10×10 custom tent or 10×20 custom tent: What to choose for your next event

The moment you set up a booth at any tradeshow or exhibition, your business transforms from just a formal workplace. It becomes like a scenery – and the more beautiful it is, the more people will be drawn towards it. One of the most valuable assets that facilitate this process are branded tents. Especially the 10×20 custom canopy and the 10×10 printed canopy.

What is a custom canopy?

Custom canopies or promotional tents are branding tools. They are similar to regular canopies that you use for your garden parties for shade and cool, but with a small difference. These canopies are printed with brand messages, images, and other kinds of artwork.

Promotional canopies are primarily used:

  1. As booths at networking events where businesses participate for interacting with existing customers and gathering new leads. For instance: tradeshows, seminars, exhibitions, and roadshows.
  2. As stalls where customers come to buy and sell stuff. For instance: farmer’s markets, crafts markets etc.
  3. To provide exposure to sponsorship partners of charity events, fundraisers, and marathons.
  4. As college stalls at tournaments, sporting and tailgate events.
  5. Along the roadside spaces for providing more information to bystanders and passers-by about ongoing deals, new product launches, sample tasting, and so on.

Custom 10×20 pop-up tent and 10×10 branded tent canopies are two of the most common sizes that are preferred by businesses.

Why so?

  • They are versatile and highly customizable.
  • They showcase ‘your space’ perfectly among a sea of competitors.
  • They’re portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble and put away.
  • They provide shelter from heat, rain, and wind as well as against insects and dust.
  • They’re visible even from a distance, and are excellent branding tools in crowded areas.

So, if you’re going to participate in a networking event, start thinking of getting a custom canopy tent for your business. The 10×10 custom tent is right for you; as is the 10×20 custom tent. So, which one should you buy?

Let’s learn more in detail about these two.

The 10×10 branded tent – Convenient and versatile

A 10×10 custom tent is portable and convenient to carry, owing to its compact size. It can be set-up for any small occasion, for formal and casual events. You can take it to the beach, set it up as a market stand, or simply erect it outside your shop to lure passersby and onlookers. It is as easy to take down the 10×10 canopy, as it is to set it up.

The 10×10 custom tents from Extreme Canopy are very popular for their versatility and practicality at both indoor and outdoor events. You can buy them with digital printed roofs or in plain, solid colors. The frames are available in stainless steel or commercial grade aluminum. Take your pick from our X5 Explorer, X6 Velocity, X7 Tectonic, or Q8 Quasar canopies.

The 10×20 custom canopy – Perfect shelters for mid-sized events

Unexpected guests can pop-up anywhere – whether you’re organizing a party or hosting an event. A colleague might decide to bring their parents (who’ve just flown in) to the annual office party. Your sister might bring along her new boyfriend to your thanksgiving dinner party. You can think of so many unexpected scenarios like these two.

In all these cases, it would be so embarrassing if your guests couldn’t fit inside the canopy. Rather than ‘hoping’ for the event to go well, take control. Don’t leave anything to chance. When unsure of the headcount, go for a bigger size. The custom 10×20 pop-up tent, for instance.

A 10×20 custom tent is an ideal size for networking and promotional events as well where pre-decided spaces are allocated to participants. Bringing a tent that’s too big to fit can lead to cramming or no tent at all, while having a tent that’s too small can be painfully awkward. A printed custom 10×20 pop-up tent is the right fit – not too large, not too small, just perfect.

Our heavy-duty 10×20 custom canopy tents are easy on your pocket as well as on the eyes of your customers. These are available in our X5 True Blue, X6 Velocity, X7 Tectonic, and Q8 Quasar ranges with varying frame strengths. You can pair them with a digitally printed or plain roof.

  10×10 custom tent from Extreme Canopy 10×20 custom tent from Extreme Canopy
Ideal for Small events Mid-sized events
Available in X5 True Blue, X6 Velocity, X7 Tectonic, Q8 Quasar ranges X5 True Blue, X6 Velocity, X7 Tectonic, Q8 Quasar ranges
Best suited for Casual outdoor gatherings, farmers’ markets, roadshows, street demonstrations Tradeshows, networking events, seminars, college tailgate events, charity fundraisers, office gala parties
Roof 500D, PVC-coated polyester plain roof
600D, PU-coated polyester digitally printed roof
500D, PVC-coated polyester plain roof
600D, PU-coated polyester digitally printed roof


10×10 custom tent vs. 10×20 custom canopy: How to choose the right canopy for your event?

Before starting your research, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What kind of event am I hosting?

Is it a casual get together?

Will it be a semi-formal promotional event next to my store?

How much footfall can I expect?

How long will the event last?

By finding answers to questions like these, you can make up your mind towards buying the right size canopy.

  1. What is the nature of the venue?

Can you risk taking a 10×20 tent to an indoor event without cramming up the allocated space?

Will the 10×10 tent look adequate out in the open?

Try visualizing your setup and then decide. You can also perform a mock setup at the event venue prior to buying, in order to get a better idea.

  1. What collateral will the canopy contain?

Maybe you just want to set up a table and few chairs inside your booth. In this case, a 10×10 printed canopy will be the most affordable and economical choice for you. However, if you plan to add digital billboards, create a lounge space to entertain visitors, a 10×20 custom tent would be a far better choice.

  1. How far is the venue from parking?

A 10×10 branded tent is lightweight and portable. It can be easily carried from the parking lot to the venue. A 10×20 custom tent is slightly heavier than the 10×10 tent. So, if venue is located far off, you might want to take help or downgrade to a 10×10 model.

And, whenever you feel stuck, don’t forget to reach out to the experts.

Extreme Canopy – Putting the ‘extreme’ back into canopies!

By now, you’re sold on buying a custom branded tent. Extreme Canopy offers an extensive range of 10×10 printed canopy tents and 10×20 custom canopy tents. We are USA’s #1 custom canopies manufacturer and supplier, as evident from over 100 glorious reviews left by our customers. Do get in touch with our experts at 844 243 6981 to know more about our products or to place your order!


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