10 Soft Skills You Need To Find A Job

How can a company like me if I have no previous experience?

The task of finding work seems like an impossible feat, but companies do not only value the time worked. In the business world, certain skills or aptitudes known as soft skills are increasingly appreciated, which are characteristics of the personality (although they can be learned and strengthened) and which are ideal for any company.

In addition to our work experience (if we have it) and our training (hard skills), let’s not forget to include in our curriculum any of the following skills that we have.

These are the 10 most desirable soft skills for companies:

Curiosity: An employee with curiosity will be more interested in their work and in learning every day. Curious people are in constant training and do not lose motivation easily. Being curious is an extremely important skill or characteristic that will bring great satisfaction to ourselves and to our employers.

Proper stress management to work under pressure: There are ghost writers professions that are not only not stressful, but are even boring, but there are others that require workers to be able to withstand high levels of stress or adrenaline and remain functional. If we have nerves of steel, let us not forget to put it on the curriculum.

Creativity: The creativity is an authentic gift and any company wants its employeeshave this ability. Before, we associated creative ability with art, but it is much more than that. A creative person will find different solutions to any problem that may arise and will imagine and propose new, more efficient or dynamic work formulas. Creative people know how to use the tools at their fingertips to do new things that help the business.

Leadership: This skill is not always necessary, but when it is, it is extremely important. A good leader is not a person who simply commands, but is capable of pitching in, motivating and guiding his team, being a trustworthy person who can be counted on and know how to mediate, listen with an open mind and impose a series of rules without creating conflicts. He is also a person capable of reprimanding with politeness and knowing how to maintain the respect of his subordinates.

Ability to make decisions: When choosing a candidate for any position, it is preferable and sometimes essential that they have the ability to make decisions, that they make an objective analysis of the situation and take the initiative to act. Standing still and waiting for others to play that role is not always a good option (unless the issue that needs to be decided is outside of our remit).

Positive attitude: We have already told you the importance of being a positive person and how to enhance that ability in us. For a company looking to hire staff, meeting a positive person is great, because these people have the ability to improve their environment, to turn a bad experience into learning, they enjoy their work, they are less prone to depression They get along very well with their colleagues, they are very flexible, they take business challenges as an opportunity for improvement, etc.

Honesty: Being an honest and upright person is a virtue that every company wants. If doing the right thing is important to us, even when others around us do not, we must indicate it. Any employer will prefer to hire someone they trust and can count on than someone with a lot of experience, but who they have to be watching all the time. Having ethical principles is one of the truly important soft skills and not only in the workplace.

Organization: Being a person who is well organized at work does not mean that we have everything organized around us and put labels on the filing cabinets. It is about being able to effectively plan pending work and prioritizing tasks according to their urgency or importance. That we know how to discriminate our functions, we anticipate the most necessary and we know how to manage our day to day thinking about the benefit of the company or administration for which we work.

Flexibility and versatility: The jobs have been streamlined and it is important that we know how to adapt. New technologies change every day and companies incorporate them to make jobs more efficient. It is necessary that we do not get used to doing things in only one way, but that we have the ability to be versatile, assume new roles, change tasks and even location and be able to learn at all times.

Negotiation: The ability to negotiate is really useful in all areas of life. To attract a client, to obtain a better salary, to live in peace with our colleagues, etc. It is important that we understand that the best negotiation is one in which all parties feel they have won (at least in part). What is called win-win negotiation.