10 Tricky Cover Letter Tips [2022] for Job Seekers

The year 2021 is going to end and we are about to enter in 2022. And yet it is still a struggle for many of us to correctly write a cover letter for jobs. We understand how grim this process can get. That’s why we are here to rescue.

However, it is not necessary but it expands your chances of getting your desired job. It’s a bonus if you have some cover letter writing tips in your hands. The first thing to keep in mind is that not everyone avoids an introduction letter and it is read by recruiters. So if you are writing casually more than formally then stop doing that already.

How important is a cover letter?

All the tips and tricks aside, first off let’s see why it is so important to attach it with your resume. Just like everything has its essence, the main introduction is your CV’s essence. It is essential because you get to justify why the following job is important for your career and why you should get hired. Apart from that, you can introduce yourself better by writing a compelling letter. 

10 tricky cover letter tips!

In this article, we are going to discuss 10 best cover letter tips you should use to get rid of all the tension and anxiety of composing it.

Don’t be repetitive

There is a reason why you have the option for a letter of introduction. You should never restart everything you have already mentioned in your CV GULF. One thing that you should do is to expand things you said in your resume. The format of curriculum vitae is quite limited therefore you cannot mention everything in it but that’s not the case with cover letters. This is one of the basic resume and cover letter tips. 

Showcase your personality 

Even before you showcase your skills. Get your inner personality out. Because that is going to be visible anyway by your writing. So make sure you use the right words to describe who you are and what your goals and approaches are. 

Why you are good fit for the job

Now here’s the main thing. This is the first question you’ll be asked by a recruiter or anyone who will be interviewing you. You better know the answer because you won’t apply for a job anywhere just like that. So be honest with your statement. 

Find a direct contact 

Always address your cover letter directly to a recruiter or the person who is hiring. It may be time-consuming but it is not hard to find direct contact through LinkedIn or any other social networking site. It is always a plus point to get more information about the company and hiring desk. 

Compose a great opener 

Many people don’t pay attention to this part. You need to focus on your opening lines because someone who is checking out covers since morning, won’t be attracted to the same 4 lines he’s been reading. Be creative with it. Introduce yourself in a way that a person in front of you would like the conversation to keep going. 

Are you experienced enough?

You can mention your past work experiences here but we’d suggest don’t go crazy with it. Not every little detail is needed here, just relevant experiences. 

Watch your tone

Be ethical and keep your tone appropriate. You shouldn’t be cracking jokes here. Try to be decent and act mature. However, light humor won’t harm anyone but don’t be desperate for the job or say something you can’t keep afterward.

Keep it concise but well explanatory   

This is where most people get stuck. They know how to initiate a conversation but don’t know how to wrap it up and concise everything. Therefore; they end up sounding like someone who is not sure they are talking about. Your cover letter should always be around 300 to 330 words. 

Highlight your value

How important you can be to the company and how good you are at problem-solving is what we are talking about. Some people misunderstand this point and write anything that comes into their minds. Don’t write anything without thinking about it thoroughly.

What can you offer?

What can you offer that another candidate cannot? What are you bringing to the table? The answer is pretty simple but you are the only one who knows it correctly so take your time and think wisely before writing anything. 


Before wrapping it up, here’s the bonus tip. Save your cover letter format so it’s easier for the next time. Because you are not going to send the same cover letter to every company. We know many of us have done this before but none is error-free. You learn from your mistakes. These are some tricky but helpful LinkedIn tips [2022] for you to compose an appealing cover letter!