10 Tips for Running a Healthcare Practice Successfully

More than 200,000 primary care physicians are working across the US. Each of these doctors is dedicated to delivering excellent care to their patients and demand for this care is high! 

In fact, every year healthcare practices across the country receive more than 880 million visits. Running a successful healthcare practice will ensure that you can meet this demand and deliver high-quality care.

But where to start? A lot of things can affect the efficiency and success of a medical practitioner’s office. Staying on top of each of these areas can be a real challenge.

In that case, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out our ten top tips for running a practice successfully.

  1. Get Your Scheduling System in Order

Anyone who works in a doctors’ office will tell you the workload is constant. Patients will phone you from the moment you open to the moment you close for the day. 

This is why staying on top of your scheduling system is vital. Establishing a system that works and is easy to navigate is one of the first things you should do. Once this is up and running it will make the everyday running of your practice much simpler.

  1. Invest in Management Software

Practice management software is a great way to stay on top of your scheduling system. This lets you automate the technological side of your medical practice.

It will help you stay on top of: 

  • Scheduling 
  • Patient records and prescription requests
  • Paperwork deadlines
  • Time management
  • Practice inquiries

This means that your practice staff will have more time to focus on other tasks saving you both time and money.

  1. Focus on Your Patients’ Needs

Health care is all about the patients and meeting their needs. However, this doesn’t just mean taking care of patients’ medical needs. Quality care covers their entire experience with your practice including: 

  • Ease of communication with your practice 
  • Comfort on practice visits 
  • How long patients have to wait to see a physician
  • Quality of treatment from physicians

Paying attention to all of these different areas will vastly improve the quality of treatment that you offer your patients.

  1. Encourage Productivity in Your Staff

Your staff plays a major role in running an efficient and friendly medical practice. Investing in their training and happiness is incredibly important.

Staff who are happy are 13% more productive than unhappy team members. So keeping them happy and comfortable will ensure that your practice runs efficiently. This is why creating a positive working environment is vital.

You should ensure good communication between all staff within your practice. It is also important to listen and offer support to your staff where necessary.

  1. Create Employee Incentive Schemes

Offering incentives is another way to keep your staff engaged and focused on delivering quality service. There are plenty of types of incentives you might want to offer your staff such as:

  • New training opportunities 
  • Promotions
  • Monthly or annual bonuses
  • Salary reviews to reflect work fairly

These sorts of incentives all help to remind your staff that their performance is important to you. Feeling important in their workplace can also be incredibly empowering and motivational for your team.

  1. Delegate Effectively 

Whether you’re working in general practice or urgent care, delegation is a vital part of any medical practice. Again, this doesn’t just cover your appointments with patients.

Delegation among well-trained staff ensures that everyone can perform their jobs efficiently.

When delegating it is a good idea to check in with everyone on your team about how they are managing their workloads. This encourages communication and helps you spot any issues quickly.

  1. Bring in Mid-Level Health Providers

When setting up a medical practice, a lot of people focus on keeping staff numbers small to save money. However, an over-worked, small staff can cost you a lot in productivity.

This is why it’s a good idea to bring in mid-level health providers to support your staff. These practitioners can administer vaccines and carry out routine clinical check-ins. This gives you time to see more patients throughout the day. 

Similarly, it is worth bringing in trained administrative staff, such as an accountant, in for specific jobs. This gives your admin team more time to focus on their general workload.

  1. Form Clinical Groups

Only 16.5% of medical practices across America only include one office. However, opening and managing multiple practices is a lot of work. This is why some practices form clinical groups with other offices. 

This provides better access to resources and creates a stronger infrastructure for your practice. Being part of a clinical group can also make it easier to negotiate on things like health insurance.

  1. Consider Your Marketing Options

Running a brilliant medical practice is all well and good but if you want it to succeed you need patients. This is why advertising your practice is important. 

Your clinic must offer an easy-to-navigate website. Registering your clinic in ‘Google my Business’ will also ensure you appear higher up in search results. 

For a wider-reaching marketing campaign, it is worth creating social media pages for your practice. These will also help you communicate with your existing patients easily.

  1. Ask for Feedback

If you want to know what is (or isn’t) working, the best thing to do is to ask. Getting feedback from your patients and staff is a great way to highlight any problems in your practice. 

To get honest opinions, it is a good idea to let your staff and patients give feedback anonymously. You could ask them to rate certain aspects of your practice out of five to get quick feedback. Then you can invite them to discuss their issues or suggestions in more detail. 

It is a good idea to review this feedback regularly. This can help you find simple solutions to everyday issues within your practice.

Make the Most of Your Healthcare Practice Today

When it comes to running a successful healthcare practice, there are plenty of things you can do to bring yours up to scratch. Finding the balance between supporting staff, managing admin, and impressing patients is key.

These top ten tips will help you support your staff and deliver top-quality treatment for your patients. So what are you waiting for?

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