10 Things That Can Affect Your Sex Life as A Man

Sex is vital for a happy and healthy life. That’s why you must keep a close eye on your sexual drive. In the following, article we will cover:

  • What constitutes a healthy sexual appetite?
  • The average amount of sex that an adult male typically has
  • The 10 things that can adversely affect your sex life as a man
  • Techniques that may be able to help boost your sex drive
  • Methods to help improve your sexual health
  • How low sex drive and poor sexual health can affect other areas of your life

Men and Sex

It is difficult to pin down exactly what constitutes a healthy sex life because every man is different. What may be healthy for you may not be healthy for another man. Here are some facts for you to consider:

  • Testosterone Production Decreases Naturally – It’s perfectly natural for you to have less interest in sex as you grow older. This is caused by a drop in the male sex hormone testosterone. While there are foods to boost libido and testosterone production, most men experience a significant decrease in testosterone around the age of 50.
  • Couples Over 50 Are Having a lot of Sex – In a survey conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons, it was revealed that only 31% of couples over the age of 50 have sex multiple times a week.
  • External Factors Contribute to Lowered Libido – Low libido isn’t all about getting older and having less testosterone. Certain environmental and external factors can contribute to a waning libido.

10 Factors that Affect Men’s Sexual Appetite

  1. Stress – You’ve probably heard this one before. It is mentioned so much because it is one of the leading causes of lowered sex drive among men. Stress affects you mostly mentally. After all, your biggest sexual organ is your brain. When your brain is preoccupied with things that are stressing you out, it tends to focus less on sex. If you do try to have sex while in this state, it may lead to delayed ejaculation or no ejaculation at all.

From a physical standpoint, stress can activate our fight or flight response. This may result in an increased heart rate and make it harder for other bodily functions to be performed – such as erections. It can also trigger the release of cortisol, which inhibits testosterone production.

  1. Alcohol Abuse – Alcohol can adversely affect your sexual health in 2 ways. The first way is that heavy alcohol abuse can inhibit the production of testosterone. The second way involves the decisions that are made under the influence of alcohol. While intoxicated, you may be more likely to have unprotected sex and, therefore, be more likely to contract an STD. Even if you eat foods to boost libido, it’s typically not enough to overcome alcohol abuse.
  1. Blood Sugar Level – Diabetes can also affect your sex life. Diabetes affects the blood vessels, which need to be in tip-top shape to reach the penis and generate healthy erections. That’s why top-rated male enhancements typically include ingredients that can help regulate blood sugar levels.
  1. Cardiovascular Problems – The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout your body. When you have cardiovascular problems, this ability may be weakened. Heart conditions are another common cause of sexual problems.
  1. Anxiety and Depression – Sometimes stress can spiral into full-on depression. When this happens, there is almost no hope for sexual drive. Depression also affects bodily functions – like erections. It can cause your brain and body to be too preoccupied with what is troubling you to be bothered with sexual functions.
  1. Nerve Conditions – Nerve conditions can cause all kinds of problems, including delayed ejaculation, loss of coordination, low libido, and erectile dysfunction. One of the most detrimental of these conditions is Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) damages important nerves that run along the spine. This type of nerve damage can make it difficult to achieve an erection.
  1. Bad Diet – One study showed that a Western diet (high in refined sugars, processed foods, complex carbohydrates, etc.) can lead to lowered sperm quality and problems with sexual function.

The same study concluded that healthier diets like the Mediterranean diet that emphasized vegetables and lean proteins were much better for sexual function and testosterone production. Some of the top-rated male enhancementsmay provide the nutrition that your diet may be lacking for optimal sexual health.

  1. Prescription Meds – Medications for depression, anxiety, heart disease, or other conditions could be interfering with your libido, testosterone levels, and your ability to achieve an erection.
  1. Testicular Trauma – An accident that damages your testicles can, of course, affect your sperm quality and sexual function.
  1. Chemotherapy – Cancer alone may hamper your energy, sex drive, and erectile function. Most people undergoing chemotherapy will also be given medications that affect testosterone production.

Can Male Enhancement Supplements Help?

Yes. Some male enhancement supplements do provide proven nutrients that can at least help with testosterone production. According to Styphdxfirol reviews, this is one such supplement. It contains natural ingredients that could boost physical energy, limit stress, and increase blood flow.

However, not all Styphdxfirol reviews are positive, which is common for supplements of this nature. But there are many brands on the market that promise to improve sexual health. You may look them up. Also, be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any supplemental product.

Last Things

Overall, living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent an unhealthy sex life. Healthy sex life can help reduce stress, make you feel more confident, and release endorphins that benefit cognitive function. Plus, sex is great exercise! To give yourself the best shot at a healthy sex life, limit your alcohol intake, eat healthy foods, do your best to stay away from stressful situations, and talk to your doctor about any medications you may be on.