10 Things to Know Before Adopting a Pet Bird

Everyone has their own reasons for adopting a pet bird. Some people want to experience the joy of having a pet without any responsibility or commitment, while others are looking for an outlet for feeling empathetic and compassionate. Whatever your reason, there are some basic things to know before you adopt one of these beautiful birds

1. Expect Noise

Pet birds are extremely vocal, and they can be quite loud. If you’re not used to the sound of a bird chirping or whistling, you may find it to be quite overwhelming at first. So if you want a bird, you’ll have to accept the noise in your space.

2. Never Smoke in the House

Birds are very sensitive to smoke and other toxins in the air, so it’s important to never smoke in the house if you have a bird. Secondhand smoke can be deadly to birds.

3. Get Rid of Unsafe Cookware

Some bird species love to chew on non-nutritive objects, such as plastic cups, paper clips and spoons. Unfortunately, these items can be potential choking hazards or blockages for a small parrot. You’ll have to be sure to get rid of any plastic cups or cooking utensils that your bird could potentially ingest

4. Plan on Waking Up Early

Pet birds are often up and about before their human guardians, so you’ll likely have to get up early to enjoy some time with your bird.

5. Watch What You Wear

Birds can be quite curious, and they’ll often try to explore their surroundings by peeking under clothing. It’s best to take off jewelry and any clothing with sequins or other shiny features that a bird could find interesting.

6. Be Prepared For a Mess

Birds are messy eaters, and they can also be quite playful. So you’ll likely have to deal with some messes along the way. Birds like parrots chew up their food and throw them all over their cages so be prepared for that.

7. Have Some Budget

Birds require special food, toys, and specialised avian vet care. And these are just some of the basic things you’ll have to be willing to invest in for your pet bird.

8. Remove Toxic Houseplants

Certain houseplants are toxic to birds. So if you plan on having any plants in the same room as your bird, be sure to remove anything that could potentially harm them.

9. Say Goodbye to Candles and Air Fresheners

Unlike humans, birds have a very sensitive sense of smell. So any candles or air fresheners in the house could potentially bother your bird.

10. Don’t Assume Your Bird Will Be a Social Butterfly

Birds can be quite shy, so if you want a bird that will always be social, you may have to work on training them to become more confident. Eventually, most birds will come out of their shells, especially to someone who provides them with shelter, food and care.