10 Vintage Gadgets That Makes the Perfect Gift for Tech Enthusiasts

Vintage gadgets are still quite popular among collectors to relive the beautiful moments of the past. The manufacturers may have given up on them, but you can still manage to buy it from reselling sites. And they make an amazing gift for the people who aren’t born in the age of smartphones.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to bring a smile to their face. It will come as a complete surprise to them if they get a random day gift box. Moreover, we all need a break from the stressful times the world has seen in the past year.

Following is the list of vintage gadgets you can gift to your partner, friend or family members.

Gadget: Atari 2600

Atari 2600 was the ground-breaking console from Atari VCS that was once the favourite tools of the gamers. It was launched in 1977 when the arcade gaming was the only escape. It introduced gaming in the living room of the house with ROM cartridges.

You will find it with the old-school joystick with a red button on it. It gets credit for laying the foundation of microprocessor hardware. You will find some Atari 2600 themed consoles in the market at a very cheap price.

Gadget: Apple iPhone

The tech community cherish the moment Steve Jobs launched the iPhone at Apple’s event. It was a wonderful device that allowed people to carry a single device for multiple purposes. Now, it has transformed everything from communication to marketing.

Photography is no longer a hobby; it is an integral part of our lives. Your professional life is not the same anymore because of this small device. More importantly, this is a gift that even the generation Z will appreciate.

Apple Macintosh

Another revolutionary product from the Apply that disrupted the personal computer industry. This computer was the successor of Apple Lisa with the updated design and features. It was the compact device the market wanted after the bulky computers that took a significant space.

It is extremely difficult to get your hands on this device, next to impossible if the device is working. You may find them in the auction with a heavy price tag. If you find one, take a personal loan and buy it without a thought.

Calculator Watch

Some might not believe it, but the Casio Calculator Watch was a big hit in the 80s because of its design. You will find the present definition of smartwatches include features such as smartphone connectivity and health monitoring. But this watch was smart enough to be used in a science fiction movie like “Back to the Future”.

You don’t have to take out your mobile only to use the calculator. It indeed saves time and looks appealing too. It is worth the trouble to find if the recipient has spent their childhood with this watch on their wrist.


Talkboy has a very interesting story behind its launch and production. It was a prop used in the popular movie “Home Alone” with no intent to produce in real life. However, some people spent their expertise in creating a working version of it.

Well, it is now easier than ever to create this device with modern tech. Nevertheless, the purists still are in love with the original Talkboy used by Macaulay Culkin.

Original NES

The original NES, with its classic games, continues to remain on the wish list of gamers worldwide. You can imagine its craze from the fact that Nintendo sold out over 2.3 million devices of a miniature NES replica in a few months. They will continue to reap the legacy of this device in the future launches as well.

Those golden memories of childhood are still intact when the entire vacation was spent on collecting cartridges. However, there is no official way to install more than the 30 preinstalled games on the device. However, it will be the best gift for a gamer if they already own the latest consoles.

Amazon Kindle

E-readers are a great innovation that allowed the bookworms to enjoy the same library of a video streaming service. But before this modern, waterproof, and sleek devices, Amazon’s Kindle was a bulky typewriter. There was no tablet to confuse the customers over multimedia features.

Even in the present market, there is no one to challenge Amazon for the first spot. If you know someone into reading, this may be the best vintage device for them. However, some people still prefer the small of pages over the lightweight screens in their hand.

Victrola Record Player

If you remember the elegant living rooms of the 80s, you will find a separate space for needle record players. They are still among the most sought-after vintage device in the world for the people who love old music. The soothing music from timeless equipment is the best definition of a relaxing weekend.

Victrola Record Player was one of the most popular devices in the category. People passionate about music will appreciate it more than the latest products in the industry. Moreover, many more products, such as jukeboxes, gramophones, and vinyl players for different music generations.

PlayStation 2

Not the same level of graphics as the PS5, but PlayStation 2 is iconic in its own way. Sony sold over2.5 million copies of this successor of original PlayStation only in the debut quarter. We have spent countless hours on its amazing collection of games that includes GTA: Vice City. Metal Gear Solid 3, Final Fantasy X, and GTA San Andreas.

Nikon Cool Pix 995

A 3.34 megapixels camera with some great features was the ultimate selling point of the Nikon Cool Pix 995. It was introduced in 2001 after a lot of speculation from the photography world. The camera used films in the time when digital capabilities were prominent.


To sum up, the vintage gadgets are a great gift for the people as they bring more sentimental values and nostalgic feel. You can get them from auctions, local pawn shops, or some websites like eBay. It will worth every effort since the joy on there will make the price tag look very small.