10 Things to Keep In Mind If You Are Considering A Hair Transplant


Be it men or women everyone faces the challenge of hair thinning and hair loss at some point of time in their lives. But when this problem goes out of hands and starts causing baldness then you should take up necessary actions to cure this situation. If we talk about India then Jaipur has emerged as a hotspot for providing top hair treatment. Hair transplant in Jaipur is renowned for its cost-effectiveness as there are numerous clinics and hair doctor in Jaipur. 

Undoubtedly, hair transplant is a most reliable, cost-effective, permanent and low maintenance medium of hair loss treatment. And if you are also among the huge number of people who are struggling from untimely baldness, and looking forward to considering the option of hair transplant, you must know all the significant know-hows before undergoing the procedure. 

As a matter of fact, hair transplantation techniques have gone through substantial developments and gained huge popularity over the course of the last few years. Now the time of lengthy session has decreased, the pain caused is eliminated to almost zero, and chances of infection are also reduced due to innovation of latest tools & technology, and expert surgeons in the field with years of experience.  

10 Things to Keep In Mind If You Are Considering A Hair Transplant

If you are considering hair transplantation then we have curated some of the most important points to keep in mind before going for a hair transplant:

  1. Don’t be in a hurry!– While opting for hair transplantation various people get into the trap of false information such as baldness will be cured in one sitting only, or getting more number of strands planted in a single sitting in the hope of seeing quicker results. It is advised to stay beware of such fake promises or surgeons making such claims of ‘providing you more grafts in less time’. Since, the number of grafts that will be required to cover your scalp can’t be foretold in advance. It is impossible to do so without assessing the actual condition of baldness of a patient. 
  2. Chose only an expert– Nowadays there are various hair transplant clinics in the market that make a false promise of world-class hair transplant treatments but neither they have the proper facility, equipment, training nor they have expert doctors to perform this sophisticated procedure. It is advised to stay away from these kinds of clinics by doing advanced research and only trusting the best with years of experience.  
  3. No portfolios– There are various clinics and doctors who claim to be the best at hair transplantation. But when you ask for the proof of their previous works and portfolios they refrain from providing any substantial documents, portfolios or pictures of patients who have been benefitted from their treatment. This is a clear red flag, and you should avoid these kinds of clinics at all cost.
  4. Lack of professional qualification and affiliation– You should only choose a doctor or clinic that is reputed, credible and affiliated by some kind of professional organization. If a doctor lacks these qualities it’s better to steer away from them.
  5. No online imprint- In this era of modernization, every reputable organisation marks its online presence, i.e they have their own website, web page or blogs from where you can acquire information about them, connect with them, or book an appointment. So, if a clinic doesn’t have any digital records on the internet then it is better to avoid these clinics for your hair transplant.
  6. Consultation– the consultation is an inseparable and very important part of the hair transplant procedure. Various hair transplant clinics provide face-to-face consultation services to their patients before the treatment but some of the clinics only give telephonic consultation which does not serve the purpose completely. It is hard to assess the severity of baldness of a patient without a real-time meeting. You should refrain from such clinics at all cost. 
  7. Cost of treatment– Cost of hair transplant might vary according to a patient’s personal condition, therefore, it is advised that you must know the price of the transplantation and all its associated procedures like a consultation in advance. A good clinic/surgeon always provides an approximate price after checking the baldness pattern of a patient. However, there are various clinics which claim to provide cheap and affordable treatment, but when you ask for an estimate they just beat around the bush. Do not, I repeat do not invest your money in such kind of misguiding/fake clinics or doctors.
  8. Choose the type of surgery wisely– Before going for a hair transplant you must consult your doctor that which type of process he/she is suitable for you i.e FUT or FUE. The doctor should be very skilled in advising the type of treatment best for a patient and the patient should know the results before considering the method. Since, there are no try balls in hair transplant, once the surgery starts it has to be completed at all cost, there is no going back.
  9. Rate of success andTime of recovery- You must consult your doctor how long will it take to fully recover all you lost hairs after the completion of the procedure. Apart from this, you should also know the rate of success of hair transplant procedure in advance.
  10. Post-surgery precautions– You must ask your surgeon about the precautions which need to be taken care of after the completion of hair transplantation. For example, which shampoo to use, oil to use, or what to apply on the scalp or how to keep it safe from infection etc. This is a vital phase of the treatment and any mistake made during this time could affect the results adversely.

These are some of the top 10 most important points to be kept in mind if you are planning to go for the best hair transplant clinic in Jaipur. Since hair transplant is permanent that cost you your hard-earned money, hence you should know each and everything relating to it in advance.