10 Ways to Cool Down in Hot Weather Without Air Conditioning

It is difficult to enjoy the summer heat when the column of your indoor thermometer overcomes the 90°F degree mark. And it’s good if you have an air conditioner. But what to do if you cannot install this device in your apartment for some reason? In this article, we gathered 10 ways to cool down in hot weather without air conditioning

1. Fan

Surely, the first thing that comes to your mind as an alternative to air conditioning is a fan. Despite the fact that the advice to get this device can’t be called original, it still works. You should also know that the fan doesn’t actually cool the air but it creates a pleasant breeze. When you direct it to yourself, you can feel more comfortable even if the temperature in the apartment has risen above  90°F. In addition, the fan is much cheaper than the regular air conditioning, so everyone can afford it.

2. Proper ventilation

If you want to ventilate the apartment in hot weather, it is better to do this not in the middle of the day but in the early morning and late evening. During this time, the air on the street hasn’t had time to warm up properly yet or has already cooled. However, you can open the windows during the day in rooms that open to the shady side, where the sun does not look or where the crowns of trees prevent the penetration of its rays into the apartment.

3. A lot of water

On especially hot days, doctors advise drinking more water. However, the main thing is that it shouldn’t be icy, otherwise you can catch a cold. You can also take a shower as often as possible but it shouldn’t be too hot or too cold.

4. Foil on the windows

You probably saw how drivers protect the interior of the car from the sun. They put a foil on the windshield that reflects the sun’s rays. This technique can also be used at home, especially because you can find a special reflecting film for the windows in stores.

5. Houseplants

Do you know that indoor plants can lower the temperature in a room by a couple of degrees? In order to enhance the effect, you should water the flowers more often and moisturize their leaves with a spray bottle. 

6. Atomizer

The atomizer will help you not only take care of your indoor plants but also moisturize the air in the apartment. Despite the fact that it will not lower the temperature in the house, it will be much easier to withstand the heat in a wet room than in a dry environment.

7. Wet towels

In order to increase the humidity in the apartment, you can use another simple trick. You can hang wet sheets and towels on the doors. The fabric shouldn’t be extremely wet because dripping drops can cause irreparable damage to your floor covering.

8. Aquarium

If you don’t like to care for flowers and don’t want to mess with wet towels, install an aquarium in the house and it will also help cope with humidification. Moreover, psychologists say that an aquarium with fish will also help reduce stress.

9. Green tea and fruit

In hot weather, you need to drink not only plain water but also green tea. It has refreshing properties and helps to slightly lower body temperature. In addition, fresh fruits such as bananas can also help you survive the heat.

10. Wet cleaning

The last way to reduce heat is to perform wet cleaning as often as possible. It will be much easier for you to breathe in an apartment with freshly washed floors.

Amelia Grant

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