

Cardone’s videos often feature his insights on market trends, investment opportunities, and sales strategies, making his channel a valuable resource for those looking to excel in the competitive world of real estate. His straight-talking, no-nonsense style has made him a polarizing yet highly influential figure in the online real estate community.

Lili Invests

the Lili Invests YouTube channel remains a vibrant and insightful platform, particularly for those interested in practical, hands-on approaches to real estate investing. Hosted by Lili Thompson, the channel primarily focuses on her personal journey in the real estate market, making it a relatable and inspiring resource for both novice and experienced investors.

Lili Invests is best known for its emphasis on the BRRRR method (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat), a popular strategy in real estate investment. Lili’s approachable style and detailed walkthroughs of her own investment projects provide viewers with a realistic understanding of what it takes to succeed in real estate. She often discusses the challenges and successes she encounters, offering honest insights that resonate with a wide audience.

The channel’s content is not only about property investment but also includes tips on property management, renovation, and navigating the financial aspects of real estate. Lili’s ability to demystify complex aspects of real estate investing and present them in an easy-to-understand manner has made her channel a go-to educational resource. For those embarking on their own real estate journey or looking to deepen their knowledge, Lili Invests offers both inspiration and practical advice.

Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant’s YouTube channel in 2024 continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of luxury real estate showcases, professional insights, and personal development content. Serhant, a renowned real estate broker, author, and TV personality, leverages his extensive experience in the industry to provide viewers with an exclusive look at some of the most sought-after properties in the world.

The channel stands out for its high-quality production and engaging storytelling, offering more than just property tours. Ryan Serhant delves into the nuances of high-end real estate transactions, marketing strategies, and client relations, making his content valuable for both real estate professionals and enthusiasts. His approachable and informative style helps demystify the complexities of luxury real estate.

Moreover, Serhant’s channel is not just about real estate; it’s also a source of inspiration and motivation. He frequently shares his journey, challenges, and the lessons learned along the way, encouraging his audience to pursue their ambitions in real estate and beyond. His content is designed to empower and educate, making Ryan Serhant’s YouTube channel a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the intersecting worlds of real estate, business, and personal growth.

Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry’s YouTube channel continues to be a beacon for real estate professionals seeking growth and success. Known as the “#1 Real Estate Coach,” Ferry’s channel is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering a mix of motivational content, practical sales techniques, and innovative marketing strategies.

Ferry’s philosophy, often encapsulated in his tagline “Your Coach for Life,” underscores his commitment to long-term personal and professional development. He’s not just about quick fixes; his content is designed to foster sustainable growth and success in the real estate industry. This approach has earned him a reputation as a trusted mentor and advisor.

His channel features a range of content, from daily vlogs and tips to in-depth interviews with top-producing agents and industry leaders. Tom’s unique ability to blend actionable advice with motivational insights sets his channel apart. His series of “TomFerryShow” episodes are particularly popular, offering viewers regular doses of inspiration and education.

Ferry’s nickname, “The Grandfather of Real Estate Coaching,” speaks to his extensive experience and respected status in the industry. His channel is more than just a learning platform; it’s a community where real estate professionals can find support, encouragement, and the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving market. With his engaging delivery and wealth of experience, Tom Ferry’s channel remains a must-watch for anyone serious about mastering the art of real estate in 2024.

Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell’s YouTube channel remains a vital resource for those interested in real estate wholesaling and investment strategies. Maxwell, known for his mantra “You’re only one deal away,” inspires his audience with his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a successful real estate entrepreneur.

Maxwell’s channel primarily focuses on the wholesaling aspect of real estate. He excels in providing detailed, step-by-step guides on how to identify potential investment properties, analyze deals, and navigate the complexities of the wholesaling process. His practical and straightforward approach demystifies aspects of real estate that many find daunting, making his content accessible to both beginners and experienced investors.

A unique aspect of Maxwell’s channel is his emphasis on the power of self-education and perseverance in the real estate market. He often shares his personal experiences, challenges, and the lessons he’s learned, which not only educates but also motivates his audience.

Maxwell’s ability to connect with his viewers and his dedication to sharing knowledge has made his channel a go-to platform for actionable advice in the world of real estate. His emphasis on the potential of real estate wholesaling and his inspirational success story continues to attract a broad audience looking to make their mark in the industry.

Phil Pustejovsky

Phil Pustejovsky’s YouTube channel continues to be a cornerstone for individuals seeking guidance in the world of real estate investing. Pustejovsky, celebrated as North America’s leading real estate investing mentor, is known for his expertise and his transformative coaching style.

Phil’s channel is a comprehensive guide to various aspects of real estate investment, including creative financing, house flipping, and rental property management. His teachings are grounded in his own experiences of starting from a place of financial hardship to achieving remarkable success in real estate. This journey has been a source of inspiration for many of his followers.

A standout feature of Pustejovsky’s content is his commitment to making real estate investing accessible to everyone. He often debunks myths about the need for large capital to start in real estate, instead emphasizing smart strategies and creative approaches. His tagline, “transforming financial lives through the power of real estate,” encapsulates his mission.

Phil Pustejovsky’s approachable demeanor and clear, concise explanations have made his channel a valuable resource for both novice and experienced investors. He has a unique ability to distil complex concepts into understandable segments, making his channel a go-to for practical, real-world advice and strategies in real estate investing.

Epic Real Estate Investing

The Epic Real Estate Investing channel, helmed by Matt Theriault, remains a significant resource for those aiming to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. The channel is dedicated to teaching viewers about the wealth-building potential that real estate offers and how to capitalize on it effectively.

Epic Real Estate Investing specializes in creative real estate investment strategies. It covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of getting started in real estate to advanced tactics like tax lien investing, multifamily property investment, and utilizing various financing options. Theriault’s approach is about empowering viewers with knowledge and tools to create passive income streams and escape the traditional 9-to-5 grind.

What sets this channel apart is Theriault’s focus on ‘real-life’ investment strategies. He provides actionable advice, often sharing case studies and personal experiences that illustrate how the principles he teaches can be applied in real-world scenarios. His philosophy is centered on the idea that financial independence is achievable for anyone willing to learn and apply sound real estate investing principles.

Epic Real Estate Investing is more than just an educational platform; it’s a source of inspiration and motivation for aspiring investors. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, the channel offers valuable insights and guidance to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of real estate investing.


The REtipster channel, managed by Seth Williams, remains a pivotal source of practical and actionable advice for real estate investors. Known for its clear, concise, and approachable content, REtipster provides valuable insights for investors at all levels, especially those who are just beginning their journey in the real estate world.

The channel’s strength lies in its diverse range of content that covers everything from land investing and rental property management to creative financing and productivity tips. REtipster is particularly renowned for its emphasis on ethical and responsible investing, ensuring that viewers not only succeed financially but also make positive impacts in their communities.

Seth Williams, the face behind REtipster, is celebrated for his down-to-earth approach and ability to simplify complex real estate concepts. The channel often features tutorials, case studies, and software tool reviews, all designed to equip investors with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions.

REtipster stands out for its commitment to providing real-world, practical advice that transcends mere theory. It’s a channel that encourages its audience to think differently about real estate and pursue investment strategies that align with their personal and financial goals. For those looking for a grounded, realistic perspective on real estate investing, REtipster is an invaluable resource in 2024