10 Travel Destinations to Add to Your Wish List

Traveling is a way to let you break the continuous routine cycle of your every day and have a relaxing time with family or friends. Traveling allows you to explore new places, enjoy new cuisines, meet new people, and experience different cultures. The world is a treasure trove, it has so much to see and enjoy. Travelling has now become easier with the air business that has become so easy and comfortable that planning a trip isn’t difficult anymore. Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard provides you with reliable options to travel with Cathy Airways around the world, anytime. Here are some destinations that you should add to your travel wish list and add to your experiences.


The city of love. The heart of France. You must have seen pictures full of love and romance and must have wondered to visit the place at least once in your life. Paris is a beautiful destination especially if you are planning to vacay with your loved one. French cuisine has a lavish class that a food-maniac would like to experience. You might have made French toast at your home but how about having one while sitting in France. Paris is the City of Lights and has so much to offer and relish.


Over-water bungalow… wow! That’s something like a dream and many of you would love to have a vacation around the natural suburbs, the beachy breeze, and the calm waters. Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and is a perfect destination to enjoy with friends and family. Tahiti offers a cultural travel experience in its ancient traditional temples and shops at its customary covered markets. Tahiti is also a primary spot for adventure sports like surfing and snorkeling. However, the best trip to Tahiti is incomplete without experiencing this paradise on a cruise. 


Bali can be said to be an Indonesian Paradise. It has a range of serene temples and adorable beeches, and also you can visit the famous Kintamani, which is home to an active volcano and a beautiful lake. However, Bali has become an attraction as a honeymoon spot and the new couples enjoy their time to the fullest in Bali. A trip to Bali can add to your adventures as it also has ice terraces and jungles, which you can visit on a scooter and enjoy.


If you are a history lover then nothing can be better than Rome for you to vacay. Rome is the center of ancient history and has a number of places to visit. The ancient heritage with museums, art galleries, churches, famous Colosseum to the Pantheon, and other beautiful historic remains catch the eye of the viewer and take them into the era of Hercules. Rome is considered the oldest city in the world, and you would love to see what our godfathers have left for us.


If there’s a city that gives a treat to your eyes, it has got to be Barcelona. The lanes of Barcelona give you a new perspective of architecture. Famous for La Barceloneta beach and Parc De La Ciutadella, Barcelona is a beautiful city. Mount Tibidabo, is a very famous tourist spot for travelers who want to see the city from above. Climbing above the mountain and seeing the beauty of the city elevates the experience of the viewer. Another excitement from Barcelona is its craziness for football, attracting football fans.


Istanbul is famous for its amalgam of modernism and history. Following back to the Greeks, Romans, Venetians, lastly the Ottomans, the city is enhanced with Byzantine places of worship and royal mosques. Ongoing many years have considered sharp spikes in the horizon to be exhibitions, historical centers, and tall office towers became close by the old. It offers cruising experiences and also has a delish meaty cuisine for its visitors.

Machu Picchu

It is also known as the lost city of the Incas. The place is not for the weak-hearted people and deals with several challenging activities, including a four-day hike along the Inca Trail. The beautiful sunrise view from the Peruvian site is so calming that it is to die for. But don’t worry if you’re not up for a tramp you can also enjoy the mountain base by taking the tourist train, which is a simpler route to the top. So, if you’re up for an adventure and have been longing for a trip, then Machu Picchu is the place for you.


The city is a youth-driven hub, tempting K-pop fans, and fashion experts with the potential of cultural activities, idol sightings, and shopping. However, don’t simply invest your energy perusing the shops and devouring quick bites; Seoul has a lot of legacy locales so that you could see. Sight-see its palaces in traditional hanbok and delve into dating markets for another piece of the puzzle.


Tokyo is a city for future lovers. Some people are intrigued by history, similarly, some people have a nag for future advancement. Tokyo is a city that defines what and how life would be in the next generations. The city is moving before time. Smart gadgets and accessible technology set high living standards in Tokyo. Yet among the neon signboards and flashy urban sprawl are patches of green and the spiritual lovers. Tokyo has kept its past deeply rooted within its traditions. Visit the Edo-styled streets of Yanezen and the serene Meiji Shrine.


Dubai is the easiest to travel spot in the whole world. Most of the connecting flights rest at Dubai airport where you have enough time to roam around in the city and enjoy it. Dubai is famous for its shopping malls and its huge buildings that touch the sky. Burj Khalifa is among the most famous buildings of the world. Dubai offers a safari dessert experience, zip-lining, sky-scraping, and much more to enjoy. Thus if not more, then at least quality time in Dubai should be definitely on your wish list.