10 Tips On Giving YourSelf A Salon-Quality Nail Treatment At Home

Planning on a little pampering session tonight and you want to make sure you go through the distance and do it right? Well, you have come to just the right place! We are here to give you all the extra tips and details you need to give yourself a salon-quality nail treatment at home which is sure to give your nails the attention and care they deserve!

1: First and foremost, always make sure that your nails are clean and free of dirt. If you fail to keep good hygiene, bacteria and dirt can accumulate under your nails which can cause a variety of nail issues such as fungal and bacterial infections. Also make sure to clean your nail products such as clippers, trimmers and nail filers before every use. It is also advisable that you don’t share these products with anyone else, rather keep them for your personal use only. 

2: Constant use of nail products such as nail polishes can make the nails dry out and make them brittle. Apply a drop of cuticle oil on each nail every night and thoroughly rub it in, not only will this nourish your nails but it will also prevent the nail colour from chipping as well. You can easily find cuticle oil in any good store if you happen to be residing in Orlando, star nail supply, is the place to go! They have a large variety of nail supply products that will make any nail care enthusiast feel like in they are in a nails supply heaven. 

3: Trimming your nails regularly is as important as trimming your hair. Trimming and buffing make sure that your nails grow properly and this also prevents nails from breaking easily. 

4: Using a base coat is prudent before you put on any nail polish or nail colour. This prevents staining or discolouring your natural nails. It also makes the topcoat pop out even more. You can easily find a good base coat in star nail supply Orlando

5: Wait at least a minute after you apply each coat of nail polish. This will ensure that the solvents present in the mixture fully evaporate or else the nail polish won’t set and if you apply several coats, the nail polish will chip easily. 

6: It is ideal to apply at least 2 or even 3 thin coats of nail polish instead of one thick one. Not only will this step make your nail polish dry easily but also prevent it from peeling off.

7: If you plan on using a nail product that needs to stick to your natural nails then it is prudent that you using rubbing alcohol to clean your nails and wipe of an oils or moisture that might prevent the nail products like nail colors or fake nails from sticking properly.

8: Never scrap of your nail polish or fake nails. Instead invest in good quality nail polish removers, not only will this make nail polish and fake nails removal much easier and less painful but it is also beneficial for you natural nails in the long run. Scrapping is very harmful to your natural nails and will make them weak and brittle. 

9: Cut your nails evenly. This is a pro tip and prevents the growth of in grown nails. Always try to cut your nails even and give them a round shape on the edges.

10: Finally the most important tip of all, eat healthy and well! If you eat healthy foods your nails will become strong from within and grow healthier. Eating foods rich in vitamin E, protein, iron, vitamin D as well as Magnesium will aid in your nails grow stronger. 

Well, there you have it! Our top 10 tips on how to give yourself a salon-quality nail treatment at home. These tips work for both your finger and toe nails. You might not see results in a single day, but if you make these tips as part of your daily routine you are sure to see the improvement in your nails pretty soon!