10 Tips To Become The Best Airforce Pilot In Canada

Becoming the best airforce pilot in Canada takes time, dedication and courage. Many pilot who love flying don’t get to have time to meet there families and friends. A pilot main responsibility is to ensure that our country is safe. Whether there is a suspicious attack, rescue missions or even state of emergency like war. Airforce pilots help army and navy to have enough equipment’s to be fully prepared for different missions. Airforce also helps out soldiers across the Country or even work with our allies to come home safely to meet there families and friends. Airforce pilot’s life is extremely difficult, but it is highly rewarding. Here are the 10 tips to become the best airforce pilot and get started because if you choose this career, it will help you alot.

10. Apply to become an airforce pilot

Applying to become an airforce pilot takes a lot of time and effort. The requirements to become an airforce pilot are math and physics and experience in flying. If you don’t have any of those then your chances to become an airforce pilot is not high. Before applying, you must think that why you want to become a pilot. Is it because of flying or going around the world or even saving lives or protecting your own country. Apply online and you have to go through the painful process. Trust me it’s get harder than this. Here is an example of how to apply in the airforce from the USA AirForce academy. Here is the video of the airforce selection center.

9. Ace the airforce aptitude test

After applying, you will get a recruiter telling you to take the test. The first thing is to learn that it’s gets harder than this. Aptitude test is one of those things that it has random questions. So you better study for it. It’s something that people don’t realize where there going to end up at. So back to the aptitude test, the test mainly be randomized questions of math, english and visualization like shapes and other. You got to learn and start from the beginning. Always know that it’s not going to be easy and life isn’t fair.

7. Ace the airforce fitness test

After you have passed your aptitude test. You will do your fitness test. They call it the military fitness test. You have to do 20 kilograms of sandbag lift, 20 meters of shuttle run with 20 kilograms of sandbag and back without sandbag. You have to do that 10 times in total. Which is 5 times for 20 kilograms of sandbag to walk 20 meters and run 20 meters without sandbag.

8. Make sure you pass the airforce medical exam

After successfully completing the aptitude test, you will have to the airforce medical exam and it’s one of those things that people fail and it’s literally tough. During your medical exam, you will be checked of 3 components which are the eye exam, this consists ofcolor blind test which will show if your color blind or your not. During the eye exam, you will be tested various tests and it will be tough because airforce needs good pilots who can see far away. Next is the blood pressure and heart rate, medical examiners check if your healthy enough to become a pilot and it’s one of those things that many people pass. Finally you have the hearing test, in which it consists of checking ear by sounds, spelling and many more.

6. Focus on the airforce interview

After successfully completing the medical exam. You will go for an interview. Here is a video below of an interview that you will go through. It’s basically the same process. But it will if you the idea.

Questions to Ask a Recruiter

5. Pass the airforce pilot exam

Now after your successfully completed the interview, you will go through theairforce pilot exam. It’s going to be tough and insane.

Airforce Pilot Exam

4. Do the airforce military field training

This field training is very similar of what you will be doing in the future. Here is a video of the field training.

Military field training

3. Focus on learning flying techniques

There are so many flying techniques but you will learn when you get there. Here is a video of the plane takeoff

2. Fly a real life simulator

Fly in a real life flight simulator. Here is the video of it:

Flight Simulator

1. Now you can start flying

Enjoy flying because all that hard work pays off and it’s worth flying

Airforce Pilot

In conclusion, life isn’t easy when becoming a pilot. It takes dedication, courage, determination to become one of the best pilots in the world. A pilot’s duty is to make sure that were are safe in the air, whether there we need to transport equipment’s and food or even go on the state of emergency to protect people. It is an honor to become a pilot. A pilot’s first dream is to fly a plane or a helicopter. That’s what they love doing. You got to love of what your doing. Even though you dont become a pilot. It doesn’t mean you can’t become one. It is extremely hard and it takes time. I hope you love this article. Please share my article and website:MianAirforce
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