10 Tips on Building Instagram Marketing Plans for Small Businesses

Instagram’s marketing strategy has allowed businesses to expand by gaining many followers. The platform enjoys more than one billion active users. You can take advantage of the huge number to grow your business reach.

Additionally, Instagram has a large number of influencers with many followers. So, you never know. You might become an influential brand, too, but only if you have the right Instagram marketing plans in place.

Here are 10 tips that can help you become a leading Instagram brand.

1. Create an Eye-Catching Instagram Profile, Then Optimize Your Posts

How do you want your audience to get to know you? Start by creating an eye-catching Instagram profile and ensure your bio is optimized for the sake of your brand and target audience. Your Instagram posts should be all about your brand and nothing else.

Avoid being too formal with your posts, be social and friendly. This is the only way you’ll win your audience’s attention. Ensure your posts are interesting and informative at all times.

To get more followers, use your bio to hook your audience. Your bio needs to enhance the value and content of your followers. Remember that your bio is the only place to add a clickable link, for your website.

2. Take Advantage of Free Instagram Marketing Tools

Go ahead and use free Instagram marketing tools to your advantage. Wondering how to do this? If you’ve ever used Facebook business profiles in your strategy, then that’s the same with Instagram business profiles.

Use insights to view statistics such as impressions and data engagement. These free marketing tools help you break down your followers’ demographics, including their location, age, and most active hours. Also, note that insights aren’t generalized.

This means that some insights can show you a week ago posts that indicate how many impressions you got for that period and your top posts. There is no price to pay for these tools, which means they can help you learn how exactly users interact with your content.

Understanding how users interact with your content enables you to adjust and improve your engagement. You’ll only grab the attention of users by posting a product that is teasing.

3. Incorporate Product Teasers in Your Instagram Marketing Plans

Generate more sales by posting product teasers on your Instagram. You have to play your cards right by not annoying or scaring off your users when advertising.

Followers don’t love pushy people, so if you’re one, then be ready to drop your followers at first sight. Fortunately, you can relieve that pressure by using teaser posts. Product teaser posts enable you to talk about your brand and increase the excitement without portraying your struggle.

When you see people drawing interest in your products, try to tease them and push them to buy anything. By teasing them, you’ll pull their trigger, prompting them to buy something. If they don’t buy, they’ll at least engage in your post by liking, sharing, and commenting on it.

The engagement alone is enough to divert traffic to your business, making you gain a new audience. So you don’t have to stop showing off your products through postings.

4. Know Your Audience and Involve Them in Your Instagram Marketing Plans

Many people indeed spend their time on social media, but not everyone knows how to use Instagram. So know your target audience before you can start your social media marketing with Instagram. A little preliminary research will come a long way to help you identify your targeted audience.

At this point, you’ll need the help of Instagram demographics. The demographics will help you locate your audience according to their age, location, and how frequent they’re on Instagram. Of course, most active people on Instagram are between 18 to 29 years.

Urban dwellers use Instagram more than their suburban counterparts. However, you shouldn’t only use Instagram to try to reach urban residents and Gen Z only. Instead, try to define your target market to create content that directly addresses that audience.

This will be crucial when it comes to choosing target options for your Instagram ads. Make sure you know the buying behaviors of your target audience. How often does your demographic access Instagram daily, weekly, and monthly?

Also, know the times of the year that your target audience engages in purchasing your product. This will allow you to make more critical decisions before involving yourself with Instagram marketing tools.

5. Maintain a Good Relationships With Your Audience

After defining and reaching your target audience, ensure you grow your relationships by engaging them more often. Find out what is unique with your brand that attracts your target audience.  After finding out that important feature, reflect it in your Instagram feed.

One simple mistake of compromising the quality of your posts and messages can land you into trouble. Your conversations should be based on shared values and visions to bring your audience closer. Ensure you respond to every comment on your posts and anything that mentions you on Instagram.

Don’t make your other social media platforms; your website and blog become dormant but promote them often. Make your followers share your post by offering them incentives.

Stay updated with new Instagram search features. Instagram searches no longer depend on hashtags. The new kid on the Instagram block is the keyword, and you must ensure you pick popular keywords in your niche and include them in your content.

6. Use the Right Profile Photo

Even though Instagram users are mostly teenagers, they still value credibility as much as older people do. So do yourself a favor by choosing the right profile photo to avoid the embarrassment of not getting followers. Instagram profile photo should be your brand logo.

This will provide you with credibility and allow visitors to see the real you. While uploading your profile photo, remember that Instagram will likely change the display of your picture. Upload a file that is a bit large to make it look good.

7. Your Visual Content Needs to Be Compelling

Your posts need to look great because Instagram is a visual medium. There is no need to acquire professional photography equipment. All you have to do is ensure your photos and videos look sharp, well-composed, well-lit, and in focus.

If you decide to use images, ensure they’re clear, easy-to-read, and eye-catching. More importantly, you need to have compelling visual content. You can only engage your followers by showing great photos that can tell a story.

You can extend your reach by using compelling content because people will be inspired to share your newsfeed posts to their stories. So when thinking about how to use Instagram to market your business, focus on creating shareable content and not just a quick like.

8. Include Gift Card Sticker and Button in Your Instagram Marketing

Sell digital gift cards directly from your Instagram profile. Driving sales with Instagram stickers is the perfect way to create a good relationship with your fans. This also enables your fans to support you during your difficult times.

You can add a gift card button just like any other call-to-action button. If you want your story to have a gift card sticker, select a photo for your story and then add the sticker. If the gift card doesn’t appear in your sticker tray, search gift cards, and they will show up.

9. Stretch Your Reach by Partnering With Influencers

You can easily reach your potential customers on your Instagram through influencers. Many people will buy based on what they see influential people are following. This is because they trust them.

You can also partner with the right industry influencer to make those users know your brand. All you need to do is to identify a few influencers with an audience that relates to your brand. An influencer will help you build your credibility and expose your product to a new audience.

Another way to get influencer marketing is to host an Instagram takeover. You’ll have to invite an influencer to take over your Instagram account for a set period as you gain new leads plus an audience.

10.  Analyze the Response and the Success of Your Content

It doesn’t matter how good you’re at Instagram marketing; you always have a chance to improve. And the best way to become better is by learning what you already have. Study all the information available in Instagram insights.

Instagram has all the analytics that will help you improve the performance of your content. With Instagram analytics, you can review the gender, age groups, and demographics of your viewers. You can also learn the times and days of the week when you’re getting the most play.

Adopt the Right Strategy and Grow Your Instagram Reach

Creating effective Instagram marketing plans takes time. But don’t always give up because if you do, your competitors will take over. With the changing news feed algorithm in social media platforms, you need to stay updated most of the time.

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