10 tips & tricks that could prevent your home from pest infestation

Pests such as bugs, ants, termites and spiders can mete out severe damage to your property while they spread disease and infections. Your best way to get rid of them is to call in a pest control North York and contact BBPP, the best Bug and Pest Protection service nearby.  Before you go on with the decision and book the pest control service you could try out the following 10 tips and tricks that could drive them away and keep your house rid of them and disease free.

  1. Keep your kitchen clean
    Keep kitchen clean because pests prosper under dirty and damp conditions. Clean kitchen counters, cooking top, racks and cabinets to avoid pest infestation. Use disinfectant cleaner regularly to wipe them. Do not litter food particles on the kitchen as it will attract them more.
  2. Clean your bathroom regularly
    Pest control tips and tricks are usually not applied for bathrooms but the same rules as above are applicable to them. Bathrooms must be cleaned and kept dry all the time. Toilet pots must be cleaned everyday with a cleaning agent and sink once or twice a week. Shower curtains must be free of moss nd dry. Drains should not be clogged with soap or hair particles.
  3. Drain water completely
    Do not allow water to stand on surfaces as it is likely to breed pests like mosquitoes. Empty buckets of water when not in use and also empty water collected under air conditioning units. Do not allow stagnant water near your house, because they could house and breed pests.
  4. Make garbage disposal regular
    Dispose garbage quickly or bugs will come in hordes to eat them. Rats and rodents are attracted to indisposed garbage and rotten foods and leftovers are great attractions to them.
  5. Do not leave fruits in the open
    Flies and insects could be attracted to rotten fruits and vegetables. Do not keep sliced or ripe fruits in the open for long time as it will attract pests.
  6. Fill holes and pits in the garden
    Maintain your garden properly and get rid of holes and pits. Fill them with sand or soil and prevent rodents from taking refuge in them. do not allow wild growth of bush and do not allow water to stay in pond or fountain for long time.
  7. Install mesh on windows
    Dense wire mesh or net should be fixed on the windows to prevent insects, flies, mosquitoes and other pests to come in. if you have a broken window replace the pane immediately.
  8. Do not bring outdoor items indoor
    You may have items like bicycles, shoes, buckets, furniture and play equipment outdoors. Do not bring them indoor as they are likely to bring in pests and store them in basement or garage.
  9. Don’t keep unused items for long
    Keeping old cloths, boxes, package materials, damaged luggage, plastic bags and others in your house would give way to pests infecting them and breeding. Declutter home periodically to have a clean house that offers no asylum to pests and throw away items that you need no more
  10. Contract professional pest control
    All the above mentioned preventive measures could only help reduce the volume and size of pest population in home, but not exterminate them completely. You should contact pest control North York and contact BBPP, the best Bug and Pest Protection, to do away with pests permanently.