10 Things That A Genuine Friend Requires Of You On Livebeam

How many friends do you have? Let’s rephrase the question, how friendly are you? We’re basically asking how often people want to be around you and have genuine conversations and fun. Your response doesn’t matter, we are here to help you make and keep more friends.

Livebeam once made an Instagram post insinuating that supportive friends are made and grown on Livebeam. There are not much better statements such as this. The communication platform has worked to create a strong communication network between people looking to have conversations and build better communication.

With the help of a solid platform with a strong community like Livebeam, most of the work you have to do to build a great friendship has been covered, but there are still little things you can do to make it better. Here are 10 of them:

  1.  Responses

This is the least you could give to someone who you are chatting with. Online chats give everyone the opportunity to answer messages at their preferred time but it’s courtesy to respond to the messages.

Most admirable responses are early and in a detailed manner. Online friends will appreciate it more when you are available to give them timely responses in such a way that it seems like you are both in the same room.

  1.  Personal Honesty

There’s a reason why this is called personal honesty, and it’s because we will be discussing another aspect of honesty as the next point.

For personal honesty, this involves you coming clean about who you really are. A good friend is honest about all aspects of their life. The more you hide something from a friend, the weaker the relationship will get.

In all honesty, Livebeam users are less fazed by the possibility of personal dishonesty. After signing up on Livebeam, your information is clearly displayed on your profile page for friends to see. However, there is still a lot more they would want to know and it’s important that you are honest about them.

  1.  Communication Honesty

The first honesty discussed involved you being truthful about yourself in order to prevent communication built on lies. This type of honesty is directly linked to the relationship. It involves being honest with the other person about things concerning them.

To be a friend, one would consider that you will always tell me the truth no matter how hurtful it may seem. Friends are placed in such high esteem to deliver truths, and this is not a duty that you should shy away from.

  1.  Memory

As a friend takes up space in your heart, they should also take up some space in your brain in the form of memory. As stated earlier, Livebeam helps you get some information about the person you are chatting with but most of the other things you get to know about them during discussions.

As a true friend, you should be able to remember simple details about your friends. Their preferences, their taste, and their hobbies should be close to your fingertips. This not only shows that you have a good memory but is an intentional step to showing that you care so much about them enough to keep such information.

  1.  Generation of Topics

So, what are you going to be discussing with your friend? Once again, Livebeam comes to the rescue with chat suggestions that could help kickstart conversations. However, you will be required to take it from there afterward.

After getting to know each other well enough and establishing some common grounds, you should be able to come up with topics of discussion on the fly. Two friends who know each other well could never go bored on Livebeam because they would keep bouncing off each other when it comes to conversations.

  1.  Genuine Compliments

You should be able to singlehandedly gas up your friend. When you stay with each other long enough, you tend to admire things that improve their outlook on you. Compliments could range from physical appearance to command of English, and to the way they handle situations.

Doing this is actually quite important. It shows that you notice things about them, while also showing that you care enough to let them know how much you appreciate these traits or actions.

  1.  Trust

You probably knew you were going to see this at some point. Trust is not a trait required by Livebeam friends, it’s a trait required by all friends. Trusting your friend should be one of the criteria that actually make them a friend.

As a friend, you are required to trust the other person but also required to act in a manner that is trustworthy. The trust will not work if it only goes one way.

  1.  Significant Contribution

Another task that is required of a so-called friend is to make an impact on the person’s life. Take for example on Livebeam, if you chat with someone for quite some time you will gain new knowledge. This is majorly because Livebeam contains individuals from different places all over the world, so you get to learn about new cultures, countries, and traditions.

As long as a friendship lasts, the level of impact needs to be non-stop. There’s so much that a person knows that could be passed on to another person, good knowledge that is. Being an impactful friend makes you a great one!

  1.  Continuity

This is required of you when you have been a really good friend. Nobody wants a really good friendship to end. However, it all depends on both parties being invested in not letting that happen.

Both parties should be willing to start conversations frequently and push to be in each other’s lives. Friends stick together no matter what and that requires both friends genuinely wanting to remain in the relationship.

  1. Feedback

There are many things that a person can do to keep a friendship going. Nine of such things have been discussed in this article already. But there is still one fact left to be said, and that is, you can’t know everything that your friend requires of you. This reason is why feedback is a requirement.

As a friend, you should be intentional about giving feedback to your friend. Letting them know when they made you proud and happy, but also letting them know where you feel they can do better and need to work on. This is an important pillar of effective communication and with the right dedication can hold a strong friendship for years.