10 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

The online world has a lot of moving parts, both good and bad. There are a lot of stories of predators who prey on kids. Therefore, you need to do everything to keep your child safe. Here are the top 10 tips to keep your kids safe.

1.    Ensure your child doesn’t hand out their personal information such as their phone number, address, work address or phone number without your permission.

2.    Urge your kids to inform you immediately if they come across something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

3.    Your kids must not meet someone they met online without checking with you first. If you agree to the meeting, make sure your kids meet these people in a public place and bring along a guardian.

4.    Make sure your kids talk to you before posting pictures of themselves or other people online. Also, they should not post any pictures that may be inappropriate.

5.    Your kids should not respond to any messages that are mean or make them feel uncomfortable. They may not be able to control all the messages they receive but if they do so, they should inform you immediately.

6.    Come up with rules pertaining to when your kids go online using a smartphone. You need to decide what time of day they will be online and how long they will stay online. Additionally, set up parental controls to determine what sites your child will visit when online. They should not access other restricted areas or break parental controls without your permission.

7.    Make sure your kids don’t give out their passwords, even to their best friends. You should be the only person with their passwords.

8.    Your kids should always check with you before downloading or installing software and ensure that they are using safe sites for gaming like Doing anything that can jeopardize the computer or smartphone is wrong so you need to warn them about it.

9.    Make sure that your children are good online citizens and avoid doing anything that may hurt other people since it’s against the law.

10.    Your kids will teach you how to have fun and learn new things online. Additionally, they can teach you more about computers, the internet and technology so you are aware of anything new that may pop up.

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