To thrive in the current global economy, more and more companies are relying on labor that is geographically diverse. They put together and oversee a worldwide team that combines the most extensive local and global functional knowledge with an understanding of the most potential global markets. UAE is one of the most famous countries that has mixed race workforce in the world along with a large number of global businesses contributing towards its economy. While HR outsourcing is one of the most common practices for managing global workforce in UAE or any other country, there are also a lot of other factors which greatly impact on an outsourced HR management. 

In this blog, we will be listing down 10 ways through which businesses can effectively manage their workforce providing them fruitful international workforce solutions.

1. Build strong communication

It is challenging enough to create a productive work group when everyone is working locally and using the same office space. However, communication can quickly deteriorate, misunderstandings can occur, and collaboration can swiftly turn into mistrust when team members operate in different locations and come from diverse countries and functional backgrounds. Online team meetings that are regularly scheduled are a great method to keep the team informed and engaged. Meetings give team members a vital opportunity to communicate information in real time, keep them updated on organizational developments, monitor progress, clear up any questions, pinpoint problem areas, and do much more.

2. Increase and enhance connections

Introduce a virtual community or social groups within the organization that promote cooperation and dialogue between cultures. By involving yourself in whatever you and your team decide to undertake, you can cultivate and increase team empowerment. Multiple links to the organization can have a significant impact on behavior. In contrast to people who work remotely, office workers frequently have a distinct experience. While you want employees to identify with the company’s general culture, you also want to provide each area the chance to connect with one another and express its unique team culture.

3. Schedule regular meetings with the teams

Use tools like Zoom, Google Meet, or other similar online meeting platforms. In order to see each other, encourage everyone to turn on their video cameras. Interaction between virtual faces can strengthen team bonds. As a business owner, it is very thoughtful to address your workforce personally on regular basis especially when managing international workforce. This encourages your workforce to work more diligently as it gives them a sense of ownership in the business through an effective employee-employer communication.

4. Provide equal resources to your workforce

Support your international workforce by distributing the tools they need to succeed in their respective job roles. If necessary, offer communication-bridging language workshops or a social intranet where international coworkers can access learning materials and share expertise.

5. Address obstacles wisely

When it comes to managing global workforce, many HR outsourcing companies recommend human resources who can manage tasks remotely, specifically from their home. When working from home, one of the biggest obstacle which is common is distraction. To encourage productivity, think about providing a different working choice, such a co-working space in the neighborhood. Despite not being in the same city as the rest of the team, this will give them a professional work environment. Additionally, this can promote impromptu networking, which might greatly increase productivity.

6. Accommodate the cultural differences

To better comprehend the diverse cultural backgrounds that your team is made up of, start by having conversations with the individuals who make up your team. Find out how these variances might impact everyone involved and how they might influence different working methods. You can develop a deeper awareness of varied cultural requirements by creating a welcoming environment for these dialogues.

7. Have a concrete and effective project management system

Project management systems are helpful for a fruitful global workforce management since they make it simpler to discover documents and communication data later on by helping to arrange them into projects. Additionally, they aid in the management and preservation of shared data. Communication may be lost in the emails if you run your firm exclusively via email. They also support in making payroll management easier as well.

8. Work on building trust with your workforce

Global teams operate effectively when team members can communicate openly and comprehend the logic of others. Create an environment at work where staff members are comfortable speaking honestly with their bosses and fellow team members. Trust building is a vital job of any organization as it leaves loyal and determined workforce for them. 

9. Partner with an International HR outsourcing company

HR outsourcing adds vital influence on global workforce management. When you have a global team across different countries of the world, your business must comply with various laws and regulations which eventually reflect on crucial HR functions such as payroll management, tax calculations etc. An outsourced HR management will not only provide you with talented resources but will also facilitate your business with international payroll solutions and managing international workforce without any hassle in whichever country your business operates in.

10. Stay in loop of everything that happens in your organization

Try to remain on top of items that need your personal attention, like feedback, in the case of a global team. By doing this, you can prevent other team members from idly waiting for your response. So make sure to manage your email rather than allowing it to overflow into your inbox. Efficiency will only increase as a result, and team members won’t become frustrated. 

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