10 Tips For a Better Business Security System

Would you believe that 54% of small businesses consider themselves too small for cyber-attacks?

This is one of the major reasons why over 90% of small businesses don’t have cyber liability insurance. The thing is, though, 43% of all cyber attacks target small businesses, and cybercrime costs small and medium businesses an eye-watering $2.2 million annually.

As worrying as these figures are, cybersecurity is not the only security aspect of your business you should be worried about as there’s business security as well. Every business that has a brick-and-mortar store or office must be worried about their overall security system. Theft and robbery are a major concern for business owners because the aftermath can be detrimental to the survival of a business.

Keeping your business safe and secure at all times should be among your top priorities. The question is, how do you achieve this goal? Well, in this post, we’ll guide you through all the security measures you need to take to protect your business and have a working security system.

  1. Install Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms for Home and Business, also known as burglar alarms, are some of the most effective security measures you should put in place. They are a great way to prevent the risks associated with theft and intrusion. This is a simple solution, but it’s quite productive for any kind of business to assure the safety of all workers and all assets.

Even better, these systems can reduce your insurance premiums. Your insurance company will see you have taken measures to minimize any chances of filing a claim by upgrading your business security.

You can have the alarms monitored and have them provide police response as soon as they go off. Even better, you can have the security system connected to a mobile app. This will give you access and complete visibility of when, how, and who activated the alarms.

  1. Install Surveillance Cameras

CCTV cameras have proven to deter intruders, making it imperative for any business premises to install them in the most suitable areas. One of the best things about surveillance cameras, like spy cameras, is that you can either make them conspicuous or inconspicuous.

Having large and visible security cameras outside and inside the premises serves to inform people with nefarious intentions that if they dare intrude, they will be caught immediately. The problem with these cameras is that the intruders may plan ahead and destroy them prior to the intrusion.

This leaves you with inconspicuous cameras, like spy cameras, that will be well hidden where no one can see them. If your budget allows it, having both guarantees more security. Even when intruders destroy the larger cameras, they will have no idea they are still being recorded.

  1. Invest in Sufficient Lighting

Sufficient lighting is essential because it makes it hard for intruders and burglars to find a safe hiding place. A well-lit property will also attract more attention from people, so intruders may be wary of being seen. Employees will also feel safer and secure, especially during those winter days that can be quite gloomy and scary.

  1. Hire Security personnel

Security guards may seem unnecessary for most, but the truth is, they can minimize the chances of intrusion significantly and enhance your business security. You see, trained security guards will monitor all the on-goings of the property.

This will dampen any malicious intentions from potential intruders. Once they learn that you have trained personnel monitoring every movement that takes place on the premises, it’s highly unlikely they will continue with their plans.

Security personnel will also conduct a regular property inspection. If any security measures you put in place get damaged, it could compromise safety. However, when you inspect the premises every once in a while, you get to catch any broken fences, damaged alarms, or any manipulations.

  1. Have an Emergency Plan

Unfortunately, as ready as you might be, business security breaches still happen, and you could find yourself in a fix. In the event that it happens, you should be ready with an emergency plan that your employees and staff should follow. If you can install security grilles and panic buttons around high-risk areas for extra security, even better.

  1. Access Control Systems

An access control system can be indispensable to your company because it comes with numerous benefits. To begin with, neither you nor your staff will have to worry about lost keys or cloned keys that could present a high threat. You’ll get to know who is on your premises when and have audit trails of everyone that steps into sensitive areas.

You can reduce accidents and incidents by limiting access to certain areas and only allowing those with sufficient training. Even better, you can reduce the internal theft of both assets and information because employees can also turn against you.

  1. Invest in Data Security

Protecting your business data and ensuring that your data systems are impenetrable as another matter altogether. In the first half of 2019 alone, data breaches exposed over 4 billion records. Small businesses are extremely attractive to hackers, but all kinds of businesses need to ensure optimum protection.

Your cybersecurity system needs to be high enough to discourage hackers from even trying. Train all your employees on security principles to establish a secure network.

Provide a firewall for your internet connection, and ensure you backup all your information, data, and documents. Secure your Wi-Fi network, ensure you have a mobile device action plan, and that all passwords are secure.

  1. Shred and Wipe Documents Before Disposal

Shredding documents before disposing of them is utterly important. Apart from paper documents, you also need to ensure that all digital data is erased completely before you discard hard drives and disks.

Make sure that if anyone got their hands on them, it would be impossible to recover any information. Shredded documents can also be sent for recycling, which will completely obliterate any chances of recovery.

  1. Make Use of a Safe

Having a safe in the premises where you store valuables and cash is a smart idea. This will increase your security level. If you can get a safe with a time-lock, which essentially unlocks minutes or hours after the combination has been neutered, even better.

The thing is, if an intruder gets a hold of the safe, they will also have to wait for that time-lapse before the safe opens. If they realize they will waste time and potentially get caught, they’ll leave without the valuables.

  1. Get a Security Audit

Getting a security audit is detrimental to your business security for an excellent reason. A security audit will catch all your weaknesses, and you’ll get to know exactly what to upgrade or what to add to your security system.

If possible, you can also have a hacker try to penetrate your system. You’ll learn how safe your cybersecurity is, and what you can do to close up all the loops the hacker finds.

Business Security: Everything You Need to Know

This is everything you need to ensure your business security and safety. There is so much that you need to take care of, but once you follow all these tips and ensure you cover all your bases. You’ll minimize any chances of any kind of breach.

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