10 Stupendous Creations of Abstract Art

Abstract art is a way of expressing visual reality without any constraint, either by simplifying or complicating the use of color, shape, gestural mark, and form. Considered as the purest form of expression, abstract art is based very much on emotion and stimulates an individual’s thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and imagination.

From the weird and mesmerizing to the calm and beautiful, get a dose of inspiration for your abstract canvas painting from these amazing pieces of this avant-garde genre.

  1. Edvard Scott

Based in the capital city of Stockholm in Sweden, Edvard Scott is a graphic designer and illustrator. Over the years, his eye-catching artistic creations have attracted the attention of many leading global brands, including Nokia, K-Swiss, L’Oréal, Mini Cooper, Electronic Arts, Graniph, Royal Festival Hall, Wellcome Trust and more. His current activities include magazine layouts, production of corporate identities, motion graphics, and uncanny illustration, most of which are inspired by the content on Radiolab, American podcast about science and storytelling.

  1. Constantin Majrowski

One of the most prominent European artists of the generation, Constantin Majrowski has spent a number of years studying the artworks of 17th and 18th-century masters, exploring color, form, and light, before developing his own style and creating his abstract canvas painting using oils. Painting professionally for more than 25 years now, Majrowski’s work has been exhibited in private collections across the countries in Europe and the US.

Finding his abstract paintings for sale is a rare opportunity for art galleries. One of his famous works is In the Fog (image below) where he has beautifully added texture using.

  1. George Smith

A US-based abstract digital artist, 29-year-old George Smith has been creating abstract artwork for almost two decades. His surreal vision of the world around him is filled with overlapping layers of lines, photos, text, and distinct abstract shapes that come together in a composition that is extraordinarily lucid and cohesive.

One of his popular works is Heartbeat (image below) which he describes as an abstract visual exploration of aural output.

  1. Peter Balkov

Specializing in web and advertising, Peter Balkov is a professional graphic and interactive designer. The use of highly vivid and striking colors in his projects makes his eye-catching abstract artworks stand out in the art world. One of his most admired works is this vibrant abstract art entitled Ride the Stars Tonight (image below).

  1. Stef Goovaerts

A modern graphic designer and artist, Stef Goovaerts has abandoned all established rules of the drawing and created his own unique way of expressing his feelings through his vivid artworks.

A member of the online collective portfolio of photography and artworks named deviantART, Goovaerts has a breath-taking portfolio full of stunning abstract imagery, one of his striking abstract pieces is Twisted (image below) which he created in 2011 and describes as “twisted, just like my mind.” Like a colorful mind, this abstract artwork has many color hues flowing like one’s emotions vary with life’s ups and downs.

  1. Marta Marcé

Works of Spanish-born, London-based artist Marta Marcé are inspired by both the appearance and the process of games. Her multicolored canvases feature the shapes, colors, and sections often arranged like the different pieces on a gameboard or puzzle.

“My use of games is like a metaphor for the structure and development of life itself, an activity with an uncertain outcome. The act of painting functions in a similar way – there are the boundaries of the canvas, the limitations of paint, the conceptual constraints of actually making a painting, and finally the environment in which they are shown” — Marta Marcé

This beautiful abstract canvas painting (image below) is just one of many mesmerizing works created by Marcé. The vibrant composition with perfectly controlled colors, forms, and shapes superbly features the occasional paint drip imperfection, revealing the human behind its creation. Undoubtedly, her works have the capacity to make the viewers reflect on their own nature, encountering a rational and sensuous experience at the same time.

  1. Justin Maller

Justin Maller is the founder and creative director of Depthcore, international digital art, and design collective, established in 2002. An extremely talented illustrator, Miller created this dramatic piece, entitled Burial, in collaboration with famous illustrator Mike Harrison for one of the chapters ( XLIV: Echoes) of his digital art collective.

  1. Vera Molnar

Born in Budapest in 1924, Vera Molnar’s art career began at the tender age of 12. She began creating paintings of trees and nymphs and as her creativity progressed, her focus shifted to producing dramatic abstract geometrical-systematic artworks. Later in 1968, Molnar began using computers to create algorithmic paintings based on simple geometric shapes.

Below is her piece titled Interruptions which she created in 1968/69. This abstract art awes the viewer with its utter simplicity.

  1. Niklas Lundberg

Niklas Lundberg specializes in design and illustration. He founded the creative playground Diftype and is also a part of the Justin Miller’s Depthcore digital art collective. Super-talented, Lundberg’s work has impressed some of the big corporates and fetched him high-end clients including Nissan, MTV, NBC, and the Grammys.

  1. Lucas Zoltowski

Lucas Zoltowski had a keen interest in technology, science, and design from a very young age which has helped him take his artistic career to great heights. The marriage of technology and design has always been the driving focus in his artworks.

Entitled Rise and Fall (image below), this stunning abstract piece by Zoltowski is an experiment in contrasts and opposites.