10 ways to encourage creative thinking in your child

Creativity needs to be taught at an early age for children to be habitual of the idea of being creative. An outlet is required which can be provided by parents at the very beginning of the child’s educational life.

Start early

Letting a child express opinion or letting them describe a way to do something is a fundamental step towards the development of creative thinking in youngsters. It is a common concept in sports circles; if you want a competent candidate you have to start with them when they are young to instill the technique, same is the case with the thinking process; you want to have an open-minded and creative kid? Start at a young age!

Let them fail

Failing to do a task doesn’t mean the kid is incapable of doing it. It means the process he employed to do it was not correct, trying it again will help them in the long run, and after all, no child has been able to ride a bike perfectly on the first attempt. As a parent, you can provide opportunities for the success of your child. For the purpose of developing the learning processes in children, Ninis Tutor is providing Home tutors in Lahore.

Let them question stuff

This is the step that most parents do not think is important. Or they may think this is the job of the teacher to answer the kid’s questions but a teacher cannot answer all the questions of every child in the class. Questioning is the path to knowledge. No questions asked? No answers were gained.

Sharing and Acceptance

Encouragement in sharing ideas and opinions helps them to understand the importance of discussion. This will make them able to explore more and accept varied avenues of a subject.


Make a child habitual of reading and he/she will never be out of ideas on a particular subject. Reading encourages curiosity.

Fewer rules

Too many rules can be the bumps in the creative thinking process. Giving a free hand to some extent and not questioning the methodology goes a long way in the development of a child’s mental strength.

Effort matters more than the result

Reminder – Failure is part of the learning process. If a visible effort has been made and the result is a screw-up, it should not matter. Letting them know the effort matters more than the end result will help them try again for a positive result.


Exploring time sparks creativity. They may make a fort in the living room or have a sword fight or bake a cake or indulge in DIY activities or create a crossword puzzle. Having unstructured activities is another door to creativity.

Use timer

Setting time limits to complete an activity helps to brainstorm. Innovative ideas are helpful for being creative.


Letting kids actually do stuff rather than make them watch and you do it yourself will only make them follow how and what you do. This won’t make them creative in fact it will kill the creativity right there. How to improve children’s mental health?