10 Steps to Increase Your HVAC Service contracts

All HVAC businesses have profitability, which is the ability to make a profit. But the ones that make profits have solid profit strategies and practices, coupled with a consistent focus on pricing performance.

Maximize Your Current Opportunity by Charging the Correct Price.

Most HVAC companies leave money on the table by not having proper control or management of their pricing. Invest some time in the management of your pricing and your bottom line will soar. Having set prices in place allows you to maximize revenue productivity and your profit ability and selling HVAC service contracts, and even helps in deflecting pricing objections.

Maximize Revenue Productivity by Setting Benchmarks for Key Performance Indicators.

Managing by benchmarks is a key component of your profitability. Knowing your numbers, especially your profit targets gives you a clear roadmap to follow and helps you to stay on course when your profit vision gets blurry.

Maximize Your Current Customer Relations.

The initial cost to attract and capture a customer takes a big chunk out of your profits, so keeping your customers is a huge step in your profit ability factor. Having a plan in place to keep your customers fresh and attracted to you allows you to recoup your initial investment in that customer. Studies have shown that it costs up to six times more to capture a new customer than it is to keep a customer- make an investment into keeping your customers, and your bottom line will love it.

Leverage Your Customer Base

Your “profitability” skyrockets when you can create repeat sales to your existing customers. Several different studies have shown that the longer you extend the selling lifecycle of your customer base the greater the increase of your overall profits. Have a plan in place that creates irresistible offers to your customers so that you can sell to them over and over again.

Make Your Whole HVAC Business a Salesforce.

Imagine what would happen to selling HVAC service contracts if you got everyone involved in harvesting opportunities and then converting them into leads and sales. The burden of having a huge sales force can be lessened by turning non-revenue producers into revenue producers simply by creating a selling environment throughout your business. Making this happen will have a huge impact on your profits.

Have a Plan to Attract the Correct and Best

Don’t settle for second best, it costs you profits. Always look to improve the people and ideas you surround yourself with until you find the best possible fit for you and your “profitability”. The people around you are the conduit to your success; they provide the power and energy that connects your success to profits.

Make Your HVAC Business Agile

It is much easier to acquire costs than it is to shed costs. Make sure that you position your business to run lean and mean. Don’t overburden the profitability of your business with unnecessary overhead. Picture a wagon train; you want more horses in your business than wagons.

Keep Changing and Growing

Never assume when it comes to making a profit. Profit slippage easily occurs when you take your “profit ability” for granted, or you become lazy in learning, stubborn with change, and happy with the status quo. Profits are fleeting moments that will slip away if you lose focus and stop growing.

Share Your Success

Don’t be greedy; give the people around you personal profitability and watch your “profit ability” skyrocket.

Always Deliver More Than You Promised

Keep all your promises. Always follow up and Take care of problems. Your words and actions can increase or decrease your Profit Ability!

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