10 Steps To Become A Reputable Freelancer In Pakistan.

Pakistan is a ripe developing company where freelancing has bloomed, the services provided by free-lancers can include IT, writing, editing, graphic design, etc. Many of these services are the type that can be outsourced to other companies of other individual service providers. Freelancers can target corporations or full businesses or they can target individual clients depending on the service type. The Freelance Journalists normally write an article and then sell it to a TV station or a Newspaper.

On the other hand, Graphic designers are the omnivores of freelancing, they provide services to both individuals and Corporations. Their services are needed by small businesses, corporations as well as individual buyers. The same can be said for Content writers, content creators, videographers, Photographers and IT experts.

The services that are aimed at the individuals normally include specialities from Information Technology, Physical Labour, Research editing and writing, etc. These are multiple services that are provided by freelancers in aimed at all different types of clients. Many freelancers are using time management softwares to make better use of the working day. However, if you properly learn to manage the clients, you can make a big difference in your business and can become a success.


  1. Pick your Trade

One thing you need before starting the venture is to know what you are providing. Not the vague idea of what you are planning to provide, instead the final product you will be advertising. This step can be hard as you can run out of ideas on how to sell your services in the most damning way.

The best thing to do is to compile all the services you can personally provide and you want to highlight on a notepad, then find an impactful way to put them together to make them appealing.

  1. Be Social

Be social, in real life and on social media, be it business oriented social media like EE Stone or general social media like Instagram. Always be social but control your privacy on general social medias. Make sure that you turn off settings that allow companies to control your data collection on Instagram and Facebook.

Business Oriented social media websites are more forthcoming and transparent about their use of your data unlike the underhanded methods of Facebook. The Lizard people are out to get you. Well, a lizard person, known as Mark Zuckerberg.

  1. Branding

The Branding of your services is important. You are a one-man business; freelancing is on a boost and you need to standout in the sea of corporations. Brand yourself. You can brand your own name, although that can be tricky to copy-right, or you can brand a nickname which is more professional and can be copyrighted.

Be likeable and agreeable, don’t make political statements through your official brand account, don’t make racist or sexist statements. It’s important that your client base agree with you. Unless your client base is Generation X which means you can be a certain amount of insensitive, it will actually bring them in. (It’s a Joke, don’t)

  1. Services & Specialties

There are many services that are provided by different types of freelancers, to make sure these services don’t get mixed in the sea of those provided on the regular by others, you need to put in your specialties.

Why gets these services? Why from you? What is your best service and speciality? Why is your cost so high or so low? Explain these things.

  1. Learn from Failure

Failure is inevitable, you are just starting out, it is important to understand that things will be rocky for at least the first 6 months to 2 years. The Freelancers in Pakistan need to build trust, which takes time and business can be up and down.

Your clients can be lost amidst you trying build more clientele. It’s a chaos and you learn through failures, no matter how small or big. Don’t get depressed, understand that now that you have made the mistake once, you can avoid it next time. 

  1. Quality Assurance

One selling point for freelancing is the quality assurance of the services as well as the attention to detail.

For writers, people pay Freelance writers more, they trust separate writers than an optimization company because this way they can directly control their content and the articles that mention their company.

If the quality is good, it reflects well the company as well, which makes personal hiring of writers, desirable.

  1. Watermarked Samples

Use samples of your writing, graphics or other services through pictures, screenshots and watermarked Images. The importance of a watermark is that it allows your work not to be stolen and people can not plagiarise it without others recognising it.

Of course, nothing wrong with taking inspiration but not to the extent that it is copied, so it is better safe than sorry with your work that you post online.

  1. Educate and Update

Any field you are Freelancing in, will evolve and change as new methods and ways are discovered, so keep yourself open to the change, learn how to educate yourself properly on the new versions of your work because if your methods become outdated, it can take a time to catch up, after you catch on.

  1. Online Self-Optimization

Although, Search engine optimization is Important, a little bit of self-promotion is necessary. You need to find online platforms where you can garner attention for your work, from social medias to websites that post blogs. You can even start a YouTube Channel and create small tutoring videos for people to see.

  1. Branch out

Never slow down, don’t become content which what you have reached. Aim higher and push yourself to go higher, comfort is the killer of creativity. You need to be content with the results with you garner but never with the effort you put in.

It does not mean that you need to burn yourself out, it means to plan ahead for the future and don’t make your goals easily achievable.