10 tips to take advantage of content marketing

As each year passes it becomes more and more difficult to reach our target audience organically through digital strategies. If you have some budget set aside for online advertising, you will no doubt want to ensure you are getting value for money and bang for buck all while keeping within your allocated budget. After researching recent content marketing trends, here are my top ten essential tips to ensure that you get the most out of your digital spend.

Your previous content on social networks can be a great guide for future decision making.

The age old saying of reinventing the wheel applies when it comes to your social media marketing. BY carefully reviewing any existing social campaigns, you can identify the promotions with the most interaction and use those as a base to start with.

Let your customers be the decision makers. 

A great strategy is to create content based on consumer feedback towards your company or brand. Use your mailing list to your advantage and generate a questionnaire of topics that you think are relevant to your ideal audience, this will help you narrow down topics ensuring they are more relevant when creating your content. Consider offering an incentive to clients that provide you with feedback.

Approach the issues of the moment with care. 

In our fast-paced world trends come and go in the blink of an eye, so keeping abreast and identifying trending topics quickly are a must. Identify relevant topics to your industry and when you have the opportunity, address them. Consider using the trending topics of the day on Twitter; but act fast as no doubt they will not be around for long.

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Eye-catching titles. 

Ensure that you use visual hierarchy when producing key content, the majority of users want the fast and simple information, easy for the eye to scan and decide if this content is something that are interested in. The success of media outlets like Buzz Feed are testament to this.

Take advantage of technology trends. 

Believe it or not many large companies now embrace the use of applications that creates effects, such as adding filters, making collages, or some even change your voice. These filters are hugely popular and reach a large percentage of the younger market so why not take advantage of them and to make sure your brand stands out.


Originality shouldnever be underestimated; it is a fundamental component for any content marketing strategy. Stealing intellectual property (IP) will not only prevent your company’s website from ranking well with search engines it will also hugely damage the image and credibility of your business.

Do not be afraid to reinvent and embrace new techniques in your content marketing strategy.

There is a saying, who dares wins, so we cannot stress enough how important it is to stay up to date with trends and have the courage to constantly reinvent your content. If you find something is not working, then modify it, pinpoint what does and does not work for your business and keep up to date with new techniques.

Analyze your content marketing strategy

Analyze your content marketingstrategy and reinforce the techniques that are working for you and then reformulate those that are playing against the quality of your outputs, if it is not possible, then eliminate the method that does not work from your strategy. One of the most effective ways to analyze your content marketing strategy is through social networksand the interactions of followers with your company’s profile on social media, for this reason you should pay special attention to comments, likes, private messages and posts shared on social platforms.

Be organized and plan your content in advance.

By planning in advance, you can avoid common errors such as poorly written and grammatical errors generated by the rush to write or create content at the last minute, the best thing is always to work freely so that your creativity emerges and is reflected in all the publications that your brand puts out.