10 Vital Motorhome Caravan Maintenance Tips!

Motorhome and caravan both have complex electrical settings. It is recommended that professionals carry out internal, as well as, electrical maintenance and repairs on your motorhome and caravan. Nonetheless, you should be aware of these internal and electrical issues so you can sense when something goes wrong and call an expert immediately for timely assistance. In this blog post, we’ll explain both (a) Internal and (b) Electrical repairs in brief for motorhome and caravan maintenance.

[A] Internal Repairs for Caravan & Motorhome

1. Spot Damages on Kitchen Benchtops & Sinks

Due to wear and tear, the kitchen benchtop may receive damages over time. Besides, the kitchen bench may receive trauma due to external objects such as falling utensils and cups from a cupboard, which may leave marks, dents or scratches. Well, these can be fixed by just changing the laminate or completely changing the top. Due to trauma, the sink can also get cracked or battered. It can be fixed with the help of a water-resistant super glue to seal the crack and some acrylic polish to renew the surface. To guarantee the best results, get a professional to repair both sink and benchtop damages.

2. Taps Not Working as Intended

When your motorhome or caravan taps aren’t working perfectly as intended, and water isn’t coming out from them, then there might be problems with the pump, issues with the pipes or plumbing, a fault with the micro switches or perhaps an issue with the battery. Regardless of the underlying issue, the issue with taps must only be diagnosed by an expert.

3. Leaky Shower Issues

A leaky shower may lead to water drippings from the showerhead even when it is not in use, from beneath the shower, or from beneath the caravan when the shower is in use. It could be due to a cracked shower tray or a profound issue with the plumbing. A cracked shower tray can be fixed with the right sealant; however, a professional plumber must look into the plumbing problems to provide the right repairs. Moreover, a leaky shower can further impose issues such as damage to the floor, rust on pipes, de-lamination of some flooring materials and water ingress. When left untreated, it can be the cause of a slippery floor that is risky and unhygienic as well.

4. Fittings of Fridge & Washing Machine

As electrical work is involved, it is recommended that installations of appliances such as fridge and washing machine on a motorhome or caravan are carried out by professionals only. When the fridge and washing machine is properly installed with the correct fittings, it can help avoid the poor performance of both appliances and eliminate problems caused by improper fittings. Besides, they should be installed in a way that facilitates for effortless removal of appliances for servicing and maintenance.

[B] Electrical Repairs for Caravan & Motorhome

For undertaking electrical repairs, professional electricians should have prior experience working on motorhomes and caravans. Here are some essential electrical repairs that a caravan and motorhome may need over time.

5. Hot Water Repairs

When your motorhome or caravan hot water system does not provide hot water, then there must be inherent issues. Hot water repairs should be performed by a licensed technician or plumber only.

  • A fault in the power supply or gas or the main regulator pressure will stop a hot water system from working.
  • The thermostat or heating component could be damaged, which may be the cause of the problem.
  • The water supply to a hot water system is controlled at different points, which might be a cause of its failure.

6. Air Conditioner – Installation, Repair, Servicing & Refill Gas

Similar to the appliances in a motorhome or caravan, an air conditioning unit should be correctly installed to make sure it functions optimally and gets adequate ventilation. The air conditioning system will shed around 13% to 57% of its refrigerant every year per your use. Refilling gas in the air conditioner means you’re topping it up with the lost refrigerant to keep it cool.

  • If you use your caravan or motorhome regularly, then you need to get your air conditioning unit serviced every 3 months to make sure it is in the optimal condition to function efficiently.
  • However, if you’re not a regular user and only use it once every 4 or 5 months, then you need to get your air conditioning unit serviced right before your trip so that it operates optimally without giving you any glitches while you’re halfway from your destination.

An air conditioning failure can occur due to various reasons including:

  • Dirty air filter
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Blocked suction lines
  • Frozen or dirty coil
  • Damaged fan blades or compressor
  • Damage in electrical connections and contacts, and
  • Faulty circuit breaker or fuse.

When you provide timely and proper maintenance to the air conditioning unit of your caravan or motorhome, then you can remain away from these problems.

7. Panel Repairs

The panels of your motorhome or caravan may get battered, cracked, dented, or chipped. It can happen due to impact, rough roads, deterioration or other external factors. Consult an experienced professional who might help you to save some money by reinstating the battered panels without having to replace them completely.

8. Electrical Lights, Circuitry & 12v System Repairs

Inspect your caravan or motorhome for loose electrical connections, short-circuit wiring and a busted fuse. External components such as trauma or leak, or deterioration may be the underlying cause of these electrical issues. To avert these problems, you can get your caravan or motorhome inspected and serviced at least once a year.

9. Dual Batteries Need Timely Service or Repairs

If you detect any problems with the dual batteries, then you need to get it inspected by a qualified and experienced auto electrician right away.

  • The dual battery on your motorhome or caravan should be fitted accurately to make sure they power up the appliances and accessories without compromising your vehicle’s starting battery.
  • In case, dual batteries aren’t functioning as intended or not charging, then the battery management system may be having problems.

Besides, you need to get an expert auto electrician to inspect, service and provide necessary repairs for your caravan or motorhome lighting, at least once a year.

10. Solar System Service

A solar system service includes panel cleaning, fault finding and rectification, full system service and preventive maintenance. The service inspections include:

  • Looking for any discolouration, chips or cracks.
  • Make sure that the isolators, circuit breakers and switches are functioning as intended.
  • Cables and interconnections are secure.

Typically, this service is carried out every two years, or whenever required.

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