10 types of DIY ideas to make your home refreshing

At one point in time, most of you must have experienced the feeling of looking around the home and no longer being satisfied by its decor. Maybe you now feel bored or outdated about your decor. Hence regardless of your reasons, with time you’ll feel ready to refresh your home with the latest trends and inspiring updates. By focusing on just a few key areas, and with the help of a few simple and easy decor, your home will feel refreshing. 

So are you ready to fall in love with your home again? Be sure to add the following 10 types of DIY ideas to make your home refreshing. DIY Decor is great as it allows you to fully enjoy every single step of it. With the help of our tips, you can maximize your style and can save on your expenses. Read on!

1. Install board and batten shutters

Board and batten shutters are remarkably quick and are very easy to install, yet they will give a transformative effect to any room. There are a plethora of shutter styles available but it’s hard to beat the board and batten shuttersfor its simplicity. Creating your own DIY project, shutters is one of the best ways to give your home a more minimal and quality designed look with low maintenance durability and saving your budget. 

2. Dress your windows up with black shutters

If you are looking to give your home a quick pop of curb appeal, then installing black shutters is one of the most cost-effective ways to go with. Placed beautifully, they can add an instant charm to your windows and whole exterior, while complementing your home style. Black type of house shutterswill work well on virtually every home. You can never go wrong with black shutters. Whether your house is too old or was built a few years back, a pair of black shutters will complement your house beautifully. 

3. Create a statement wall

Painting or wallpapering is a great way to change a room. But painting every wall may look like messing with dust sheets and wallpaper paste around. The signature wall idea makes one of the verticals stand out. Try to pick the most eye-catching patterns or bold colors. This should be limited to one wall, or a prominent area of the wall, and then see how a simple piece of decoration will make a talking point. 

Stylish tip: Not sure about what paint color or wallpaper design to choose. Why not try to make a statement with frames. 

4. Go creative with frames

This leads us nicely to our next idea. Are you all creative? Of Course, you will be. All are creative, one must have confidence. So art need not be the most expensive, nor does it mean that you need mastery skills to do it. You can make a collection of photos, stamps, baseball cards, or anything which makes you feel comfortable. Make it a family project and you will all add lots of laughter to a quick and creative design change. 

5. Go green

The most affordable way to refresh your home is by adding plants. These little plants will instantly change the atmosphere of the whole house. So embrace the go green technique and contribute a lot to your home sweet home decor. Be it a big indoor plant, hanging plant, faux plant, or succulents. They can boost your mood, improve your concentration and productivity, lower your stress levels, and will purify the air. They are a prime source of aesthetic beauty that adds life, texture, color to indoor spaces. 

6. Repaint your furniture

Upcycling has become a staple phenomenon worldwide and it’s easy to see why. It is the best way to create an eco-friendly house. Don’t worry about tiring furniture colors which you don’t love when you can work on weekends to change it beyond all recognition. Take care of a few little things like, sand, rub down, right paint type, and clean frequently what you are painting. It’s awesome what you can achieve if you are brave. The best part is if you don’t love it you can change it again.

7. Choose the right bulb

The most important impact on how we see things is the light by which we see them. Above we have discussed how window shutters help to improve the natural light in your space. But have you thought about artificial lighting? Colored light has a good impact on mood. Warm lights are ideal for evenings and bright lights are perfect for gloomy days. So you can go for a bright bulb in your bedroom and a collection of soft lamps dotted around the rooms for beautiful evenings. Fairy candles and lights also give a homely vibe when shutters help to keep the night out. It’s super easy to DIY, isn’t it?

8. Be careful with mirrors

Light means space, if you don’t have enough space in your home you can mimic the appearance of a larger space in the simplest way possible. Place a mirror on your wall, and you will find that light is reflecting in your room making it appear to grow. There are plenty of options available, like round, portrait, and full length. A Mirror hung on the wall makes the spaces look more impressive.

9. Update your window treatments with blinds

Another way to freshen up your space is to replace your window coverings. A well-placed window covering can give a dynamic view of your home. Blinds offer complete control of privacy and comfort, also allow you to control the level of light with ease. Ideal for spaces including bathrooms and kitchens, blinds give the perfect finishing touch and make a space feel warmer and more compact.

10. Go with soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are a great way to convey personal style. As trends change with time, so do our tastes and preferences. Therefore an easy DIY project to refresh a space is to switch up your everyday decorative items. Accessories like cushions, blankets, books, flower pots can be reorganized to make a new look. Instead of buying new things from outside, look to bring in pieces from another room which is more sustainable.


We hope this guide inspired you to get the best DIY ideas to make your home feel refreshing. These simple easy tips will give a new life to your home. 

The one DIY project we can help you with? Stunning black type of house shutters and board and batten shutters of course! Browse our collection of products and start customizing your home decor today! 


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