10 Tips to Remove Bad Odors at Home

Bad Odor in House

It is normal that in some occasions the bad smells accumulate in our home, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom. When the cold starts, we close the doors and windows causing a musty and musty smell to be generated. Do not worry, there are many tips to get rid of bad odors at home, from Limpiezas Express we bring 10 tips to eliminate bad odors from your home. Remember that the good atmosphere in our house is as important as the decoration.


Remove the Bad Smell in the Kitchen


Bad Smell in the Fridge

Inside Refrigerator

Not knowing how to clean a refrigerator properly can cause a bad smell in the kitchen, the first thing is always to clean it regularly. If you clean it this way and there is still a bad smell in your kitchen, the solution is to put a box of baking soda on the back of one of the shelves in the refrigerator. It also serves to put it in the freezer. If the smell still lingers, an activated carbon compound is the solution. It can be obtained at some home stores.


Bad Smell in the Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal in your home, sometimes it may happen that some bad smell accumulates in the sink because there is food debris inside. You can solve this problem by pouring white vinegar in the sink. If white vinegar is not enough, another option is oxygen bleach.


Remove Bad Smell from the Garbage Can

Bad Smell in Garbage Can

Empty your trash can regularly, even if it is not completely full. If the smell still persists even with a new bag, clean the bucket inside and out with a disinfectant. You can also spray the garbage can with white vinegar, letting it sit for a few minutes to absorb the smell.


Bad Smell in the Microwave

Bad Smell in Microwave

Being an appliance that we use constantly tends to accumulate odors and get dirty. Cleaning a microwave and removing bad smells is simple. Heating a bowl with water and half a lemon at maximum power around 4 minutes will cause the steam to be distributed throughout the microwave and the embedded food will soften. Then use a cloth to peel off and clean the dirt.


Remove Bad Smell in the House


Remove the Smell of Tobacco at Home

Tobacco Smell

The smell of the cigarette can stay a long time in the fibers of the carpet and upholstery, even when the smoke has dissipated. A trick to eliminate it is to spread a little baking soda over the affected area, letting it rest for a few hours. After vacuuming with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter, this is very important, you have to clean efficiently with the vacuum all small particles that can be deposited on the carpet.


Remove the Smell of Pets at Home

Remove pet Odor at home

We know that cleaning a house with pets can be expensive and, sometimes, the incorrect cleaning of a house with pets can bring something as undesirable as the bad smell. Ventilate the furniture or put them in the sun for a few hours can be used to eliminate these odors in a house with pets but not in a total way. An integral solution to this problem would be to ask for a budget for a thorough cleaning and the subsequent hiring of a professional cleaning team with more than 10 years of experience.


Remove Odor in Moldy Drawers

Remove Odor From Drawer

It may sound a bit repetitive but sodium bicarbonate is one of the best ways to eliminate household odors and, in this case, from your drawers. Sprinkle some baking soda, let it rest for a few hours and then vacuum it with a HEPA filter vacuum would be the best option.


Remove the Smell in the Bathroom

Remove bathroom Smell

In cool and humid places like the bathroom the formation of mold. Efficient cleaning of the bathroom helps fight bad odors but there are other complementary solutions to keep out mold in your bathroom. First of all, a good exhaust fan helps a lot, especially with the steam in the shower. If you do not have or cannot install one it helps to move the air with a swinging fan or by opening the windows. A dehumidifier also helps to get rid of a large amount of moisture.


Smell Closed at Home

Closed Home Smell

Something that usually happens when we have spent a long period away from home is an intense closed smell in your home. To eliminate this smell, immerse one or several sponges in water and leave them in a container such as a cup or a plate. Little by little they will absorb the smell. In addition, open doors and windows, we also recommend using an air freshener to keep your house smelling good for a long period of time.


Remove the Smell of Paint

Remove Paint Smell

If you are going to paint a room in your house, pour a vanilla essence into the paint so that the smell is slightly attenuated. If you have already painted the rooms some coffee beans will help remove the smell of paint.


The snuff apart from its bad smell, leaves yellowish spots everywhere, learns to remove these unsightly nicotine spots once and for all. You will hallucinate with the result!


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