10 Space-making Design Tips To Make Home Look And Feel Bigger


There’s a lot that you need to consider when it comes to remodeling your home. From choosing the design for your home interiors to selecting the furniture that would go best with the selected theme. Whatever you do, you need to go through competent planning to make sure that the items and ideas you are about to implement will give the desired remodeling result.

In case you have little space and want to make it look spacious, here are 10 space making remodeling designs that will create a spacious look for your home:

1.     Let In The Light


One of the best and most simple ways to make your place look spacious is to allow natural light to flow in. That means that you can install long windows in your room that would let in more light, making your room airy and spacious. You can also add in mirrors that would give an impression of a bigger room.


In case you’re not up for having larger windows, you can place light colored lighting probably at a height that would make your room look bigger. But on the contrary, choosing window installations is still a more feasible option.

2.     Lessen Inputs


We all want to amaze our visitors with some fancy furniture and exceptionally made, handcrafted rugs. But if you are short on space, it’s probably better to lie low, and not to invest much in furniture. You can choose furniture that will show some legs, letting light pass, and creating a sense of openness.


In case you want to add items, you can choose to extend tables that can be converted to accommodate more users. Use shelves to place items including choosing side tables. Choose sofa sets that come with glass holders to accommodate the absence of side tables.

3.     Use Light Colors


Although dark-themed and matte colors are alluring in their appeal, choosing light colors for your indoors will definitely make your rooms spacious. Light colors create a sense of openness and make you feel airy and light when you enter indoors. Choosing white, crème, off white, and similar shades will just do the trick.

4.     Hang Drapes High


If you want to add in drapes and blinds, you can opt to place them higher. Probably not at the ceiling height, but you can get your windows starting high and place your drapes accordingly. This would give an effect of spaciousness, making your room look larger with more height.

5.     Keep it Simple


Simple is the new luxury for indoor renovations. Not only it consumes less of your budget that would go on buying extravagant stuff, but it’s also a better option for smaller rooms. Clearing the entrance, having a central place for sitting and adding a little furniture would give the spacious look that you want.

6.     Choose Same Contrasts


Another great way to making your interiors look spacious is to choose items of similar contrasts. Dark colors tend to absorb the light in your room, making it look cozy. However, if you choose light contrasts, and keep the components of a similar color, you will be able to make space for your room.


This mostly applies to furniture, wall color, and curtains or shades installed. The curtains will give their utility, and with similar color as the walls, will blend with them, illustrating that your room is less occupied.

7.     De-Clutter Often


Probably the easiest of the ways to create a spacious theme for your interiors is by de-cluttering. When you come across renovating, you find a number of items that are not necessary and can be replaced or removed easily. In addition, you can prioritize items based on their necessities, and opt for the ones that are most necessary for your indoors.


The same goes for furniture. Instead of adding items and components in excess, you can easily choose primary furniture while opting for removable furniture. This would give you the free space you need as well as accommodate your guests easily.

8.     Place Large Items In The Corners


Just like the tallest students that stand behind the rest, you can choose to place tall items in the corners that would make your room look bigger. Having tall items in between the room would occupy more space, and create a sense of glooming atmosphere, not recommended for smaller rooms.

9.     Follow Low To High


Even if you want to have different colors for your wall, you can choose to progress from dark to light or from low to high contrasts. This would illustrate an appeal of the room growing spacious as you progress towards the lighter shade.

10. Consider Mounting


Mounting is probably the best way to save space on components and appliances. The TV can be mounted alongside a shelf that would hold accessories easily.