10 ways to Increase YouTube Video Views in 2021

YouTube has become one of the most widely used channels to educate, promote, and entertain audiences. You will be shocked to know that the platform has around 22 billion monthly visits. Now, you know that people love using YouTube a lot. Every YouTuber wants to promote his/her YouTube channel. We are here to help you increase your YouTube Video views in 2021. If you really want to stand out on a platform like YouTube, you must benefit from as many promotional tactics as possible. We have come up with 10 tips that will help you promote your YouTube channel and maximize your viewership as much as possible.

1. Use Descriptive, engaging, and keyword-rich titles

When it comes to YouTube marketing, it is all about presentation. The title of your video must present your content in a more engaging and descriptive way. 

2. Your content should align with the needs of your audience

You need to figure out what kind of content your audience actually wants. You can start by getting to know your audience. It will help you know about the choice of your viewers. Or check your top 3 competitors on YouTube and check their videos with the most number of Views. You will get an idea on what kind of video audience are more interested in.

3. It is time for you to engage with the YouTube community

You may not believe it, but YouTube does represent a thriving community. With the help of good content, likes, and comments, it is quite easy to engage with the YouTube community. 

4. Create Custom Thumbnails:

Customizing your thumbnails is one of the most effective and simplest ways to increase your YouTube views. Your thumbnail can grab the attention of your viewers and also creates a sense of professionalism. 

5. Host a contest or giveaway

It is one of the many things that YouTube users love. By running a YouTube contest or giveaway, you are actually encouraging people to subscribe to your channel; it increases your YouTube video Views.

6. Paid method

You can also make use of reliable service to increase Views on YouTube. Find a company that can get you real Views that do not disappear with time. It is quite easy to buy YouTube views from the third-party trusted website options such as Socioblend; it will give you an initial boost in no time. 

7. Try to create a specific video series

One of the smartest ways to increase YouTube video views in 2021 is by encouraging your viewers to follow a specific video series. Your series should cover a recurring topic or theme. 

8. Group your videos into categories

In order to organize your YouTube content, you must create playlists. When you create playlists, it becomes easier for your audience to navigate through your channel. Creating playlists will not only organize your channel but also appeal to the viewers’ desire to binge. 

9. Give a try to Live Streaming

Nowadays, live streaming has become one of the biggest social media trends. When it comes to a channel like YouTube, it has been offering live videos for years now. Give it a try because, with live video, you never know what’s going to happen next. 

10. Start collaborating with other users

It is considered one of the easiest ways to increase your YouTube views. Collaborating with big brands and creators gives you exposure to a whole new audience. You just have to find the right partner for collaboration.