10 Ways Beer Is Good for You

Many studies claim that beer is the best drink for you. But, you cannot drink 10 of them and expect this drink to be very beneficial for your health. However, one or two or three days can be helpful. Let us Check Melvin Brewing that beer is really good for you. 

  • Helps to contribute in daily intake of the nutrient

The experts agree to a fact that beer is much more like food than a beverage —it can be referred to as liquid bread. Suppose you have ever sipped one pint of Guinness, then you know what it means. Whereas this means you have to be careful of the number of calories that you are sipping in every glass, it means liquid has some good nutrients for you.

  • Fights out inflammation

Hops, it is a flower of a hop plant, offer beer its bitter and tangy taste. The bright green buds also are filled with plenty of chemicals called bitter acids that have a wide range of health-promoting effects. The bitter acids are quite powerful inflammation fighters. One kind of bitter acid called humulone provides promise for preventing & treating any viral respiratory infections.

  • Helps you to chill

Social aspects of moderate drinking are beneficial to your health but, to get out regularly and relax with your buddies over some beers will really help you enjoy and have fun.

  • Builds stronger bones

Moderate consumption of beer is known to improve bone density among men. No, it is not a buzz that is helping the bones grow: it can be silicon found in the pint that is an important mineral for your bone formation.

  • Helps to prevent the kidney stones

Drinking moderate beer can help to lower your risk of kidney stones. As per the recent study, women, and men who were reported drinking a moderate amount* of the beer lowered their risk of stone by around 41%. Beers that have plenty of hops — for instance, pale ales – will be rich in kidney health phytochemicals. 

  • Helps in digestion

Bitter acids found in beer will improve your digestion. The study published in a journal looked at important types of Austrian and German beer & found that each of them triggered release of the gastric acid from the stomach cells. If the brew has more bitter acids, greater will be its reaction. Gastric acid is important for digesting your food in the stomach & controlling the growth of dangerous gut bacteria.

  • Increases levels of essential vitamins

It is found by one study that beer improves levels of Vitamin in your blood. A person drinking beer was found to have higher levels of the B6 vitamin in the blood, compared to the non-drinking person. These levels were twice compared to the wine drinkers. 

Beer is also said to have Vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, folic acid, as well as riboflavin and is rich in silicon, one of the important nutrients that help in strengthening your bones.

  • Reduces bad cholesterol

Soluble fiber found in beer will help to reduce the LDL also called “bad” cholesterol. When you increase the soluble fiber intake it has several health benefits, which include promotion of healthy blood sugar & blood-cholesterol levels. But, as alcohol interferes with your body’s capability of absorbing minerals and vitamins, it will also reduce your body’s ability to burn the stored fat. 

  • Good for your teeth

This slimy stuff collects on the teeth if you have not brushed and it is called biofilm, beer will keep this from forming —as well as help to get rid of this. As per the UK research, it tested the effects of many plant-derived extracts over bacteria, which form biofilm & promote gum disease and tooth decay. Even the weakest extract of the beer tested blocked activity of the bacteria linked with the gum disease & tooth decay in a study. 

Actually, for getting out biofilm, beer can easily beat out raspberry, black tea, and other extracts that are tested. It was best in blocking the communication among the dental disease and bacteria.

  • Lowers your risk of diabetes

Another research found that the moderate intake of beer can reduce the risk of diabetes, by around 25%. When over 38,000 men who hardly drank, improve their intake of beer or other alcoholic drink, and drank 1 or 3 drinks daily, came to light. However, if they drank 2 or more drinks every day, the benefit wasn’t seen. These studies found that the moderate drinkers got protected against diabetes as alcohol increased insulin sensitivity.